Player and Holt Quotes - Nebraska

Washington got man-handled Saturday by the Nebraska Cornhuskers to the tune of 56-21. What did the players and defensive coordinator Nick Holt had to say about the loss and what their focus will be heading into the bye week...

LB Mason Foster

On Taylor Martinez's ability: "All of them, every person on that offense was really good, well-coached, they had a great scheme and they took advantage when they had the opportunity for explosive plays. But we need to do better and take advantage of our opportunities and make plays when we have a chance."

On keeping track of the ball: "Keep your eyes on your keys. As coach says, 'if your eyes are right, you're right.' It was just tough; they had a lot of great athletes and put them in space against us. We just got to make our plays and take advantage of our opportunities. I think we're going to do better. We're going to keep pushing, get through this bye week, keep practicing hard, keep working hard and we're going to be alright."

On big play at second half being a backbreaker: "Not really, I feel like we can push through anything, we've been through a lot of things here at UW and everybody stayed positive, we just got to keep playing through stuff like that. I mean, they're great; they're going to make their plays. He's a great QB, really fast, he's going to bust one here and there, but we just got to get better."

On eyes wondering from gaps to watch them: "I feel like for most of the game, we did our job, we just got to get off the field on third downs, which is tough, they're a great team. They had a lot of great receivers but it's something you got to go and watch film, just get better, get ready for the PAC 10."

On thinking they were past having games like this: "Yeah, but at the same time, they're real explosive with their play calls. They had big plays here and there and we just got to do better. Coach prepared us well; I mean we knew what was going to happen. We just need to come and make our plays in the future. Come and make our plays."

On missing Cort Dennison: "It was definitely tough not having an experienced guy, older guy who makes a lot of plays for you, but at the same time, Garrett did a great job. He came in and filled in well for Cort, did his job. Good kid, played hard the whole game. This is a great experience for him, first start against Nebraska, so he's going to be better in the future because of that."

QB Jake Locker

On the opening interception: "It's not the way you want to start a game off."

On pressing in the game: "I felt really good about the gameplan and felt really comfortable when we got into the game and we just, for one reason or another, we weren't able to execute in the passing game today."

On Nebraska's defense and what they did to throw UW off: "They did a good job. That defensive scheme they have is really well-coached and well-executed and they're good athletes and they play good in space."

On what went wrong today: "I thought we moved the ball running the ball well, but we just couldn't get our passing game going."

On trying to make something happen: "I think it's natural anytime that you get in a situation where it's not working for you. I think you can ask a lot of guys and they would say they were trying to make stuff happens and a lot of times if you're able to you can turn the momentum of the game around, but we weren't able to today."

On his frustration: "I give credit to them. They did a good job and they are a very talented defense."

On if anything surprised them: "We'd seen (things) on film that they are known for and we just, like I said, there were a lot of factors that we weren't able to consistently move the ball passing the ball."

On his first interception: "It was technically double-coverage. The guy did a good job of running underneath and I should have seen it and got off to my secondary reads."

On if this is a defining game: "Not at all. It's one of our 13 this year. We didn't play as well as we wanted to in all three phases of the game and it will be nice to have a bye week to clean some of that stuff up and get started on our Pac 10 season.

DT Alameda Ta'amu

On Nebraska's offense: "It was a lot like Oregon. They have a nice offensive scheme. Sometimes you'd think the ball was here and then all of the sudden we'd see the quarterback running down the sidelines."

On what led to the long drives: "It seemed like there was a lot of confusion with their offense on where the ball was and where to line up and that caused a lot of problems."

On if he was surprised by anything: "It was surprising, but with that offense they had coming in rushing for over 320 yards a game and the quarterback is a 140 yard rusher and the running back is really good, so it didn't surprise us too much, they were just really good."

On the first two drives and how frustrated they are: "Coaches just talk about effort so we just keep going and things can happen and we're still fighting."

On where his mind is now: "Just going back and getting things cleaned up and getting better."

