What They're Saying: Post-UCLA edition

AFTER THE CARNAGE was done, Rick Neuheisel offered an endorsement for Paul Wulff. Bud Withers offered to speak for Wulff. And linebacker Alex Hoffman-Ellis laments bone-headed mistakes. It's WHAT THEY'RE SAYING, POST-UCLA EDITION ....

"There are many ways to describe how completely UCLA dominated in a 43-7 victory over Washington State on Saturday. Nick Crissman, the Bruins' fourth-string quarterback, got in the game for the first time ever. Walk-on punter Danny Rees was allowed to kick, another first. And guard Jeff Baca was already thinking about his stomach before he entered the locker room, spying the postgame feed and squealing, ‘ooooh, smoothies.' But nothing showed how much fun the Bruins were having at Martin Stadium than senior linebacker Reggie Carter's rebellion when he refused to leave the field with the game in hand early in the fourth quarter ….
-- Chris Foster, Los Angeles Times

"To their credit, the Cougars looked more assertive in their latest attempt to slay their first-quarter demons. But the demons simply changed form. Three of Marshall Lobbestael's first five passes were intercepted Saturday as Washington State parlayed another terrible start into a 43-7 Pac-10 loss to UCLA. This looked slightly different than the Cougars' other miserable first quarters, but what figured to be one of their more winnable games unraveled quickly …."
--Dale Grummert, Lewiston Morning Tribune

"I talked to Paul (Wulff) long and hard, long before the game and he is working hard, and his staff is working hard, and the kids played hard. It's a project but they're the right guys to do it."
-- Rick Neuheisel, UCLA coach

"In the wake of the latest indignity driving Washington State football into further oblivion, Paul Wulff was asked what could be taken from a 43-7 defeat to UCLA. We'll answer for the WSU coach: What you can take is, there are only two dates left in the 2009 season, against Oregon State and Washington, and WSU has about the same chance in either game as David Stern's mayoral future in Seattle. What you can take is, try to keep guys healthy, make them live in the weight room, and recruit like hell in the offseason."
-- Bud Withers, Seattle Times

"We didn't come out very good in regards to turning the ball over, obviously. The momentum that we thought we had, the kids were up emotionally, we had a good week of practice, I really felt we were ready to play ….. It (turnovers) killed our momentum, and we're not in a position right now to overcome a lopsided deficit."
-- Paul Wulff, Cougar coach

"The score was a result of a few big plays that we gave up. A couple of bone-headed mistakes ended up costing us. Overall, I think we did pretty well … There's always room for improvement. The big drives that happened, we will take responsibility for as a defense as a whole."
-- Alex Hoffman-Ellis, WSU linebacker

"It's pretty frustrating anytime stuff like that happens. We thought we would give it a better go. The things that we practiced were there. Unfortunately it didn't work out for us. We just need to keep battling, and get back to practice and keep working at it."
-- Jeffrey Solomon, WSU receiver

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