Inside View: Prep coach on 2 in WSU orbit

ONE IS A 6-2, 200-pounder with the athleticism and frame to play a few different positions at the college level, though it looks like his calling might well be at the receiver spot. Another is an explosive linebacker prospect who can flat out run and who has the type of frame that could see him develop into a 235-pound face-tackling collegian.

The recruiting road to and from Lakewood, Wash. figures to be well worn by Washington State this year.

Lakes High head man Dave Miller has a bounty of college prospects for the 2010 class and among those in the Cougar orbit, Jamaal Kearse and Darius Waters.

KEARSE ALREADY PACKS a solid 200 pounds across his 6-2 frame a little more than halfway through his junior year, says Miller. And he plays like it.

"He's very physical, very aggressive and a big hitter for us. He's made a lot of big plays for us -- a big physical receiver that could also play safety. And he has the frame that if he wanted to, could probably grow into a linebacker," said Miller.

Schools are all pretty much talking about receiver with Kearse, said Miller, but he also wonders if when it's all said and done, if it might end up being a case similar to another Lakes standout, Reggie Williams, but in reverse.

"It's kind of interesting because Reggie Williams, when he was a junior, was probably a better safety (prospect) in a lot of ways. A lot of people thought he was going to be a safety. And then he had a great senior year at receiver. Jamaal still has another year to go so we'll see," said Miller.

Kearse's older brother, Jermaine, was one of the more talked about Husky class of 2008 commitments. Some recruiting fans around cyberspace have pegged the younger Kearse to be a heavy Husky lean because of the family connection but Miller said he's not sure that's the case. But the Huskies probably do have the fact they're somewhat close to home working in their favor, Miller said.

"But I also think think he's one of those kids who really enjoyed this year being out of his brother's shadow," said Miller.

"He's bigger than his brother already. I don't know if he's as polished as Jermaine was coming out (of high school) but I think he might have more potential just from the size standpoint...He's a smart kid, a 3.4 student."

ON THE DEFENSIVE side of the ball, Waters is not physically near what he's going to be in a few years, said Miller.

"Another good frame kid that's 'only' about 210-215 right now but will easily grow to 235 probably," said Miller. "He's a 6-2 kid that can run (a legit) 4.65."

With the continued proliferation of the spread offense in high school and college football, linebackers who can cover a lot of ground are becoming increasingly important.

"He has great range sideline to sideline, and he has long arms," said Miller of Waters. "(He is) explosive and athletic.

"I think he's going to be a great linebacker in the Pac-10."

Waters' athleticism and quickness are also evident on the hardcourt at Lakes.

"He's really explosive. When you watch him play hoops he really gets off the floor and jumps out of the gym," said Miller.

Waters also plays tight end at Lakes but Miller says his college days will likely be spent on D.

"He's going to be an outside linebacker probably at the next level. He plays defensive end for us and coming off the edge he's just so fast and quick, he's unblockable," said Miller.

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