In-state TE/DE offered by Wulff

WASHINGTON STATE CANVASSED the Evergreen State during the recently concluded May Evaluation period -- looking at tape, talking with prep coaches, watching spring workouts and also bringing film back to Pullman for Paul Wulff to look over. And upon looking at one of those tapes, Wulff has offered a scholie to a rising TE/DE from the Eastside with athleticism and speed to burn.

The Cougs were at Kirkland's Juanita High this May to watch Jarett Finau (6-3.5, 232, 4.65) in spring workouts.

"And I guess watching my film they were really impressed with my athleticism. I've been blessed with a very versatile body, I guess, and that's what intrigued them the most. I guess they just liked that enough to offer me," said Finau.

Finau, in addition to Washington State, holds offers from Arizona and Utah State with a number of other schools showing varying shades of interest.

"I'm honored to get a scholarship (offer) from WSU. A lot of other coaches have been asking if I have a college of preference and I've never really had a favorite college or even a college I really want to go for -- just see where the opportunity lies. Wazzu seems like a great program for me. I've been to Pullman before and I like the area and surroundings," said Finau.

But Finau also said he might well end up heading beyond the Evergreen State boundaries for college.

"I have a streak of independence in me I guess. I don't know if it's just me saying it now, but I might prefer to go to an out of state college actually... My parents are letting me make the choice and choose for myself," he said.

THE KEY CONSIDERATION for Finau in making his decision?

"The biggest thing that will help me choose is actually my mission because I'm LDS. Whatever program will honor me going on my mission would be great, I guess they'd be on the top of my list...I've been looking at other players before me who have scholarships and have gone on missions, and I heard the best approach to it was to go after my freshman season," said Finau.

WHETHER FINAU PLAYS offense or defense at the next level remains to be seen, with tight end and d-end the two positions most mentioned by college recruiters, he said.

"In talking with the (WSU) coaches, they haven't really given a direct distinction on whether they'd want me on the defensive or offensive side of the ball...I actually prefer to play tight end, but whatever gets me on the field," said Finau.

FINAU IS TRYING to figure out if he'll be able to make it over to Washington State's summer youth camp later this month, as well as Jason Gesser's Northwest Elite Football Camp on Friday. The UW has asked him to come to one of their camp events on the 13th and to line up as a tight end, and then to come again on the 21st and participate as a d-end. One school camp he will attend is Oregon State's, as Juanita camps there as a team. He also plans on participating in the All-Poly camp in Utah and the NIKE combine in Salt Lake City.

"But right now we're not really sure and are contemplating which (school) camps we're going to be able to go to," he said.

Finau said he's hearing most from Washington State, BYU, Oregon State, UW and Boise State. With Oregon State, when Juanita goes down to camp in Corvallis, he'll see a familiar face.

"I got to work with their tight ends coach actually, at the NIKE camp at Oregon State, he was one of the volunteers over there," said Finau. "And I've been keeping in touch with their tight ends coach...I've kept in pretty good contact with him.

"They said they want to get to know me and are just really wanting to see my ability up front...They're just interested and want to work with me more at their camp."

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