Wulff hits rumors head on

PAUL WULFF THIS MORNING was making his way through a bustling, busy airport, headed to more living rooms and high schools as he and his staff charge their way through recruiting's homestretch. Cyberspace has recently been abuzz with guesswork on possible assistant coach moves and with a cell phone cupped to his ear, Wulff took a few moments with CF.C to dispel some recent speculation.

The latest round of that speculation has to do with CougGreat Chad Eaton, who has been in Pullman since the fall working on finishing his degree. The recent rumor running all over the 'net is that he will be coming on full time as a DE or DT coach.

Not true, said Wulff.

"In regards to the defensive line, coach Roberson is the defensive line coach at Washington State -- and that will continue to be the case here. I'm still reviewing Chad Eaton's potential role on our staff but Malik Roberson is, and will continue to be, our defensive line coach," said Wulff.

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EATON HAS BEEN a very visible presence at Cougar football games this year, and Wulff went on to say he didn't anticipate Eaton's potential role likely being determined until later this spring. As for any other possible staff changes, something Wulff addressed in his end of the year press conference, he said things remain at the status quo.

"Right now, in these important December recruiting phases, that's what it's about -- it's all about recruiting," said Wulff. "When we get to more of the recruiting dead periods, that will allow more time to evaluate that. Again, as I've said, if there are ever any changes, those would be made for the betterment of the program. Whether its coaches, players' roles or what have you, we will always do what's best for Cougar football."

AS FOR THE speculative message board postings, blogs and the like on assistant coaches, such as the ones about Eaton becoming a defensive line coach, and the type of speculation that then tends to create with Signing Day fast approaching, Wulff was succinct.

"They're not helpful -- at all -- in recruiting," said Wulff. "Stability and continuity are always the two most important things to have in a program. Those kinds of things only hurt. They never help."

Coaches cannot talk about specific recruits until after they sign but they can comment generally on recruiting. So, as Wulff was getting ready to board the plane, how's recruiting going for the Cougs?

"Oh, it's going great. I'll have more to say (on Signing Day). It's going to be one of the very best to have ever come to Washington State," said Wulff.

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