Marshall Lobbestael's Diary: Week Three

PULLMAN -- Hey Cougs! Thanks for reading our diaries and for all the questions. I'll take a couple specific questions, ones that I can give you the most info on. Of them all, this topic was one of the most common: 'Paul Wulff said the expectation for James Montgomery was 100 percent ready to participate in all things on July 1. How is he doing?' Well, here's what's going on there..

James Montgomery has been here all summer with us, working non-stop to get ready for the season. He's one of the hardest working guys on the team.

When you are injured, you have to not only do the regular workout, but then your rehab is an entirely different routine.

James has been relentless in both so far, and is looking like his old self every day.

BY THE WAY, Kooey (Kevin Kooyman) filled you guys in on Sunday's big plays from 7-on-7 but just to add my two cents -- it was great to compete against some other guys and also to have our big guys who weren't participating out there watching and supporting us.

We're hoping to keep doing something like that for the remaining weekends of our summer workouts.

BigCat97's question: With the undesired off-field issues of last summer, do you sense the players on the current squad - in unison with the coaching staff - are on the same page with their obligations to the WSU faithful and their teammates/coaches, understanding scholarships are earned not given?

Great question BigCat97, and thanks for asking. Anytime something off the field happens, it is definitely unfortunate for WSU football and the Cougar faithful, but as a team we hold each other very accountable for on- and off-the-field issues. This accountability is something that has improved dramatically from the past couple of years and it is something players and coaches are always working together on.

Because we handle issues within our team I won't go into details, but the understanding that scholarships are a privilege and an opportunity is something that our coaching staff has made very clear to us.

NOW, TO STEAL a question posed on Kevin's diary, ohhmalley asked: "Where was the improvement most evident from last year's 7-on-7's?"

First off, the WSU defense played very well Sunday -- from an offensive player's perspective they were flying around, playing very fast and putting forth great effort.

And Kev can probably do a little better job answering that better on behalf of the defense, but I thought I would answer from an offensive perspective. Our comfort level running our offense has greatly improved since last year's 7-on-7s.

That answer may seem a bit general, but the hard work and repetitions we did during June really paid off for us, allowing us to have a much better feel for our system.

Guys are more confident running routes, our tempo is faster, we're able to run more of our plays and as far as the first weekend vs. years past, we're getting in the end zone more.

SINCE MY LAST diary was a couple weeks back, I think an update on some of our new freshmen is very necessary..

To start with, Connor Halliday, our freshman QB, is looking very impressive.

He needs a little more meat on his bones, but this guy has got a great release and a great feel for the game.

He's let loose multiple throws that had me pumped up and got the rest of the team hootin' and hollerin'. It will be fun to watch what he can do as he continues to learn our offense.

At receiver, Marquess Wilson and Kristoff Williams have turned in some explosive plays -- they're proving that they can definitely make plays at this level.

And I can't wait to keep on getting more and more reps with Blair Bomber.

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Cougar quarterback Marshall Lobbestael hails from Oak Harbor, Wash. where he was named the 2006 state Class 4A Player of the Year by the Associated Press and Seattle Times after leading Oak Harbor to its first-ever state championship game. During his Cougar career, he has earned a Pac-10 offensive player weekly award and has started six games, while playing in 14. Back healthy now following a knee injury that ended his '08 season, he has passed for 1,226 yards with seven touchdowns.

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