Cougars post some significant offseason gains

ALEX REITNOUER, the way-undersized offensive lineman who was pressed into starting duty last season as a true freshman, is now the leader of the pack. The pack, that is, as defined by the numerous Cougar football players who packed on serious muscle over the offseason.

Reitnouer, depending on which roster listing you looked at, was either 240 or 253 pounds last season. This week, as the Cougars open spring workouts, the Pride of LaCanada, Calif., is checking in at 275 pounds.

He's not the only freshman who beefed up in a head-turning way this off season.

Safety Anthony Carpenter added 20 pounds to his 6-foot frame, going from 170 to 190, while fellow safety Casey Locker climbed to 195 -- that's 18 pounds more than last season stacked onto his 5-11 frame.

Other notable gainers include:

  • Cornerback Nolan Washington, 180 pounds, up from 166. Keep in mind that Washington is 5-foot-10.

  • Linebacker Andre Barrington, 231 pounds, up from 214.

  • Linebacker Arthur Burns, 218 pounds, up from 206 last season.

    Offensive lineman Zack Williams added more than 10 pounds, going from 293 up to 304.

    Free safety LeAndre Daniels added 10 pounds, while DE Casey Hamlett put on 20. DE Kevin Kooyman is now up to 259 pounds -- last year he was listed at 246. Toby Turpin has gone from 284 pounds to up over three bills, he now weighs 301.

    Mike Ledgerwood begins his quest for the starting middle linebacker job at 233 pounds, up from 224 last year. Travis Long, coming off an impressive true freshman campaign, is listed at 256 pounds this spring, up from 247 in '09.

    FB Jared Byers has added more than 15 pounds to his 6-foot frame, going from 207 up to 224. DE Jordan Pu'u-Robinson is up to 265 pounds from 256.

    THERE ARE POUNDAGE losses to report as well, and none more impressive than that of Sebastian Valenzuela. Last year, the 6-foot-2 offensive lineman was listed at 342 pounds. He's since shed 30 pounds, checking in at a comparatively svelte-like 312 this spring, (although Paul Wulff said he still has some more to lose, plus muscle to gain, before he reaches his optimal number.) Tim Hodgdon dropped 10 pounds, down to 275 pounds after being listed at 285 this past year. William Prescott, however, might have gone too far the other way. A 6-5 offensive tackle, he's listed at 261 pounds compared with 285 last year. Wulff says the aim is for him to add 10-15 pounds by fall camp.

    Meanwhile, OT Tyson Pencer and LB Alex Hoffman-Ellis keep on getting bigger and bigger. Both made significant gains last year, and have now added even more. Hoffman-Ellis, who is moving from MIK to WIL this spring, is now at 246 pounds, up from 236 last year. Pencer checks in this spring at 317 pounds, up from 297 last year.

    For the full, complete charted progression of Cougar players --- from players' listed weights on last year's roster to the 2010 spring measurable -- CF.C subscribers can head to the Luxury Suites by clicking HERE.

    Last year WSU had but five players hang-cleaning 300 pounds or more in the weight room. This spring, they have 30. Consider that for a moment -- from 5 to 30. Plus, there are another 17 who are on the verge of joining the 300 club, currently hang cleaning in the 290-pound range.

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