On the Nebraska offensive line: "They are a lot like Stanford's offensive line. They're big, they're husky and they're strong and they get after you. They are just strong guys. We had to bring our ‘A' game for this one."

On the week off with USC ahead: "Like coach (Steve Sarkisian) says his next snap is his last snap and we just have to keep pushing forward."

On the crowd: "The crowd was real loud. It was crazy because there were a lot of fans that were Nebraska fans so it was loud for them and it was loud for us."

On Nebraska's false-start penalties: "When we were on defense it was real good because they couldn't get their stuff on the sidelines, but like coach Sark says, the crowd doesn't win games…that's on us."

CB Desmond Trufant

On the toughest part of defending Nebraska's offense: "Nebraska runs a midline option, so they let some of the defensive linemen go through and then they read our defensive alignment. It's confusing to the front seven and because their quarterback is elusive, we had to account for him just as much as the running backs."

On keys for the bye week: "I think we just need to work on doing things right consistently. We have been doing things right for one or two plays, but then we give up a big play on third down. We just have to do things consistently. I think the effort was there today, but we were just too inconsistent."

S Nate Fellner

On Nebraska racking up so many yards: "We don't ever want to give them any points, it was disappointed."

His assessment on what happened defensively: "They took advantage of missed tackles and that's what they do. They put their athletes in space and if you miss a tackle it's pretty much they're gone." On matching up physically: "I feel like we didn't know what they were doing. Sometimes people were out of place, and we didn't handle our tackling as good as we should have on defense."

On fumble recovery: "I thought we were back in it. We scored a TD and then you know, they get right back on offense and two plays later, they get the big play again. It was just that we couldn't limit their big plays and that's something we tried to practice on and saw on their film and we prepared for it and we just couldn't get it done."

Defensive Coordinator Nick Holt

On tackling being a key: "We did not tackle very well as you saw there this afternoon. That disappointed me really because I thought we were doing a pretty good job with that for the first two games and that disappoints me. A couple long runs, that's too bad. First play of the second half, I liked some of the things we were doing, it's just we got outrun on the edge and lost some of the force principles. Give them some credit. Number 10 played really well I thought, he ran is butt off. And obviously the QB, when he had his chances, and got outside, you know, he's fast and we didn't catch him. So, I'm disappointed. I didn't get the guys ready to play, especially our inside guys. I thought our d-line got shoved around a little bit. A little bit more than I thought they would, so we have to go back to the drawing board and get back and get ready for the PAC 10 conference. But I'm disappointed in myself for not getting the kids a little more physically and mentally ready to go so I'll take the hit on this one."

On Garrett Gilliland starting for Cort Dennison: "I think Garrett did a really solid job. I'll have to look at the film, but he wasn't the one giving up all the big, big runs and stuff like that, so obviously he had some mistakes as young guys do, but I don't think it was him. Obviously, would've loved to have Cort, but I think in the long run this is going to make us better. Get some backup for Cort. I thought Garrett Gilliland for the most part probably played a heck of a game for his first time out, against a hard offense."

Whether it was scheme versus physicality: "You know, you go out there and the first play of the game, we go out there for a turnover and they run a pass that we've been kinda working on and we just didn't have our eyes on the right place. That was the first play of the game and they get that big pass and the next play they score and then the next time they go down and we miss a tackle on the pass and they get right down there in great field position and end up scoring, so it's 14-0 before we even get in the flow of the game. And then we start playing and start doing some good things. But then the last series of the second quarter, where they just say ‘hey, we don't wasn't to get our QB hit anymore' and they started giving the read option inside and we started getting pushed around and that was really concerning. Really, they did a bunch of stuff we worked on and we just didn't play it very well. So, we gotta go back and make sure we got the right guys in the right places."

On timing of early passes: "Momentum plays. Actually the first snap from scrimmage, they run a little lead outta shotgun and we're out of our gaps in our pressure and really we should've knocked the heck out of that play but a couple of our d-lineman went a little too high, not getting down in their gaps and that's why they got that run and the next play was that pass and then they scored the next play. It's stuff that's all correctable. We just get back this week and watch the film and work on it."

