Moos on possible Pac10 expansion; UO Seattle?

WSU ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Bill Moos calls himself " a traditionalist." When CF.C recently asked him about expansion talks in the Pac-10, Moos made it clear that he didn't believe "at first glance" that expansion was in the "best interest" of WSU or the Pac-10 as a whole. Mind you, Moos also said he could be swayed if expansion would produce "a heck of a lot" more money for Pac-10 schools.

That's why, when Moos was contacted at the Pac-10 meetings in San Francisco on Friday by CF.C, he said he's now "all ears" when it comes to expansion.

Moos cautioned that "there have been no offers" and that "the status quo is not all that bad." However, Moos said a report that the Pac-10 may invite six Big 12 teams to join the league -- or any other expansion plan that would generate significantly more income for WSU -- definitely interests him.

"It would depend on what the projected income could be," Moos said by phone. "You start talking 20 to 22 million, I'm going to be all ears."

According to published reports, Big 10 schools each rake in more than $20 million a year from their own conference television network. The Pac-10 has been studying the feasibility of forming their own TV network.

According to a report on, a fan site covering the University of Texas, the Pac-10 has expressed interest in possibly adding current Big 12 members Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado.

The six Big 12 schools would be placed in a division with Arizona and Arizona State, the report said. The Washington, Oregon and California schools would form another eight-team division. cited "multiple sources close to the situation." Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn told the Boulder (Colo.) Daily Camera newspaper there is "some validity" to the report.

In a statement, Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said, "We have not determined any definite plans. We have not extended any invitations for expansion and we do not anticipate any such discussions in the near term."

Moos said he expects expansion talks to remain a hot topic at the Pac-10 meetings, which run through Sunday.

MOOS HOLDS PLENTY of warm memories from his days as athletic director at Oregon -- and he's convinced that an annual Qwest Field football game in Seattle matching his current and former schools would provide plenty of warm memories for Cougar and Duck fans.

"Oh yeah," Moos said when contacted by phone Friday at the Pacific-10 Conference meetings in San Francisco. "I think a battle in Seattle would be a fabulous draw for our fans and their fans."

Moos said he has not begun negotiations with Oregon "because they don't have a permanent AD. I'm just waiting for that."

Jim Sterk, Moos' predecessor at WSU, tried to arrange an Oregon-WSU game at Qwest this season. Oregon State was also discussed.

When plans fell through, the Cougars decided to drop their "annual home game" at Qwest this season. UNLV is set to play the Cougars at Qwest in 2011.

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