Attn. subscribers to old 'TheCoug' magazine

WERE YOU A subscriber to the <i>TheCoug</i> magazine from the mid-1990s? If so, you now qualify for a complimentary Total Access Pass™ subscription PLUS, 2003 Recruiting Yearbook, courtesy of

That's a $120 value! (to offset $34.95 value of TheCoug ).

Why this offer now when TheCoug folded years ago?

Frankly, we're weary of hearing from a small group of Coug fans who subscribed to TheCoug and believe is somehow responsible.

In addition to complimentary Total Access to and the Scout Player/Recruit Database, you'll receive this handsome recruiting yearbook, absolutely free!

While we had absolutely nothing to do with TheCoug, other than to watch our pre-paid subscription disappear when the magazine folded, we've brow-beaten the old publisher of the magazine (who also happened to found network we're part of) into making this special offer available to all former TheCoug subscribers.

Simply e-mail at by January 25 with your name and address AS IT APPEARED ON YOUR ORIGINAL TheCoug SUBSCRIPTION to receive your $120 subscription value!

Once verified, you'll receive:

  • Total Access to and Scout™
  • Members-Only Message Boards
  • Scout™ Player / Recruit Database
  • Total Access to all Websites
  • Free Recruiting Yearbook Subscription

Don't delay. Get your free subscription before signing date!

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