Newsline: How nasty is Wade Jacobson?

JIM MOORE, THE once-in-a-while columnist and the forever more Go 2 Guy of the, is always on the lookout for a quirky angle on a story. Let others talk to the star quarterbacks. He wants to chat with the off-beat 300 pounder. And so it was a perfect match when he caught up with Wade Jacobson, the colorful and tough-as-nails new left tackle for Paul Wulff's Cougars.

"I started three or four fights (in spring ball) and one during the spring game," Jacobson said with a big smile in his recent interview with Moore. "That was pretty fun. It was Mom's Weekend and my mom was there. She was laughing. She knew it was me (being me)."

The story only gets better from there. Here's the link to read it all at the Seattle PI:
New WSU lineman hoping to stir things up

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