The CF.C feature formerly known as the Buzz Board

NOW THAT FOOTBALL SEASON HAS ENDED, we thought it might be safe to tempt fate and resurrect that cursed feature formerly known as the Buzz Board. Behold ... and don't blame us for any of its repercussions!

The Feature
Formerly Known as the Buzz Board

Bill Doba

The new Cougar head man has assembled a staff as impressive as any since Dennis Erickson roamed the Palouse sidelines. Not to mention he's inspired the greatest t-shirt of all time ... Yabba Doba Doo!

Old CF.C Buzz Board

Contrary to recent myth, this one-time fan favorite was found to be nowhere near that Lear Jet from Mobile or the ensuing calamity in Pasadena.

Jim Sterk

Old buzz: Super nice guy who seems to have his head screwed on right.

New buzz: In over his head, or just what? First he lets Mike Price go without so much as a whimper. Then the Rose Bowl ticket distribution is botched, costing the money-starved athletics department a tidy $750,000. And now he doesn't even have the courage with the Bonnell Affair to blast the hell out of Rick Neuheisel for once again skirting the rules.

Isaiah Stanback

Hailed by Slick Rick as the second-coming of Marques Tui when he signed the Garfield High quarterback a year ago, Neuheisel's pathetic entreaties toward WSU's Carl Bonnell pretty much signal Stanback's demise. Can you say DB or nothing at all?

Hot air

Mike Price blusters one week that Kai Ellis and Lance Mitchell were disloyal by not honoring their commitments to Ol' Wazzu then he giggles like a school girl days later with the chance to grovel at the banged-up knees of Joe Namath.


Old buzz: A mean-spirited, misguided bromide describing folks in the South.

New buzz: If the shoe fits ... two of Mike Price's first actions as Bama chief were to hire sons Eric and Aaron. Go figure.

Auburn-Alabama rivalry

With Auburn's mountain of returning talent and Mike Price's remarkable ability to self-destruct in rivalry games (can you say .210 winning percentage against the Dawgs?), this long-time blood-feud is destined to become a one-sided Tiger-fest.


Marcus Moore

Cougar hoopster, hobbled by painful bone spurs, still lighting up the scoreboard with Ike Fontaine-like proficiency.

Paul Graham

Old buzz: Looking like a short timer.

New buzz: When you've sunk this low, there's no where to go but up.

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