Garnett talks recruiting

Last weekend's game against Nebraska was both forgettable and unforgettable for Washington fans but for one young man in the stands, notably Puyallup (Wa.) OL Josh Garnett, it was good chance for him to see what the Dawgs are doing along the offensive line and he spoke Tuesday evening with about several subjects including what he brings to the table as an offensive lineman...

"I went up to watch the game and it was a good visit," Garnett told shortly after finishing up practice. "I know the outcome wasn't good, but I really paid attention to how the offensive line played and I just think Washington wasn't as physical as they needed to be in order to be successful.

"Those are some big, corn-fed boys that Nebraska rolls out there and I thought they smacked Washington in the mouth and the Huskies really weren't able to match that."

Garnett said sitting the stands, he was able to picture what it would be like to be out on the field and what he would have brought to the equation.

"One thing I take pride in is my physical nature," Garnett said. "My dad always preaches to me to play until the whistle or even to the 'echo of the whistle' as he likes to say. He said to play every snap like it's your last one and that's the mentality I bring into the game.

"That's a big reason I like coach (Dan) Cozzetto too because he's a no-nonsense, no BS kind of a guy. He will tell you how it is and what he expects. I really appreciate that about him and I really like what they are building up there.

"They just need a few more pieces and you can really see how they are building for the future, even if they didn't play that well against Nebraska."

On the recruiting front, Garnett claims verbal offers from UCLA, Washington State and Washington and said school from all over, including the rest of the Pac 10 as well as who's who of Top 25 schools have been sending him things.

"Alabama, LSU, Texas, Oklahoma and a bunch of those types of schools have been writing me," Garnett said. "I'm just taking it all in and letting the process come to me.

"I'm going to wait until my senior season is over before I really decide on something like that. I don't want anything getting in the way of my senior year and I want to make sure I'm focused on the right things and where I'm at at that time.

"The fact that my dad was a player at Washington definitely helps them just because he talks about he program and it's history a lot and what it was like for him being there. Washington is the closest big school too me so, they are a program I know inside and out and they are obviously one of my favorites, but it will be a long time before I am close to making a decision like that."

Up until this season, Garnett's team was a run-first squad that focused on field position and ball-control, but now he's playing for a new coach that loves a wide-open attack and that's allowed him to work on his pass-blocking and footwork.

"Our coaches don't really worry about running a certain amount, but we still run it," Garnett said. "I feel like our offense though has really given us a chance to win games and we almost pulled that one out against GK (Graham-Kapowsin) last week. We had our chances, but when you play a really good team like that you can't let those chances slip through your fingers and we did so we ended up losing."

This weekend Garnett and the rest of his teammates will play host to Kentwood on Thursday night.

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