Sankey: 'I'm still committed to WSU, and..'

A REPORT SPREAD like wildfire across cyberspace on Thursday evening that Bishop Sankey, the 4-star Spokane RB who verballed to Paul Wulff back on Christmas Eve, had decommitted from the Cougars. CF.C went to the source and spoke to Sankey late Thursday night. Here's what he had to say..

CF.C: There's a rumor tonight on a few message boards that you've decommitted from the Cougars, is that true?
Sankey: "I'm still committed to WSU. And I'm also thinking about just checking out other schools, I still have to talk to (WSU) about that. But I'm still committed as of right now."

Note: Sankey made similar comments -- "as of right now" -- with regard to his WSU commitment back in a February article on CF.C. Here's that passage from the Feb. 22 story:

SANKEY VERBALLY COMMITTED to the Cougars the day before Christmas but that didn't stop Minnesota from offering this month.
"I was honored. Whenever a college offers you a full ride, it's a pretty good thing...but as of right now, I'm still committed to WSU," said Sankey.
'As of right now', and 'still'...? Is there a situation Sankey could envision where that could potentially change?
"No, not really. There's a very slim chance that could change, like if Paul Wulff for some reason wouldn't be coaching when I'm there, if there were to be a coaching staff change or something like that. I really like coach Wulff. I actually met him before he was at WSU, when he was at Eastern, I think I first met him when I was in the 8th grade," said Sankey.

CF.C: Aside from WSU, is there another school you've been thinking about more?
Sankey: "I really like Minnesota's running backs coach. He seems really cool. Basically, he just wants me to go see what else is out there. And I haven't really visited any other schools. WSU is kind of all I know. So I kinda want to see what other schools have to offer, just to make sure."

CF.C: Who all has offered you to this point?
Sankey: "My offers are from Washington State, UW, Minnesota, Ohio U and Bowling Green."

CF.C: Who are you hearing from/talking to most out of all the schools?
Sankey: "It's still WSU."

CF.C: Do you have any plans to head down and take another unofficial visit to WSU?
Sankey: "I'm probably going down for their spring game (April 24). I haven't had a chance to get down there in a while because I've been busy with track. I talked to a bunch of them, coach (Todd) Sturdy, coach (Paul) Wulff. Coach Sturdy when I was down there said he wants me to be the leader of this class and that it's important to get me down there a lot."

CF.C: What are your thoughts on that, what Sturdy said.
Sankey: "I'm excited about it. I'm definitely going to go down there, and I'm excited to watch spring practice this year."

CF.C: How is track going, what events are you competing in and how have you done?
Sankey: "The 100, 200, 4x1 and 4x4. I've done pretty good. I haven't 'PR'd' (personal record) but I've done pretty good. This year, so far, my best in the 100 is an 11.2."

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