Kevin Kooyman's Diary: The final entry

PULLMAN -- We are winding down our last week of summer conditioning -- we only have two workouts left. But we're not slowing down. We're hitting the weight room even harder this last week to try and improve as much as possible before camp starts in less than two weeks. In one of the questions from last week, someone asked what a realistic expectation was for us this year. Here's my answer..

I'll answer some more questions a little later on but I wanted to answer this one from ferris9 up top. He asked, I assume taking into account how last season played out, what a realistic expectation is for us in '09 record-wise.

I can realistically see our team making it to a bowl game.

And I'm telling you right now that we will NOT have another year like last year.

As the summer workouts come to an end this week, we have undoubtedly grown as a team - not only in strength numbers, but we have become closer as a family.

Becoming a family on the football field is what it all comes down to -- if you want to succeed.

You have to be able to completely trust the man standing right next to you. If you can trust him, then you don't have to worry about him making a mistake. And when you're not worried about your teammate making a mistake, you are able to focus on your job.

That allows you to become the best at what you're doing - whether it is on or off the field, in the classroom or in the locker-room.

We have grown into a family, one that has finally bought into the program and will do anything for our brothers (teammates).

Response to Crazy4Cougs: With regard to preventing cramping up on Saturdays, favorite foods for a pre-game meal and more, we continuously drink water and eat bananas, and supplement drinks that replace electrolytes lost in sweat. I've never had problems with cramping but I hear it is a horrible feeling.

When we're at home, we have Prime Rib, Steak, Shrimp, Pasta, Chicken, and delicious Ferdinand's ice cream. During the season I try to stay away from fast food and anything greasy. I would guess in-season that I eat about 5000-6000 calories to maintain my body weight (6-6, 246). If I had to choose my last meal, it would be Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon with my mom's twice baked potatoes and a giant glass of milk. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.

Response to JimLandau: I'm glad the diaries have helped "bring you back" to Pullman. On the biggest difference in the program under coach Wulff vs. coach Doba, well, they are two completely different coaches with two completely different coaching styles. It's difficult for me to compare the two of them.

Response to sltshkr: I started playing football at age seven, which was the youngest age I was allowed to play. I have no idea how big I was then, but I do remember that I had to wear hollow shoulder pads for weigh-ins before each game so that I would make weight.

I've always taken football seriously, as I have done my entire life with any sport. I have always loved competing in sports at any level -- nothing compares to feeling of victory. I started lifting weights when I was in eighth grade but I never really had a workout regimen until WSU because I was involved in various sports year-round.

This is my final diary entry, we finish up the voluntary workouts, have a quick break and then, that's right COUG fans, in less than two weeks we start the 2009 Cougar Football Season. Fall camp kicks off on Aug. 9.

Kevin Kooyman

Cougar defensive end Kevin Kooyman hails from Maple Valley, Wash. where he was named the statewide high school Male Athlete of the Year for 2005-06 by the Seattle Times. He played in 12 games in 2008 for WSU, starting six and posting 31 tackles. Injuries wiped out half his sophomore year but he still earned two starts on the d-line. As a true freshman in 2006, he saw action in 11 games, registering six tackles, one sack and 1 QB hurry. He was also a two-time state wrestling champion in high school.

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