On when he knew Cort was out for sure: "Friday morning, I guess, when he didn't pass his test. When a guy gets dinged up like that, you don't expect the doctors to clear him that quickly. On Thursday morning when we found out that he didn't feel good, we were expecting the worst."

What happened to Cort: "I think what happened was on Wednesday afternoon, he hit his head and started vomiting after practice and thought he had the flu and stuff like that. But then it became he had a little concussion, and you don't mess with that. And we'll be a better defense in the long run for that. It created some opportunities for some other guys."

On timing of bye week: "I think it's going to be good for some of our young guys to get another week of practice so that they're ready for PAC 10. Guys like Sean Parker, Haoli Jamora, Greg Ducre, and then Garrett and some of these other young guys. So they're going to get a ton of reps because it's a long season and we're going to need these guys. So I think it comes at a good time right now."

On respect level for Nebraska: "It's the same. There are two long runs of about 80 yards. All of a sudden we're actually doing a decent job going into halftime, the QB doesn't have much yards at all and then, all of the sudden, the first play of the second half, they go for 80. And that's why they got 300 yards and stuff like that. It's a hard offense, but we didn't do a very good job."

On the defensive call against the long touchdown coming out of halftime: "That's one of our base calls and we weren't where we were supposed to be on the edge. I was a little disappointed, late in the second quarter, I thought we got kinda pushed around on the inside and I wasn't real happy and I got after the defense a little bit because they were in two tights, one back, 12 personnel and they were simple. They said, ‘hey come stop us,' and we didn't."

DT Cameron Elisara

On the way the game went: "I didn't think it was going to be such a one-sided game. But I'll give the credit to Nebraska, they came out hard and it's up to us to look at the film and see where we went wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again."

On Nebraska just being better: "I wouldn't say that at all. I'd just say that they ahd a lot of energy coming out and it took a little while for us to find ourselves. And we'd find ourselves and then we'd lose ourselves again. I think it's just a matter of maintaining our composure throughout the game and maintaining the level of energy that we're supposed to play with. But they did a good job of maintaining a high energy level throughout the game."

On being ready for early passes: "I didn't think that it really threw us for a curve or anything. I think we did a good job against them for the most part. That was early on in the game, I'd have to look at it again, but I felt good against the pass rush against their offensive line. I don't think that was too much of a factor."

On lack of intensity: "I'm not sure, I think it's just a matter of us just keeping our heads up once something big happens. They got a few big plays off and I think it's just a matter of usbeing able to keep our heads up after they get a big play and being able to move onto the next play and learn from the mistakes and why that big play got out."

On looking forward to the bye: "A bye's going to be good for a lotta guys that have little injuries here and there. I think it's going to be a big work week. It's not going to be a week off for us, it's a week where we're going to have to get better. Coming off of a loss, this isn't going to be a week to relax. It will be good to rest some wounds over the weekend, having this weekend off coming up, but we're going to be on the grind this whole week."

On a loss like this amidst the high expectations for the season: "It's hard because you never want to have a crushing loss like this, losing by quite a bit. But, once again it's our ability to just move on from that and see how we bounce back next week. Like what coach said, this is all non-conference. Preseason is over, we still have the whole season ahead of us. All PAC 10 games. We gotta to down to SC with a lot of energy and start hard in the PAC 10."

On expectations in the preseason: "I didn't really look too far ahead. I usually just look at it one game at a time. I don't even know who we play the next 2, 3 weeks because I just think about the next game that's coming up and I think the whole team is like that. It's not a matter of thinking ahead, it's just a matter of reflecting after it's happened. I think that everybody's gotta do a good job after the preseason seeing where we are and where we need to improve and I think we're going to make our strides from there."

On the psyche of the team: "The locker room is hungry. At this point, with how it's gone so far, we're hungry. We're not giving up. We want to see where we went wrong. We're still looking at the Rose Bowl. We still want to make it to the Rose Bowl, we're still going to fight for that, that's still our goal, so we're going to do all we can to get there." Top Stories