Hawaiian DT takes in crimson experience, snow

TAKING HIS FIRST trip to the mainland this past weekend was Semisi Tokolahi, the 6-3, 290 pound defensive tackle out of Hilo, Hawaii. Out on the Palouse for his official visit, It was the first time in his life he had ever seen snow falling, and he was struck by the fact that everywhere he went around town, it was all about Cougar football.

DT Semisi Tokolahi, (6-3, 290)   
Hilo, Hawaii; Hilo High

Gut reaction:
"Wazzu was really good, I enjoyed it. It was my first visit and first time being on the mainland. We got to play in the snow...that's the first time I've ever seen snow falling," said Tokolahi.

Talking with Paul Wulff and d-line coach Malik Roberson:
"Coach Wulff was cool, we went to his house and had dinner. He's a real, real good guy, very respectful. It was good talking to him. Coach Roberson seems like a guy about business and he's a good guy too," said Tokolahi.

On player host Andy Mattingly:
"Andy is the bomb," said Tokolahi.

A town that revolves around Cougar football:
"I noticed one thing most, wherever I went, it was all Cougar football. Everybody was wearing their Cougar football stuff. I came out of my room in the hotel and everyone was in Wazzu clothes, I went to the bowling alley and everyone was wearing Wazzu. And I loved the education and the educational support they have there," said Tokolahi.

The team:
"I talked to Tony Thompson, Marshall (Lobbestael), Bernard (Wolfgramm), all those players...I got to talk to all those guys and it was like a family, they all gave me (insight on) what it's like at Wazzu, they all seemed really close. And all the coaches were tight," said Tokolahi.

A soft verbal to UW, where WSU stands post-visit:
"You take a visit and of course they're going to get moved up. And Oregon State this next week, they're going to get moved up. But I enjoyed the Wazzu trip. And then I'm also looking forward to the other trips," said Tokolahi.

Going forward:
"One thing that really stood out to me about Wazzu was the support. I want to see (on other trips) how I do with my hosts and the other players. Wherever I went, the guys came up to me, and it was like they were my host," said Tokolahi.

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