Dorsey DB has a new leader

DEFENSIVE BACK Charles Garrett of Los Angeles' Dorsey High, learned a lot about recruiting from two former teammates. He got to experience one of the best parts of that process himself last week during the tail end of the May Evaluation period when a Pac-10 school became the first to offer him. And now he has a new leader ...

As a sophomore last year, Garrett, watched as two of his teammates, Rahim Moore and Johnathan Franklin, lived the dream of going through the recruiting process.

Garrett, a safety, got called up to varsity for the Dons'playoff run and got to spend time with Moore and Franklin and envisioned himself experiencing his own recruitment.

A Pac-10 school made it a reality when Washington State offered last week.

"... I was so excited but real relieved," said Garrett. "Coach (Steve) Broussard offered me."

The Cougs have also shot to the top of his leaders list.

"My top schools are always going to be any school in the Pac-10 but I'd say Washington State is the leader, because they offered me and that showed they want me, then Washington, Arizona, Arizona State and UCLA," said Garrett.

And more schools have been talking with him on a consistent basis.

"I've been talking to Washington and they sound like they like me a lot," said Garrett. "Arizona and Arizona State like me a lot too. UCLA, I've been in a lot of contact with them and I'm going to their camp on Saturday."

Garrett can play anywhere in the secondary but said that corner is where he prefers.

"I think I'm going to go in as a cornerback," said Garrett. "I prefer corner but I'll play them both. I'm 5-11, 185, and I think I'm still growing."

Garrett said he learned a lot from Franklin and Moore -- both of whom are at UCLA -- when they were being recruited.

"Just how to handle it and stay humble," said Garrett. "They were leaders. Now that I'm going through it, I just want to take some time and plan and think it through. You only get to do it one time. I want to be able to take all five of my visits too."

Aside from the UCLA camp, Garrett said he'd like to try and hit camps at Washington, Washington State, Arizona, Arizona State and USC and he'll also be at the B2G Elite Football Program.

As far as location is concerned, it's a non-issue to him.

"My family wants me to stay close, but they said they'll be happy wherever I go," said Garrett.

Academically, Garrett has a 3.3 and scored a 1235 on the SAT.

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