Kevin Kooyman's Diary: Week Four

PULLMAN -- This last weekend our skill position players took on Idaho, Eastern Washington and Central Washington in 7-on-7 skeleton drills. Skelly is run without linemen and I was also out of town so I didn't attend, but from what I heard we did pretty well.

We still have some guys healing up from injuries and that didn't allow all of our starters on both offense and defense to play in the 7-on-7's, but from what I understand it went well for those who did play.

We do have areas we need to improve, and once we get everything worked out, we will definitely be in position to make a dramatic improvement from last year.

As the second-to-last week of summer has approached, we have begun to turn it up once again in our workouts.

We've added an extra 15 minutes to each workout and that might not sound like night and day but if you know how hard we're going leading up to the extra time, it's significant.

We've been running more outside and we're lifting more in the weight room. The surprising thing has been that everyone has been able to handle it well, thus proving that we are in great shape and are able to work harder for a longer period of time.

This is noteworthy because we are closing in on fall camp (starts Aug. 9). It is hard to believe that we start official practices in just three short weeks.

COUGFANS, the time is approaching and we are looking forward to turning this program around.

I have answers to some of your questions from last week.

Response to Crazy4Cougs: On choosing a uniform number, when we first come in as freshmen we are given a list of numbers that are available and we pick from that. If you want to change your number, it's based on seniority.

When it comes to rituals during the season I would say the most common one is to tape your wrist and then write something on the tape. Whether it's initials of someone or a number, it's interesting to see all the different things people will write. As far as routines go, we arrive at the field on game day and have a walk-through session, then most players get their ankles taped, and then usually we head to the locker room and listen to our iPods and get mentally prepared.

Response to LOCoug: Yes, I am taking summer classes this year as most of the players are here in Pullman. I am studying Business Management and Marketing, both of which I have come to really enjoy.

Response to Whoisyaodaddy: On concerns about maxing often on lifts, I am going to have to agree with That70sCoug because I trust Darin Lovat, our lifting coach, completely -- he wouldn't ever do anything to jeopardize our success. As for getting injured, anyone can get hurt at anytime whether it be in the weight room, simply playing a pick up game of basketball or walking down a flight of steps.

Response to howboutdemcougs: On whether having a Nike swoosh on out helmets while wearing a Russell jersey. I thought the same thing when I showed up here but last year both Russell and Nike sponsored us. Russell sponsored us for our uniforms and Nike sponsored us for our shoes, gloves and visors. But this year we won't be clashing logos because we are moving exclusively to Nike and we are very excited bout that.

If you have questions, you can post them on the CF.C message boards. I might not be able to answer all of them but I'll read them and answer any that I can.

Kevin Kooyman

Cougar defensive end Kevin Kooyman hails from Maple Valley, Wash. where he was named the statewide high school Male Athlete of the Year for 2005-06 by the Seattle Times. He played in 12 games in 2008 for WSU, starting six and posting 31 tackles. Injuries wiped out half his sophomore year but he still earned two starts on the d-line. As a true freshman in 2006, he saw action in 11 games, registering six tackles, one sack and 1 QB hurry. He was also a two-time state wrestling champion in high school.

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