WULFF: 'As good a class as in last 25 years'

THEY HAVE A lot to prove on the college stage but Paul Wulff says this 2010 recruiting class is probably as good a class that Washington State has seen in the last 25 years. The Cougars' head man had a lot to say Wednesday about C.J. Mizell (who is qualified and could arrive at WSU as soon as May), Aaron Dunn, Toni Pole and the rest. He also said there's a couple more players he plans on signing.

  • Wulff said the Cougs were recruiting the 2010 class for the past 16 months.

  • "I can't speak for the history of Washington Stat e football for the last 25 years... but I think this is probably as good a class as has come here."

  • On the importance of Spokane recruits Aaron Dunn, Jake Rodgers and Connor Halliday:
    "These three guys will have a major impact on the program, not to mention we have some other players (from Spokane) coming down (as preferred walks ons) -- (Austin Ehlo, Jake Miller) I think are guys that will have an impact ... When Washington State has been good, there has always been a local flavor on the team."

  • On size and speed:
    "I'm very happy because we brought in some big-bodied guys, particularly on the offensive line. We got some great speed and athleticism in our receiving corps and secondary, areas that have been obviously lacking ... We're definitely going to improve our overall size and speed with this class."

  • Whether some or all might redshirt or not is unknown and will be until well into fall camp, Wulff said, but he listed some of the players who could make an immediate impact ...

    On offense: Rickey Galvin, Kristoff Williams, Marquess Wilson, John Fullington, Aaron Dunn, David Gonzales, Wade Jacobson
    On defense: C.J. Mizell, Tracy Clark, Damante Horton, Deone Bucannon, Brandon Golden, Brandon Rankin

  • With C.J. Mizell, Wulff said CouGreat Devard Darling helped bring him to the attention of the WSU staff and the staff also had some coaching contacts in the area that helped facilitate their recruitment of him.

    "We did our background check with C.J. He had a few incidents that once we found out in detail from all the people involved, they were not as serious as they may appear via media reports, although there have been some things that happened, some of his own doing and some not of his own doing. We went three years back and talked to some people around him...we did our own investigation with his current high school in Tallahassee... and before we made a decision to offer him, we brought him in here and he met our faculty athletic rep and all our academic people, people in compliance and other people and there wasn't one person who didn't feel really good about him as a person when they met him. I know I did.

    "We think he should be here in the first part of May, for the first summer session. If not, he'll be here in June and he'll have an opportunity to go through our summer program...We envision he'll play a lot this year but to what capacity, it will all depend on his shape and to what extent he's ready to go...You watch his film and there's no question athletically, he's as good as there was. ..He's big, he's rangy, he runs extremely well, he has a good, nice nasty mean streak to him. He's got a good football IQ...He's got an opportunity to be a special player."

  • More players coming?
    "We also are going to bring in another receiver. I can't say his name because he hasn't officially signed his Letter of Intent, the only reason is waiting for some signatures. He's an outstanding football player, he's going to make an immediate impact with our football team. And there may be one more on the defensive line before the season so we're going to maybe have five of the 25 (initials) that will be junior college (transfers). We've also added Casey Hamlett to the scholarship list so he'll be one of the 25."

  • On recruiting defensive tackles, and Kaufusi looking like a DE:
    "There wasn't a big pool to start with in the whole Western United States. I think there were some people reaching for some defensive linemen. It wasn't a real deep class. There are some very fine ones that are out there, I feel very good about Toni Pole, I think he's a diamond in the rough a lot like Sekope Kaufusi. He's going to be a very, very good football player...I think we'll have an opportunity to bring in 1-2 more here shortly. But the addition of Brandon Rankin in that mix, along with some of the redshirts, people forget we redshirted people like Justin Clayton, he's going to be very good. Jordan Pu'u-Robinson, Sekope Kaufusi, there are some guys we redshirted last year who will fill in that mix that will give us even more depth on our defensive line."

  • On the verbal commits who bolted to other schools at the 11th hour, Wulff said he wasn't singling out any one player or other school but he did reiterate his thoughts from last year.

    "I've made statements about my thoughts on this. Once again, it goes back on the parents, in educating their kids and keeping them to true to their word -- don't give your word if it doesn't mean anything. I know a lot of people will say that's how recruiting is now. Well, that's fine but I don't believe in that and I never will ... What are we teaching our young men here?... These things matter and when you have people who don't have the scruples or the integrity, who come in regardless of a kid's decision and they're going to continue to recruit against you, or get these kids to change their mind on their commitment, I think it's wrong."

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