Trip Report - Kentrell Brothers

One of the main reasons Kentrell Brothers wanted to take visits to some of his favorite colleges was to get a feel for the game day atmosphere on and around campus. He literally felt it - and then some - when Washington defeated Syracuse Saturday 41-20. spoke with Brothers Monday night to find out about his official visit to UW. "It went really well," Brothers said. "I really enjoyed the coaches. They were laid-back. They told me once I got there it wasn't so much as them recruiting me, but me seeing what they are like around their regular players."

Jordan Wallace, Victor Aiyewa and Keith Price were players Brothers mentioned as the ones he hung out with the most. "They said that they enjoyed being up there the day they got there," he said. "Jordan said that it was a pretty good place; the water is nice and the weather isn't always bad and the coaches up there are pretty cool. They all told me they enjoy it a lot."

The 6-foot-1, 215-pound Brothers went up to Seattle at the end of June for a UW football camp, but by his own admission his second trip to the Emerald City was better. "The first time I didn't get to see too much of the campus," he said. "The second time I saw the whole campus, and it's a pretty cool-looking campus. I really liked it."

The highlight of Brothers' trip was checking out Husky Stadium and UW's three-touchdown win. "Witnessing the game time atmosphere, when the crowd got to their full-game roar, you could actually feel the stadium shaking," he said. "It was crazy."

It's not often Washington goes to the midwest to find athletes, but there's something about Brothers' game that appeals. The UW coaches offered the Guthrie, Okla. athlete back in April and have been in hot pursuit ever since. "They told me that they really, really like me as a player and they really want me there," he said. "They need playmakers and I do make a lot of plays for my school. But they didn't try to recruit me because they wanted me to be the recruiter."

The Huskies like Brothers at tailback, fullback, receiver on offense, but also at the WIL position on defense. Brothers doesn't have a preference. "I really don't care, as long as I can play," he said.

Brothers took his first official visit to Arizona State last week. How did his Washington trip compare to the Sun Devils? "It was kind of the same," he said. "There wasn't too much difference. They were both really, really good trips and I enjoyed both of them."

Out of a scale from 1 to 10, Brothers gave his UW trip a 7.5. "Maybe a little more time with the coaches would have been better," he admitted. "I understand they do have to do their coaching."

While Brothers does not have any other official visits set up, he also doesn't have any deadline to make his final decision. "It could come at any moment. I don't really have a set date. If I happen to like a school a lot…"

Did he ever have those feelings while on his UW visit? "No, because I know I have a lot more places to see, and I want to make sure that school is the one I want to be at for the next four years of my life," Brothers added.

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