Don't let money stand in way of roping Moos

LET'S JUST CUT straight to the chase. There's a perfect candidate to replace Jim Sterk as WSU's athletic director, but there's a $1.4 million string attached. Bill Moos' vision, energy, track record and passion make him uniquely suited for the Cougar job. But it comes at a price -- a price Washington State and its fans need to pay.

The University of Oregon, where Moos was AD from 1995 to 2007, is paying him roughly $200,000 a year to not work as an AD at any school west of the Mississippi River. There's seven years left on the deal.

That effectively means that whatever the going rate is for an AD at WSU, another $1.4 million must be built into the contract if Moos is going to roam the Palouse.

The Ducks put a pair of lime-green handcuffs on him and now it's WSU's job to cut them off.

It's imperative that we get the job done. Failing to do so wouldn't be the end of the world but it would, in my estimation, be a colossal opportunity lost.

The old saying is that every era demands a certain type of leader. Well, I'm here to tell you point blank that this era in Cougar athletics demands Bill Moos.

He is uniquely suited by experience, intellect, and vision to lead Washington State athletics through this decade.

He also loves WSU about as deeply as anyone you'll ever meet. He grew up in Edwall rooting for the Cougars. To this day, he can tell you the names and numbers of every player on WSU's 1965 Cardiac Kids. He was an all-conference lineman for the Cougs in the 1970s and an assistant AD at WSU in the 1980s.


Moos knows WSU. The strengths and weaknesses of the school are imprinted on his mind. He can accentuate the positives and mitigate or eliminate the negatives.

He is the right man for the job. WSU and its supporters need to come up with the $1.4 million to make him the next AD in Pullman. To do otherwise would be, as they say, penny wise and pound foolish.


Because Washington State needs to ramp up its fundraising in a big way to stay competitive in the Pac-10. And Moos is a proven fundraiser.


Because Washington State needs to make a major investment in facilities. And Moos is an accomplished builder.


Because for too long too many Washington State fans have been satisfied with the status quo. And Moos is a big thinker who knows how to lead.

Jim Sterk was an excellent athletic director at Washington State. He has much to be proud of -- the resurrection of the basketball and baseball teams, solid and improving womens teams, the ongoing renovation of Martin Stadium, the balancing of budgets in an arena where it's rare. And above all, unsurpassed integrity. His 10-year run in Pullman is one to remember. I wish him nothing but success at San Diego State.

Now it's time for the next era at WSU. It's time for the Bill Moos era. It's time for every WSU fan to tell President Elson Floyd you'll help cover the $1.4 million cost required to free Moos from Oregon's shackles.

Anything else would be penny wise and pound foolish. If Bill Moos is ready to step up for his alama mater -- and I believe he most definitely is -- then we need to step up for him.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Sorensen played safety for the Cougars from 1980-81, earning first-team All-American honors as a senior. He later played in the NFL and USFL. From 1985-98 he was the color commentator on radio broadcasts of Cougar football. He has held a similar role on Eastern Washington University broadcasts over the last several years. Also a long-time assistant coach in the Greater Spokane League, he's been writing periodically for CF.C since 1999. His columns here are labeled SLAP! The acronym stands for Sorensen Looks At the Program. The word also aptly describes the way Paul played safety and the way he does color commentary: in-your-face, nothing held back.

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