Chadwick knows the style to keep him crimson

DAVID CHADWICK, the 6-8 power forward out of North Carolina who signed a Letter of Intent to Washington State, says his future -- in Pullman or otherwise -- will be dictated by the system the next WSU hoops coach brings to Pullman. And Chadwick says he knows exactly the kind of style that can make best use of his skills.

A few days have gone by and Chadwick has had a chance to process Tony Bennett's departure. He said he remains committed to Washington State but much will ride on the new coach.

"Basically, nothing has really changed. I still plan on waiting things out and seeing what happens (with the hire). My main plan is to wait and see what happens and then go from there," said Chadwick.

Ultimately, said Chadwick, it will be about playing style.

"If a coach comes in and played a completely different style of basketball, that I knew I wasn't going to thrive in, then that obviously wouldn't fit for me," said Chadwick. "But if it's something similar to coach Bennett's..."

What style does he think fits him best?

"I think 'organized' is a good way to describe it," said Chadwick. "I don't do well in...running up and down the whole game and throwing shots up. (I fit best) in a well-structured system, a bunch of guys that really like to work the ball around and have a high basketball IQ -- that's something that is appealing to me.

"I fit well in a good system that works well together -- where good shots are taken."

CHADWICK WAS three years old when his father was the Charlotte Hornets' chaplain during Bennett's playing days there, and married Bennett and his wife. But he said there was more to his original decision to sign with WSU than the personal connection with Bennett.

"I loved how it is a college town and it felt like a great community there," said Chadwick. "I really got along well with the players well, I think there's a lot of people there I can relate to.

"With coach Bennett and the system that he played there, I thought I really fit in well there -- it was a place that I thought could really utilize my skills well, and then obviously the opportunity to play in the Pac-10 is very appealing."

JIM STERK, WSU Athletics Director, earlier this week had the players elect one upperclassman and one underclassmen (Nikola Koprivica and Abe Lodwick) in order to keep open the lines of communication with him -- and also for the players to reach out to the incoming recruits and keep them abreast of the situation.

Chadwick said he text messaged with Lodwick on Wednesday.

"He was just checking up and seeing how I was doing...he was letting me know they still want me there," said Chadwick.

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