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After a much-needed BYE week, Washington (1-2) gets back on the saddle, so to speak, and back into familiar territory - at least for Head Coach Steve Sarkisian. This will be Sarkisian's first return to Troy since leaving USC nearly two years ago. After the Huskies' 16-13 upset of the then No.3 Trojans in Seattle last year, does USC have something special cooking for Sark and company?

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Marlion Barnett Wednesday Quotes

With help from the TNT's Todd Milles:

Getting more involved in passing game: I definitely feel like since camp and stuff like that, as I began to develop, I started to get my number called more. Our coaches' philosophy is do things right.

Pass-catcher: They always wanted me to be a real well-rounded tight end as possible. They knew I could run, they knew I could catch a little bit but they did want me to focus on blocking, too. But when the ball did get passed my way, they expect me to catch it.

Excitement level: I'm extremely excited. Every chance I get on the field, I'm excited and ready to make a big play.

Biggest lesson from redshirt season: Learning how to get used to playing college football – the grind, the physical blocking aspect. I was on scout team versus Daniel Te'o-Nesheim every day. That woke me up to a lot of stuff. It's the whole physicality and you have to do everything right, day in and day out.;

Weight: They definitely do, and I do as well. They understand I'm pretty young, so they want to gradually put it on. I want to put it on, that is why I lift three days a week whereas some guys do it two (days). I'm really glad to have that opportunity to get bigger.

I got here at about 215 or 216. Now i weighed in Monday at 225. At the end of the season, want to be 230 or 235. I don't see myself at 250, probably like at 240 because I want to be even faster than I am now. I want to keep my same speed, same agility but still be heavier so I can contribute more in the blocking game.

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Doug Nussmeier Wednesday Quotes

On being familiar with USC: "We're just excited to play football again. Biggest thing, we had to sit around for two weeks and now it's time to go again. Our kids are excited. We're excited. It's going to be a great opportunity for us."

On having a bad taste from Nebraska loss: "We were looking for a doubleheader. We couldn't find one. It's awful. It's a hard, hard feeling. It's a gut-wrenching couple of days there. There's nothing you can do about it. It's over with. You've got to move forward. You pick yourself up, you dust yourself off and you get ready. This is a great opportunity for us."

On the bye week Saturday: "Watched a lot of football. There is some good football teams out there. A lot of times, we become so focused on who we are, and who we're playing, you don't see a lot of what's going on around you. It's good to watch other people play."

On what he saw from the Pac-10: "I think it's a very, very good football conference. Everybody is made a point of that. It's a deep, deep conference."

On how USC is different with Kiffin: "They still have got phenomenal, phenomenal football players. They are as good and talented as any defense we're going to see all year. Their front four is exceptional. They've got great team speed. Schematically, they're a lot like what they were – very, very well-coached. Fast, and big and a great challenge for us."

On new blocking zone: "You try and use it to your advantage, but you've got to be careful because now you're getting to a fine line. You sure don't want a big play to come back on an interpretation of where the box was left after 3 years. We use it as close as we can to our advantage, but you've got to be cognizant of it. It's just like when you're shifting in motion, make sure you're set. You don't want to give them a chance to throw a penalty flag on you. You've got to be very careful because it's an interpretation rule, you know."

On what penalty would get called in that case: "You've got ineligible receiver downfield."

On the blocking-zone rule for 2010: "The rules, they're always evolving. So you're always trying to stay up to date with what's happening, because they are changing. You're constantly seeing obviously a big emphasis on player safety. We try and stay up with it as well as we can."

On the rationale of the new rule: "I don't know, really – maybe to try and lessen the chance the call right on the line of scrimmage. Are they selling the run and throwing a play-action pass or they really have guys downfield?"

On Jake bouncing back - "Great. I think everybody that's part of this football team and this community and this university…we have to bounce back. We all had to get up and dust ourselves off. It obviously wasn't the outcome we were anticipating or looking for. Like I said, we all wish we could keep our uniforms on and our coaching pants and restarted the game, but that's not the way it goes. You have to get over it and move forward. We've had two weeks of preparation and we're looking forward to Saturday."

