Future Cougar gives WSU trip rave reviews

ATHLETIC AND WITH a big frame, future Cougar Jordan Pu'u-Robinson, already 6-4, 248 pounds, took his official to WSU this past weekend. A little over six months from now, he'll arrive for good and where he ends up on the field will be worth following -- he could be three-technique, a monster tight end, he could grow into an o-lineman or he might keep wreaking havoc at d-end coming off the edge.

Jordan Pu'u-Robinson; (6-3, 290)   
Wailuku, Hawaii; Baldwin High

Gut reaction:
"It was a great visit, I felt like I was at home. I'm really looking forward to being there," said Pu'u-Robinson, who is only 17 years old and not done growing.

The hoops win and the Cougar Nation:
"The basketball game was definitely cool.. The support of Pullman was amazing, everybody there is a Cougar and that's pretty cool. I certainly didn't see one Husky hat anywhere," said Pu'u-Robinson.

Spending time with d-line coach Malik Roberson:
"We went over some film and stuff like that. I learned about the right things to do and what I should expect to do next year," said Pu'u-Robinson.

Sitting down with Paul Wulff:
"I talked with him one-on-one and that was really good. He talked about where he sees me in the program and the things I need to do to be (successful) there," said Pu'u-Robinson.

Looking ahead to the future:
"I think should play early but it will be about how hard I work," said Pu'u-Robinson.

A Hawaiian in snow:
"That was a lot of fun but I've been in snow before so it wasn't such a big surprise," said Pu'u-Robinson.

Player host Tony Thompson:
"He's the coolest guy, I had an awesome time with him. I really enjoyed hanging out with him the whole weekend," said Pu'u-Robinson.

On schools recruiting him after he verballed:
"A few schools have contacted me but I told them I'm already committed. I'm really excited that I'm a Cougar and I can't wait to get there," said Pu'u-Robinson.

Pu'u-Robinson will probably get his first look at defensive end for Washington State when he gets to fall camp. He was a three-year starter for Kamehameha-Pukalani where he even played a little quarterback, before transferring to Baldwin prior to his senior season.

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