Desert safety talks offer, Cougs with Wulff

THE STATE OF Arizona has been producing increasing numbers of D-IA players the past few years and the Cougs are offering more prospects from the Grand Canyon State under Paul Wulff. One 'Zona prospect says the ability to earn early playing time will be big to his decision. That, he says, was one of a few different subjects he and WSU head man Paul Wulff talked about after WSU made him an offer.

Devon Carrington (6.0, 183, 4.52) out of Chandler's Hamilton High a) covers a lot of ground from his safety position and b) has very good cover skills. He also hits big. That has resulted in double-digit offers, including several from the Pac-10 and his latest comes from Washington State.

"I just talked to coach Wulff. He was talking about how the program has been down the past couple years but he's building it back up. He said '(Soon) we'll be back to a bowl contending team and that you have a great chance at playing right away -- we're willing to take in great young guys and get the thing going the right way,'" said Carrington.

THE MAY evaluation period saw Cougar coaches canvas high schools far and wide and sit down with prep coaches. And if WSU doesn't already have reels of a particular prospect back in the Bohler gym offices, they naturally sit down with the prep coach and break down tape. In those instances, an assistant will often bring tape back for Wulff (and the staff) to look over.

"After viewing my highlight tape, coach Wulff said I'm obviously a player, and that 'we want to have those types of players on our team,'" said Carrington.

The Cougars, however, are not alone in talking playing time, said Carrington, noting that everyone who has offered is talking early PT.

"I think all the schools that offered me want me to play right away," he said, adding that Stanford, Cal, Notre Dame have all been recruiting hard.

CARRINGTON SAID it will be his decision but that his family will play a key role. And in particular, that means mom.

"Knowing my family can get there (is important). My mom, she's a huge part of my decision, along with my father. Distance isn't going to be too much of a factor but them knowing that I'm going to be away and okay with (a coaching staff) is what's important," said Carrington.

Carrington has one summer camp narrowed down, to USC on June 25, but said the remaining camps and/or unofficial visits are still being mapped out.

"I'll probably start narrowing things down in late July, early August. Right now I really have no leader," said Carrington.

At the same time, he said he's formed an early bond with the Notre Dame and Stanford coaches and Cal is also high on his list. An outstanding student, Carrington says he's looking to make a decision in early August is possible.

Devon Carrington profile and video

Carrington was an all-region selection this past year, racking up 77 tackles, four sacks and two interceptions to help lead 5A1 state title.

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