On identifying the hop in Jake's footwork - "Every player has a different style of play and that's always something and it's been something we've worked with with Jake for a while. He's such a good athlete that his feet get moving so fast at times, so part of the way to slow himself down is to actually elevate. So we've spent time working on it and he continues to improve on it. Like every player, your fundamentals at times - especially when you play against really good players - you start to lose fundamentals. As a coach your biggest job is to try and identify that and get him back to the basics."

On if he saw it during other games this year - "No."

On what he does if he sees fundamentals breaking down during a game - "That's why you practice. You practice to get your technique right, and when you go and play, you play. Your preparation is what you do to set yourself free so when you get to Saturday, you just go play. There's a fine line there between over-coaching a player during the game and wanting things to be right technique-wise."

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Steve Sarkisian Wednesday Quotes

On Victor Aiyewa - "He hurt his finger. We think it might be a dislocation. I don't know, they sent him out for x-rays. Not that it's not serious…but it's not serious. He'll be fine. He's got nine other ones. He'll be OK. I would be shocked if he couldn't play."

On Johri Fogerson - "He just didn't rebound very well, so he'll be out Saturday."

On using Dan Kanczugowski playing more at right tackle - "We're just…what happens a lot of times is, when all you do is go with the twos, go with the twos…you can kind of get stuck going with the twos. We're always just trying to stay prepared, and so we've given him some looks with the ones just in case. He's our third tackle now with (Erik) Kohler going inside, so we wanted to give him some reps with the ones, give him a full-speed look."

On playing 'Tribute to Troy' 108 times during practice - "That's all? I tried to turn it up today, but something was wrong with our speakers. I think Jared (Blank) might not want to turn it up very loud. I think he's tired of it. I've learned to love being miserable, and sometimes when you hear a song over and over it can make you miserable, and I kind of enjoy it now."

On maybe playing 'Conquest' or some other USC hits - "Yeah, but they just have a tendency to play that one (Tribute to Troy) a lot."

On Kiffin's comment that UW has an advantage because Sark knows USC's players - "Ok, yeah. We know their players. Obviously I recruited the majority of them…Nick and I…we know them. But ultimately they have a game plan and they are putting their players in positions to do the things they do well or not in the position where they don't do well. I don't know how much of an advantage it really is."

On Nate Fellner getting more reps than Will Shamburger - "Nate's playing well right now. By no means are we giving up on Will Shamburger. I just think that Nate is deserving of more playing time."

On Justin Glenn coming back - "He is. Justin has done a nice job, he's done a nice job on special teams. He's earning his way up, definitely. He looks a lot healthier to me. His movement, his sudden-ness is better. I think his own belief in his leg is better, too. Sometimes when you have an injury of that magnitude you're a little more hesitant as you're coming back, but he's showing the belief in his leg that it's strong enough to handle it."

On Taz Stevenson moving back to defense - "Yeah, we're getting him back over there now. The good thing for Taz is that he has the ability to one, he's on special teams. Two, if need be on offense he can come in and carry the ball. And then three, he can go play safety and go play the middle third and do those things. So he's really valuable to us in that aspect."

On kick cover team - "We spent a lot of time on it. It feels good, but that's one of those things where you really don't know until the bullets are flying. But it feels like E (Erik Folk) is striking the ball a lot better and we've covering better."

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Quick Wednesday Injury Notes

Victor Aiyewa looked to have dislocated a finger early in Wednesday's practice, according to Sark.  They'll know more about the extent of the injury Thursday, but he said he would be shocked if VA couldn't go against USC.  "He'll be OK, he's got nine other ones (fingers)," Sark said.

Sark did confirm, however, that RB Johri Fogerson will miss the USC game with a nagging hamstring injury.  


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Quick Tuesday Practice Notes

Probably the biggest note to come out of Tuesday's two-hour pads practice was the change in the rotation with the defensive linemen.  Everette Thompson, who played mostly inside last year, and also had a pretty strong game against USC in 2009, was working inside, while Cameron Elisara - who worked outside a lot in the spring while players like Thompson and Kalani Aldrich were getting healthy - played outside once again.  Look to Nick Holt's quotes about the rotation and why they are giving those guys looks at the different positions.

