'College town guy' talks Cougs

HIS STOCK HAS been rising since he came under the tutelage of a former NFL coach this spring. The Cougs are the latest to offer, boosting his Pac-10 offers to three, and Redmond's Colin Porter (6-4.5, 300) talked with Paul Wulff at length on Friday.

"He gave me some information about Wazzu and I told him I was interested in the Agriculture program there," said Colin Porter. "He talked about their need for offensive linemen and he sensed that I would be able to play early there. He talked about the environment, people and coaches there in Pullman.

"He gave me some good information about Washington State."

Porter said he doesn't have a leader. His early frontrunners were Washington and Oregon and recent offers from WSU and Stanford have given him something to think about.

"I'd say I'm more a college town type of guy," said Porter. "Of course, Washington isn't in a college town, it's in Seattle but I guess with Washington there are other factors that (I like) but overall I'm kind of looking for more of a college town. (And) a good football team, a first place contender for their conference or an up and coming team. UW was 0-12 last year but I see they're up and coming and Wazzu is the same way," said Porter.

PORTER HAS JUST recently begun working with Keith Gilbertson, a former coach with the Seattle Seahawks and with the UW. Improvement, he says, has been immediate.

"I've been working with him for about three weeks, so far (there's been) a lot of transformation in my game in good ways -- feet, footwork, my movement is a lot more fluid and I'm more technically sound. I wouldn't say I'm prefect with my technique but I would say I'm more technically sound," said Porter.

All three offering schools have told Porter they like one thing in particular -- his nastiness.

"That's what every coach has said," said Porter. "They like how I finish plays. Some of them have said my footwork isn't up to par in 'pass pro' and I'm working on that right now with (Gilbertson)."

PORTER WAS AT Oregon last weekend, has visited nearby Washington a few times this spring and says he hopes to get out to Washington State and Stanford in the coming weeks and months on unofficial visits.

Distance, he said, won't be a key factor in his decision.

"My sister is actually in Brooklyn right now for college and I'm like her, distance isn't an issue for me," said Porter.

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Porter's father Ron was a defensive lineman for UW.

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