Trip Report - Dontae Levingston

One of the four prospects on campus this weekend put in a call to while he was waiting to board his flight back to Los Angeles and updated us on his official visit to Washington as well as his thoughts on the crowd at Husky Stadium on Saturday...

"It was a good visit, a great visit," Levingston told "Sean Parker was my host and me and him are cool with each other. We are friends from way back, so he was my host and he spent a lot of time just talking to me for a while about things and telling me the good things and bad things about the program and kept it real with me.

"He said it's a great place to go and he wouldn't have chosen another place over Washington and that means a lot to me because I really want to know the the program is really like and not just get sold by the coaches."

Levingston said while he was sorry the Huskies were handled on the field by the Nebraska Cornhuskers, he was impressed with the fans as well as the offense Washington runs.

"I was sitting in the stands and was like 'man, it's so loud, someone call a timeout so my ears can stop ringing'," Levingston said with a chuckle. "It was so loud and the fans were really into it while they were still in the game. I liked the energy and you can see how seriously they take their football there."

Levingston also acknowledged his adoration for Seattle's weather.

"Actually this is my kind of weather," Levingston said. "I like the cool breezes and the rainy weather. It's perfect for a guy like me and with the offense they run, I really think we could dominate if I decided to go there.

"They are starting a lot of young players and that's encouraging because they have such a young team and I think they are building things to be great real soon."

Levingston will visit SMU in two weeks (Sept. 24th) and Oregon on October 1st and then said he plans to sit down with his family to make a decision.

"I'm not close to committing right now," Levingston said. "I want to see those other schools and compare them with Washington, but (Washington) is definitely up there for me and a school that will be in it until the end."

We'll check back with Levingston in the near future to find out where things stand as he gets closer to making his decision.

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