Trip Report - Jernard Jarreau spoke Monday night with Jernard Jarreau, and he talked about why a 6-foot-10, 200-pound forward would want to travel over 2000 miles from the Bayou to the Emerald City for an official visit to the University of Washington. As it turns out, what Jarreau brings to the basketball court might just be what the Huskies are looking for - a big man with length and the skill set of a guard.

"I've had high interest in Washington and think it's a good basketball program and a good university as well," Jarreau said when asked about the reasons for the official visit to Seattle this past weekend. "I just wanted to go out there and check it out and then come back to my family and let 'em know how it was. To me, it was real nice. I really liked it."

And on a scale from 1 to 10? "I'd say 10, no doubt," he added. "I liked communicating with all the players and all the coaches. It was nice. I met some of the important people on campus, like the President and the Athletic Director and the strength coach. I liked the whole trip."

The New Orleans native said he got the thumbs up from the current Huskies that he spoke with on his visit. "They said that (Washington Head) coach (Lorenzo) Romar is a good man," Jarreau recounted. "He takes care of them and they compete at the high-major level, and that's what I like."

Jarreau also wanted to find out how much academic help there was, and he got those questions answered. "I saw that everyone there is supported and they help their athletes a lot, and that's important to me, especially if I go there four years," he said.

While it sounds like UW might be a good fit for Jarreau, why does Jarreau think he would be a good fit for this current group of Hoop Dawgs? "They get up and run the court really well, and that fits my game - just getting up the court and running, starting from the defensive end," he said. "And they like long, athletic guys. They said I would be a perfect fit for them."

Jarreau has grown six inches since he started high school. "When I was 6-3, my freshman year, I was handling the ball like a guard," he said. "As I started getting taller, I just continued doing the same thing, and I think I have an advantage over some people. I think that really helped my game out a lot."

It was important to Jarreau to get home and give his account of his official visit to Washington. "I sat down and talked to all of them, told them how it was," he said. "They asked me some questions. It's important for them to know that I feel comfortable, and I think I felt comfortable with everybody that I met."

From his recollection, Jarreau has standing offers from Virginia Commonwealth, Washington, George Mason, Tulsa, Tulsa and Murray State. He officially visited VCU at the end of August, and told that he's not going to take any more official visits. "It's between VCU and Washington," he said. "They are pretty even for me. I have about a week to come down to my decision."

So whatever choice Jarreau makes, he'll be leaving home. "I'll miss my family, but at the same time they know what I'm trying to do and I know what I'm trying to do," he said. "So distance doesn't matter."

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