During the team period, Jake Locker was unofficially 8-10 for 91 yards, while Nick Montana was 3-5 for 16 yards.  Not sure exactly why Montana was working backup during the team scrimmage, considering he was wearing a No. 7 jersey - signifying his service work as 'Matt Barkley' for this week.  Keith Price was at practice and suited up, so we'll find out tomorrow from Sark why Montana was used.

Erik Folk was 4-6, with both misses coming from 48 yards.  The second kick looked to be good until it hit the right upright, and then bounced away.

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Tuesday Nick Holt Quotes

On what you can do during the bye week for physical team - "You need to get healthy which we were. We weren't banged up too bad. So, get back to fundamentals, quite honestly. Get back to good fundamentals, good hard work, good practices during the bye week. Get in the weight room, get fresh, and get our bodies feeling good again and come back with a nice fresh frame of mind, and I think we accomplished that last week and this week so far has been a good week."

On if it helps facing team you understand philosophically - "It helps because you know the scheme a little more than some of the other stuff. Sometimes it doesn't work out exactly the way you want theres always some new wrinkles people put in. But its not the option or things like that.

On what differences in WSU film - "Well, thats hard. They looked really good knocking guys off the ball and they were just kind of superior in talent last weekend. So hopefully we go down there and play our type of game and do really good at the line of scrimmage and compete. Thats the bottom line. We know them real well. They're physical up front, but no more physical than some of the other teams we play."

On if USC is a run or passing team - They're pretty balanced right now if you look at their statistics. But they do a nice job running the football. They get you committed to stopping the run and then they hit you with some bit play-action passes, and thats kind of what they like to do. They've got a quarterback who can throw the ball, and they've got some running backs who can run the ball, they've got a couple of nice wide-outs who can catch the ball. They've got a lot of weapons, and they've got some really nice things they do. You've got to do a nice job with your stuff and be in turn with all the stuff."

On what it was like coaching in your 30's - "I think you learn. As you get older you get a little wiser. You have all the answers when you're young. I think there are some things that young coaches like ourselves would do differently thats just the learning curve. I think both of these guys both the coaches have done a tremendous job so far from where they're coming from and where they're at right now and have done a nice job, as any young coaches have. All the great coaches in college history have been young coaches at one time and they just grow to be pretty dang good guys, and these guys will themselves."

On whether it's better playing a more traditional offense this week: "That remains to be seen. Ask me after the game. They pose some different threats. They come at you at all angles. Their quarterback obviously is not as fast as the guy we faced the other day but they have a lot of weapons and they throw the ball a little bit better than the people we have played against, I know that. I think they might be a little more balanced, quite honestly, so they are good at running and they are good at passing, so they have a little more threats than some of the other people.''

On USC running more this year: "They might be running earlier a little bit more. I think their running backs are doing a nice job. I think the guys are a little more committed to the run game, maybe, than in the past. They always tried to be balanced and you look at them and they are pretty dang balanced and doing a nice job of that.''

On comparing Sark and Kiffin: "They have a lot of similarities as far as their offensive football. They are different, though, personality wise as far as their lives and stuff like that. Just like you and I are different they are different. But football wise, philosophy wise, they have some similar thoughts.''

On offense being any different than under Carroll: "There are some different things. A lot of similarities but they are doing some different stuff. They really like to run the ball, they really do, they are a committed running team, and that's a tribute to some of their coaches who are passionate about the run game and they are doing a nice job of that.''

On whether Kiffin was so run-oriented during his earlier time at USC: "I think maybe as you get older you get to appreciate the run game a little bit more. Because it takes so much pressure off a lot of other positions such as the quarterback and the defense and I think that as guys get older, and especially if you have some good running backs and offensive linemen you want to be physical and control the ball and see the time run out. They still like to score a lot of points. They love to put up big numbers, but it all starts with the run game, it really does.''

