Future Coug TE tears it up at WSU camp

FUTURE COUGAR Aaron Dunn is a fast healer indeed. After tearing his ACL midway thought his junior season in '08, the 6-foot-6 1/2, 235-pound tight end out of Spokane was at Washington State's camp last week going full contact, full speed and full-on go. His future position coach on the Cougs also had some strong advice for him.

WSU tight ends coach Rich Rasmussen made a request of Aaron Dunn this past week when the Mead High standout was in Pullman.

"One of the first things he told me when I got down there, 'Hey Aaron? No Hoopfest.'   All the coaches told me to lay off the summer basketball but I don't know, that's probably not going to happen," Dunn laughed.

DUNN WAS IN Pullman as a day camper this year. Only the full four-day campers are generally chosen to receive MVP awards at Washington State's camp, so Dunn didn't take home the tight end MVP honor he received last year.

But in the time he was out on the gridiron, he tore it up.

"Coach Razz always gets on me about the little things -- he's an awesome coach and I love playing for him," said Dunn. "And he said he was very happy with my performance.

"I had a couple touchdowns in our skelly and a touchdown during the evening in our overtime drill. There was some team stuff where I would have had a couple more touchdowns if they would have let the play go. It went really, really well."

Dunn added that Rasmussen drilled him on his blocking, using his hands properly and finishing his man. At the end of the day, Dunn said he drew praise from the Cougar TEs coach for his diligence in that area.

AFTER A KNEE injury that ended his junior season, Dunn has been far ahead of schedule on every benchmark over the course of his rehab. This past week, he went all out at WSU. With no lingering after effects, the injury has now become a thing of the past.

"The knee feels really good. I'm 100 percent," said Dunn.

DUNN STILL HAS his entire senior year ahead of him and won't arrive at Washington State until next year. But he plans on spending that time doing as much as he can to put himself in position to earn early playing time.

"I liked the camp a lot," said Dunn. "Last year, me and coach Razz talked a lot and I've (since) gotten most of the basic stuff down on the offense. This year he was teaching me a lot of the specific things that he wants in order for me to come in right away and be able to have a chance to play.

"Everybody that I talked to there loved the coaches. Everybody on my teams loved playing for coach (Todd) Sturdy, coach (Steve) Broussard, coach (Malik) Roberson and coach (Chris) Ball. And everyone really loved the enthusiasm of (those guys).

DUNN'S FULL SPEED performance at the camp also appears to have turned the head of head man Paul Wulff.

"I think he was pretty surprised at how fast I had come back from my surgery. He said, 'Gosh Aaron, you look strong -- you look fast!' He just told me to be careful the rest of the summer," Dunn laughed.

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