Apple Cup Week: A shift in schedule

THE THANKSGIVING BREAK has come to Washington State, the students have headed home -- but the players remain in Pullman gearing up for Saturday's Apple Cup. The normal weekly schedule for the Cougars changes for this week headed into the regular season finale, and so has the date for next year's Cup.

Next year, Paul Wulff said, the Apple Cup will be played a week later -- in December for the first time ever. The move will give the Cougs two bye weeks during the season, something fast becoming a trend in college football.

Back to 2009. Normally the Cougs do some light work on Sunday and then take Monday off. But with no classes this week at Washington State, the schedule has changed.

WSU will practice on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, followed by morning sessions on both Wednesday and on Thanksgiving. The Cougs leave for Seattle on Friday.

Look for CF.C reports from Pullman starting on Monday. Wulff will also hold a conference call tonight, followed by his final call of the week on Tuesday and CF.C will bring you reports from those as well (there is no Thursday conference call this week).

And we might have a few other things for this week. By the way, did you know the Cougars have won 4 of the last 5 Apple Cups? Oh, you did. Just checking.

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