On UW's tackling: "I hope it's better than it was against Nebraska --- it couldn't get any worse. You guys are out here quite a bit, we work on that stuff all the time, It was just one of those bad days and hopefully it won't be abad day on Saturday. They are goinig to get some of their yards just because they are pretty good but we can't let them have all that extra stuff because we aren't doing a nice job putting a face on people.''

On the season feeling like it's starting over: "It seems like. ... when you play the way you played and we should kind of stop talking about it because we've kind of moved on, but it seems like forever. You want to go and play the next day so you can erase all those bad feelings you have, how disgusted you really are. But we had to swaller around in just this crap these last two weeks thinking about it, but you've got to move on. And so it seems like it has been forever that we've played and its time to play a game man, jeez, it's time to get going --- it's already October just about.''

On Everette playing inside - "Yeah, we're rotating guys, and he does a really good job in there. That's where he played last year. Maybe we can do some better things when he's in there. I don't know. He looks good in there and he's doing OK, but he feels real comfortable in there."

On Everette playing inside against USC last year - "Yeah, he did. We're just trying to get our best guys on the field, and he ended up being one of our better guys. We're just trying to rotate guys and I think you'll see some other guys playing inside along with him…the young guys. Sione (Potoae) is getting better, and Hauoli (Jamora) will do a nice job. He's getting a lot better. We'll just have to wait and see if it proves to be correct."

On changes in the back end - "Well, Sean Parker will get more reps because he's getting better. That's kind of solidified. He'll play more."

On Cameron playing outside - "We switched those guys. Cameron's a little quicker. He's a little quicker. Everette's really lanky and long, which is good for some things. Cameron's got a quicker step, and that might help him being on the outside. Who knows."

On the fundamentals they worked on during the bye week besides tackling - "Well, pad level, peeking and not defeating the one-on-one blocks…trying to do too much…just good, fundamental technique. We weren't very good at a lot of positions, but mostly it showed up front, especially the front four. It wasn't very good."

On the problems Stanley Havili causes - "He's really a running back. He does a nice job in the two back, and he does a good job blocking, but he can catch the ball and he can run. Stanley's having a nice year, and they trust him doing a lot of good things - whether it's pass protection, doing the right thing in pass protection, or catching the ball out of the backfield. And when they want to run, he's a good enough runner that he'll hurt you. So I think he brings a lot of qualities to their backfield that they really like and they trust. And he hasn't given up the rock lately, like some of the other guys. So maybe that's why you see him more back there. But he's a good football player, a really good football player. He's one of their better football players."

On the way USC does their extra points - "Golly, it's like Oregon. They are all over the place. We leave our defense out there anyway for field goals and stuff like that. But you have to be able…when they have four guys over there, you have to make sure you have enough numbers over there. If they have two guys here, you better have enough numbers right there. And then five guys on the other side? You have to match up with them. And you have to be in tune, because they do it really quick. It's another thing you have to really work on, and I think it's half the reason why people do that - just so defenses have to spend some time working on that, as opposed to some other stuff."

So just to clarify - you don't like a bye week after a loss? "Hell no! Not really. I mean, would you? Wouldn't you want to go play again if you are a competitor? You'd want to go play again, right? I was ready to play again Saturday night, quite honestly. But we should kind of move on - move on and talk about these guys. Because you know you're better than how you looked, and you want to prove that all the time."

On what he was doing last Saturday - "I was watching ball, like everybody - all the games. You get ready to go. You get antsy. Friday I was watching high school ball."

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Coach's Corner - Trojans Still Good, Cougars Still Not

Just got back from my scouting trip to Pullman and wanted you to know the USC Trojans are still a really talented football team, although their schedule probably has more to do with their 4-0 record than does their combined ability. They easily handled the Cougars, who are better than they were last year, but still not good enough to be beating teams like USC.

To read the full scouting report on the Trojans, click on the link below.

Coach's Corner - USC

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Steve Sarkisian Pac-10 Coaches Teleconference Notes

On rules with regard to social networking - When you're in the public eye, comes with the territory.  Recommend they don't get caught up in it, but can't control it 100 percent.  But we try to keep it in house as much as possible.

