DESPITE REPORTS to the contrary, the Husky Stadium Bailout bill – S.B. 6116 – is still very much alive. "Please keep the pressure on your Legislators," asks Mike Bernard, who has led the grassroots campaign against taxpayer funding for the most lavish stadium upgrade in NCAA history.

"Make sure your elected officials know you will be paying attention until Sunday night when they adjourn," Bernard said Friday following a series of missive from Olympia indicating that moves are afoot to revive the bill.

State representatives and senators can be contacte through the Legislative Hotline (1.800.562.6000) or via email at the Web page .

"Most Legislators will tell you that SB 6116 is dead and, hopefully, they're right. However, there are folks trying very hard to bring the bill back to life and, until the Senate adjourns, that's always a possibility," Bernard said.

"BE GENTLE but firm. So far your legislators have been listening!"

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