Jake Locker Quotes - Syracuse

Two of his teammates got the headlines after Washington's 41-20 win over Syracuse, but Jake Locker was solid most of the day, completing 22 of 33 for 289 yards and four touchdowns. Here's what the senior signal-caller had to say about the win as well as his thoughts on the rest of the offense...

On what was working this Sat as opposed to last: "I think third down, if you look at the third down conversions in the second half, we kept drives moving. We were able to convert on third and short, which I don't think we did at all in the second half last week and third downs that we should've converted we did."

On Jermaine Kearse: "For Jermaine, the big thing was the run after the catch today. He made a lot of things happen once the ball got into his hands. It was easy for me, I threw a couple of little ten yard passes and him, along with the guys out there with him. DA threw a huge block on his one run and then on the swing pass there he had blocks from DA and Deandre and I think when those guys are playing very unselfishly. They're playing for each other and they're playing for this football team and that showed tonight."

On not panicking down 10-0: "I was really proud of the football team overall. Probably not how we wanted to start the game, but I thought there were some miscues that we'll get cleaned up but I thought for the most part the guys did a good job of just hanging in there, weathering the storm and then making things happened after that, finding a way to get ahead going into halftime and then coming into the second half with the petal to the metal."

On Kearse's growth: "I think he expects a lot out of himself. You could see that in the way he played tonight and I think he was a little frustrated with his performance last week. He's got a confidence in himself and it showed tonight and I thought the whole receiving corps, not just catching the ball and getting open in the pass game, but blocking the in run and pass game but I thought as a unit they played pretty well."

On short passing game: "They were pressuring every team and we knew that we were going to have to get the ball out quick and find ways to make plays when the guys had the ball in their hands and that's what we were able to do."

On hand, when it happened: "It's fine, just bruised."

On the big play to start second half: "We went in, finishing the half the way we did, with the fumble to allow them not to have the opportunity for a field goal and tie it up and to come out first play of the second half and score on a 60 yard touchdown. I think that really involves the crowd which is a huge thing at Husky Stadium. This place was rocking, man, and I think plays like that in situations like that are what allow them to be really really involved in the game and create an atmosphere that's difficult to play in."

On converting long second downs and third downs: "Not only on offense but your defense as well, that was our first set of plays in that series and to be able to move the ball on a backed up, overcome a penalty and get a first down, keep your defense off the field for at least three more plays and allow yourself to change field position I think is a huge thing."

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