On what the game means to him personally - Contact has been the same.  Game isn't about him or Lane, it's about the team.  He said he has been returning Lane's texts.

On James Johnson coming back - Hasn't had a huge effect.  Bruns has played well, Goodwin too.  Barnett has made plays.  But the pass game took a big hit because they played a great team in Nebraska.

On Locker bouncing back - He expects him to play really well.  They've addressed the issues and they've put a game plan together they feel really confident about.

On how they can win against USC - Eliminate turnovers, tackle well, and stay on top as a secondary, eliminate the big play.

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Lane Kiffin Pac-10 Coaches Teleconference Notes

On USC's defense in Pullman - Think they are playing faster and with more confidence.  Didn't start out great, but hopefully they'll be healthy for the first time all season.

On Stanley Havili - Fits the system perfectly because he can be a TB, FB or WR at any time.  He's so unique because he can do everything.

On being under the radar - Perfectly fine with that.  Got too much attention in the off-season.  Just want to improve from week to week.

On UCLA's win - What a great performance.  Speaks volumes for the players and coaches to go to Texas, who was leading the country on defense, and dominate.  One of the best performances of the year by anyone.

On relationship with Sark and what this game means - It's a conference home opener, want to go 2-0.  Have a great relationship with Sark, but it has no bearing on the game. 

On communicating with him this week - Tried a couple this week, but he hasn't gotten back to him.  Trying to figure out what's up his sleeve, or showing he's really busy.

On the team's motivation - Hasn't been a problem.  First year staff with a new team, lost a lot in the off-season, that will account for some of the inconsistencies.  Get better as they grow together.

On defending Jake Locker - He's a great player, very dynamic.  Like having to play Tim Tebow.  Very fast and powerful as the point of contact.  One game doesn't define a player that good.  They are going to have their hands full.

On the importance of last year's game on this year's game - That game changed things a little bit last year - it was the start of seeing USC not being as dominant.  Lot of conversation about that game in the off-season.  The teams are very different now.  Matt Barkley didn't play in that game; Ronald Johnson didn't play in that game.  UW is in their second year.  We'll have our hands full.  Don't think motivation will be a factor this week.  Not happy with the way we played in their home opener and motivated to beat a team that beat them last year.

On being a young coach and breaking into college football - Don't feel like a young coach because of everything they've been through.  It is a difficult profession.  There's been a turn with Gruden's success in the NFL, that started a bit of a trend.  Recruiting - younger guys can probably relate better.  You also have to have a lot of breaks, which helps.

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Full Steve Sarkisian Show Notes

Gas talked about if UW fans are confused about who they are playing, just go by Husky Stadium, and you'll hear Conquest over and over again.

Sark said they are excited for the Pac-10 opener, and USC plays Conquest every chance they got. He wants to make sure they can play through that 'nonsense'.

Gas said the LA Coliseum isn't a place that rocks like Autzen, but it's tough because of talent. Sark said any time you assemble 90,000 people, it can be daunting, but also the talent is great. So it's both. Said if you think about the talent and who has been there, they can jump on you - so he wants to get that out of the way so it's not too daunting.

Bob said there's a note where USC has won 32 consecutive night games in LA, and Sark said he and a few guys on the UW staff were a part of those wins, so they know how to win there.

Bob talked about how the temps in SoCal are out of control, and Sark said hopefully the sun will settle down and they expect to play the game in the 70's.

Bob asked about the bye week, and Sark said that he doesn't want the bad taste of Nebraska completely out of their mouths, because he wants them to learn from them. Said it was a great week to get the young guys going, like Parker, Fogerson and Smith, and they were also able to get healthy. Said they had a great practice Sunday and a 'functional' practice today.

Bob talked about Sark's comment earlier today about how the players got over the Nebraska game better than the coaches, and he said it's their job to get the players in positions to take advantage of their opportunities, and he's still got a bad taste in his mouth because of the Nebraska game. They self-scout everything they do, and they'll make changes to schemes or philosophies to match who they are.

