Dunn dishes on future Coug QB Halliday

FUTURE COUGAR TIGHT END Aaron Dunn talks about what it's like to catch a ball thrown by Connor Halliday, the Spokane quarterback who will be arriving with Dunn in the Washington State class of '10. And at the Wazzu summer camp last week, the duo already settled on one decision that should have Cougar fans smiling.

The chemistry between Aaron Dunn and his WSU '10 recruiting classmate, quarterback Connor Halliday, has already begun.

Although they both hail from Spokane, Dunn had never before tossed the ball around with Halliday, or played on the same team at a combine or summer league tourney. That changed at this year's Washington State summer camp. "He's good. The guy is real good," said Dunn.

"His accuracy was amazing. The second I got in the middle of the zone and turned, the ball would be there. And he was that way with everyone. He's accurate and he was making made great reads. I'm going to love catching the ball from him."

ASKED FOR A brief technical assessment on Halliday from a pass catching standpoint, Dunn talked rotation. Halliday has a quick release but he most decidedly does not, said Dunn, throw a heavy, hard-to-catch ball.

"He gets it out quick. He has that quick release but it's still a soft ball in your hands. It's kind of weird because it's so fast out of his hand -- but it's still a soft ball."

WASHINGTON STATE will see the largest influx of early arrivals from a new class in school history next week -- 12 members of the '09 signing class will enroll at WSU and get a head start on college studies and the Cougs' voluntary workouts.

Dunn and Halliday have already decided they want to do the same in '10.

"I know the coaches are really excited that so many of them are coming in early for summer school this year," said Dunn. "They're really excited they're going to get a chance to come in early and work with (strength coach Darin) Lovat.

"And Connor and I talked about that at camp," said Dunn. "He said, 'You're going to be coming down early for summer school, right?' and I said I was. So we'll both be coming down there early next year."

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