Charting the Cougar weight, muscle gains

THE UPDATED WEIGHTS for the Cougar footballers are in. The numbers, as they were in the spring, remain striking. There are many who have gained 15-20 pounds, and more, since last year. Then there are players who put on the bulk before the spring, then trimmed and repackaged it this summer to add quickness. CF.C charts the progression from fall of '08, to the '09 spring, to today.

Is that Kevin Lopina or a 241-pound linebacker?

Louis Bland, by the end of last season, probably weighed around 190 pounds soaking wet. He's still rehabbing a knee but once it's ready, it'll be part of the package that checks in at a robust 221 pounds.

Joe Eppele does not resemble the same player he was last year, not with 15 more pounds of muscle on his frame.

Jason Stripling will fight for a starting job in his senior season after packing on 15-plus since spring ball. The list goes on and on. Again, not everyone looked to increase the poundage -- some players, between the spring and now, have instead worked to lighten the load. Kenny Alfred is down to 289 pounds from about three bills, but he's lighter on his feet and at WSU, lateral quickness in the trenches is the key.

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