Bob talked about Jake Locker's game against Nebraska, probably the toughest game of his career. Sark said he might end up making a lot of money because of that game based on how he bounces back. It's how you respond, how you deal with adversity, how you deal with the media, and he knows Jake can handle it. Bob asked about pressure, and Sark said if there is pressure, it's only the pressure he's putting on himself to play the best he can for his teammates. What's most important to him is his teammates.

Bob talked about getting away this weekend, and Sark said when you get down to it - it's still a game. Sometimes we can get caught up in the moment, but you have to just go out and play and have fun.

Bob asked him what he did, and Sark said he recruited California, and he said everyone knows UW is coming to play USC. And then he hung out with his family. Gas brought in a text - what was the focus during the BYE week, and where did they improve the most? Sark said that tackling will really improve a lot, not only on defense but on special teams. They've shored things up in the punt game before the Neb game, and they are getting close on the kick returns. Kick cover is a work in progress, and Sark said a lot of progress has been made over the week. He said they have to understand and be aware of what kind of coverage they call and what they are looking for.

Bob brought up point of attack and if they can get better in two weeks, and Sark said the biggest thing is pad level. USC is also a more conventional offense, so UW should play with less hesitation and more physical. They shouldn't get caught looking around too much.

Bob asked Sark if he saw the Neb score with S. Dakota St. and he said Neb must have really put a lot of effort into their game. laughs. Other that that, he didn't see it, so he didn't know what happened. It's never easy. Sark said you have to have 110 percent effort in all phases. You have to force teams to get out of their comfort zone, and they never did that with Neb. If they could play Neb again, they would sell out to stop the run and run the ball more on their end.

Bob talked about how the mantra after that game was - that's not who we are. Sark said they really competed this past week, instead of just going through the motions. That's been addressed.

Bob said he talked to Cort Dennison about the bye week, and Cort said they got after it. Sark said they did, especially with the younger guys. "We played real football for three straight days last week."

Bob asked if players have moved up, and Sark mentioned Sean Parker. Said he had two picks, two FF and two PD in one practice. Also mentioned Zach Fogerson and Kevin Smith. The guy he's most excited about is James Johnson. They need his playmaking ability back on the field.

Bob asked about Kohler at LG, and Sark said they will keep him there for the time being and continue to work on his pass protection. Gas took a look back to a great play from 2009 - it was a QB draw for a TD by Jake Locker against USC.

Gas talked about how he made himself a lot of money that day. He said UW will get USC's best shot no matter what. Sark said USC has already made mention of last year's game as the beginning of the fall of Troy last year, and it's flattering they've circled the date. The Huskies will play hard.

Gas asked about a sense of urgency, especially for the seniors. Sark said that they try to not let that happen. It's not about we have to win this one. It's about preparing to play as best we can. It's not a two-minute drill every time out. They still have a ways to go.

Gas asked how the team responded after hearing the message that they didn't fully compete against Neb, and he said they did well, especially the seniors. They are a mentally tough football team, especially when you think of what they went through two years ago and then also the heartbreak of what happened at BYU and then how poorly they played against Neb - to come back and compete and practice hard shows they are mentally tough.

Bob talked about if he sees anything to the idea that USC can't compete for a league title this year and if that has had an affect on them, and Sark said he doesn't think so. He thinks they are taking more of a blue-collar approach, especially running the ball.

Bob said it would be nice to be struggling and be 4-0 - he asked Sark what has them struggling a little - and Sark said they are trying to play a chip on their shoulder, and he doesn't see the struggling. They are playing well, and he's sure they want to be better.

Bob asked about their philosophies - and Sark said they definitely want to run the ball, but they also have Matt Barkley, who can beat you downfield and they have the WR's to do that.

Bob noted that Sark doesn't have a roster to go by, he knows all these guys from his days at USC - Sark said it's true, and it's the depth that makes them different than all the rest of the teams in the Pac-10.

Bob mentioned how Sark said earlier today that USC has the best talent from top to bottom, and how UO and Stanford might take offense, and Sark said that it's the amount of depth they have that is the difference - how the backup might actually be better in some ways than the starter.

