NEWSLINE: The Pac-16 goes down in flames

RICK TELANDER, the old Northwestern defensive back who went on to reporting stardom at Sports Illustrated and, for the last 15 years, at the Chicago Sun-Times, mourns the loss of 2,000-mile road trips between Pullman and Austin.

The high drama and high stakes of the recent musical has been a hideous reminder that everything in this nation -- including our reputation and integrity and our young people -- is for sale, he writes. Telander's new column in the Sun-Times leads off our round-up of some of the most interesting articles and columns around the nation since Texas sucker-punched Larry Scott and decided to stay in the Big 12 (actually now 10) after all.

From Greg Johns at the Seattle PI: Pac-10 adding Utah as a fallback seems silly

From Dave Curtis at The Sporting News: Examining the fallout

From Bud Withers at the Seattle Times: So, Utah, may we have this dance?

John Henderson of the Denver Post has a piece that says Texas at the 11th hour changed things up with sudden demands for additional TV revenue.

From Jerry Brewer at the Seattle Times: RIP Pac-16

From Steve Wieberg at USA Today: Pac-10 needs new plan

From Channel 4 in Denver: Former Idaho AD Mike Bohn, the main man at Colorado explains Buff move to Pac-10

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