Sack-crazy Rankin eyes January arrival at WSU

BRANDON RANKIN IS a high octane, JC All-American defensive lineman expected to provide an immediate boost to the Cougs' defensive front in 2010. He's also a gregarious, big personality-type who likes to laugh a lot. But even he gets tired of answering the same question over and over -- when will he arrive at Washington State? Fortunately, he won't have to field that inquiry much longer.

DE Brandon Rankin (6-4, 270) said he's finishing up his AA and transfer course requirements, his last final is scheduled for Monday. After that, it's a matter of waiting for all the paperwork to clear it's various stages and then he'll be heading up to Washington State.

"I'm making all A's and B's, everything is going good," said Rankin.

The spring semester at WSU starts on Jan. 11, with Rankin saying he'll probably arrive a few days ahead of that to move in and get situated.

"Whenever the paperwork goes through and they say I've been accepted, I'll be up there," said Rankin.

RANKIN DURING HIS sophomore season at Butte in '08 posted a ridiculous 24 sacks amongst his 62 tackles. He took home CCCFCA junior college All-America honors, was named the Region I Defensive Player of the Year and picked up a slew of other honors and awards.

Assistant Jody Sears has been running the point on Rankin for WSU since the very beginning of his recruitment. Rankin originally signed with the Cougs this past February but it was known at the time he might not qualify in advance of the '09 season. Indeed, a number of other schools backed off him during his recruiting process when it became a possibility he might not qualify in time for '09. But he's stuck with it on the academic front, and Sears and Wazzu have stuck by him.

"Coach Sears will call me -- we talk about every week...he's a great guy," said Rankin.

RANKIN HAS BEEN diligently hitting the iron while finishing up his coursework but there's a difference in doing what amounts to solo offseason training, vs. going through an intense offseason regimen with your college teammates.

"I know I'm going to be strong when I get there, I've been working out. But the running part, I've gotta get back into that," laughed Rankin. "But the working out, I've gotten way stronger than I was before...And with the working out, with my legs, I think I've gotten a little quicker too.

"I'm just excited for spring ball to start. And then for the season to start again, too, but I'm just excited to get back out there for spring ball and get back in football shape. I can't wait to be able to work out with the team, I love working out with teammates instead of just by myself."

RANKIN SAID HE got amped up watching one of the Cougs' games earlier this year. The defense played well to begin with but then faded, and the Cougs lost. But what got Rankin going was what WSU was trying to do schematically on defense, and he could see himself flourishing in the 2010 Cougar D.

"I was just excited watching that," said Rankin. "And it's going to be even more exciting when I can get out there and play.

"I can't wait. A lot of people ask me, 'when am I going to be there, when am I going to be there.' I'm just working to get my classes done, and I'm about done. And I'm ready to get out there."

Along with Rankin, also expected to arrive in January at Washington State, and thus be able to take part in the 15-practice spring session, are DT Quayshawne Buckley and OL David Gonzales.

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