FORGET THE COUGS' ice cold performance against UCLA last night. We have good news to report. An iconoclast is coming to Cougfan.com. To call him unique is an understamtment. To call him humorous is putting it mildly. To say he's insightful is less than adequate. However you characterize Jim Moore, though, one thing is certain: He never fails to bring fresh perspective to the day's events.

Since 1983, Jim's byline has been a regular one in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Over the last few years he's developed a cult-like following with his "Go 2 Guy" column -- a must-read for Cougars and Huskies alike because he loves to talk about WSU -- and bring out the worst in Washington

Sometime in the next several days, the P-I will cease to exist -- though the name will live on in an anorexic form on the Web.

Jim Moore
Redmond, Wash. (Redmond High '74)

Class of '78 (communications).

"I tried out for the baseball team as a catcher. I'm at practice one day in all my gear with all the other catchers and Bobo Brayton walks over and says, ‘I posted a cut list yesterday. Some of you guys might want to go in there and take a look at it'."

For so many reasons, that's a shame for the entire community.

So it is with considerable pride that Cougfan.com announces today that we're helping fill the void in our own little way. And for us, this is a BIG, BIG deal.

Because as any self-respecting Cougar fan can attest, Jim Moore is the Shakespeare of the Cougar Nation. The Bard of Crimson and Gray. The Poet Laureate of the Palouse.

And starting March 30, he's coming to Cougfan.com.

Jim will write columns for CF.C on a regular basis -- or at least until ESPN or someone else with deep pockets picks him off.

He will be free to do what he does best: write about whatever he wants (as long as it contains a crimson hue).

The depth of Jim's affinity for the Cougs is captured well by a story he shared with us for a feature story we did a few years ago. Asked if he was on hand for the Cougars' painful one-point loss to Al Burleson and Spider Gaines in the 1975 Apple Cup, he said this:

"That was my sophomore year at WSU. I remember leaving Husky Stadium drenched and was supposed to go to my girlfriend's sister's wedding that night. I was too depressed to go and didn't even call her, just went to bed. She called the next morning wondering what happened and I remember saying, "Did you hear about the Cougs?" She didn't understand how an outcome like that could be so damn devastating and broke up with me on the spot. So I lost one of my first girlfriends because John Hopkins convinced Jim Sweeney to try that fateful pass when a run would have sealed it."

For more insight on what makes Jim such a unique a voice in the world of West Coast sports, click to the CF.C archives and the story Jim Moore: The Turd in the Husky Punch Bowl.

In the meantime, circle your calendar for March 30. Jim Moore is coming to CF.C!

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