Gas mentioned that the ASU game time has been announced. It will be at 7 pm. Gas played a clip from UCLA's win over Texas, and Sark said it came down to turnovers and turnover margin. Six TO's in the game. ASU had 7 TO's in their loss to Oregon.

Gas asked Sark if he can just kick back and watch as a fan, or if he's got his coach's hat on - Sark said he never quite takes off the coaching hat, because you can learn some valuable things, but he can also kick back and get the batteries recharged too.

Bob talked about how this weekend validated the fact that the Pac-10 is pretty good, and Sark said it did. There were great games, and a lot of parity because everyone is getting better. Challenging for those trying to get back up the ladder, but great nonetheless.

Bob talked about the Stanford-Oregon game, and Sark said it's great Game Day is going there and how that game in September matters on a national stage.

Gas talked TV deals and how national college football fans are starting to see a lot more west coast football, and Sark said it's one thing to be on TV; it's another thing to put out a quality product, and that's what the Pac-10 is doing right now.

Gas got a text from Zach in the Bronx - Jesse Callier - Sark agreed that Callier can run and they want to give him more carries. The challenge is getting Jake and Chris their carries and keeping a rhythm in the offense.

Another text about controlling the clock, especially in a tough game on the road - Sark said each game takes on its own personality. Said that limiting USC's offensive chances is a great thing. Gas had to correct something - it was South Dakota that beat Minnesota, not S. Dakota St.

Gas asked about Lane Kiffin and Sark's relationship with him - Sark said he has a lot of respect for Lane. He has a bright football mind. To have a relationship with him and bounce ideas off him - they are in similar positions. That's all part of the process of being a young head coach. Sark thinks Lane has learned from what happened at Tennessee and he's treating what he's doing at USC much differently. Sark said that at times it was probably pretty scary for Lane and his family when he left for USC.

Bob talked about how you get Monte Kiffin with Lane, and how Monte is one of the real masterminds of the game. Sark agreed. It's going to be fun for Sark to go up against Monte like he went up against Pete C. last year.

Bob asked if the process is the same as last year - and Sark said they are similar in many ways, but he's sure they'll have some new things. But UW has a decent understanding of USC's schemes.

Bob talked about the 56-0 whitewashing at USC two years ago and the collection of talent. Sark said that no one brings up Clay Matthews, and he might be better than Malauga or Cushing. Said split the points down the middle and play the last couple minutes head up and he'll be happy with that.

Gas said that on paper UW is probably the best team USC has faced to date. Bob said one change on UW's depth is Cort Dennison coming back. No slam on Garret Gilliland, who was pressed into emergency service, but they are better with Cort out there, and Sark said that when the rest of the defense sees Cort out, they probably press too because they think they've got to do more than just their job. With Cort in there, guys can settle in and just worry about their role. Gas - text about James Johnson - and Sark reiterated that he'll play. They need him in there. He caught seven passes against USC last year, so it's nice to have him back.

Gas asked about more depth chart moves - Sark said there will be a couple different personnel groupings on offense that will bode well for us.

Bob said this is the time when the team hunkers down and gets after Pac-10 play and Sark agreed.

End of Show.

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Jake Locker Monday Press Conference Quotes

On what the winning drive vs. SC last year did for you personally and for the program: "I think it was a obviously a very good drive for us, one where we were able to build a lot of confidence within our offense and within a lot of player in our offense. It was one of the drives that kind of helped to really allow everybody to buy in to what was going on, a lot of confidence in each other and put a big statement win on our season last year. It was a very exciting drive for us and one we were able to draw from player to player and as a team."

On what was last week like for you: "I think it will make me better go forward. It wasn't anywhere near where I wanted to play individual and where we wanted to play as a football team. Learning how to put that behind you and have a good productive week of practice and coming out this week and having another and preparing for a very good SC football team is really important in your growth as a football player. It's not always going to go as you want to and you've got to learn how to bounce back and how to deal with situations like that.

On working on the fundamentals: "I think everybody would say they do. there is always something you can improve on, especially when things are going tough I think you have a tendency to try really hard to make things happen and you can lose sight of your fundamentals in a situation like that."

On bouncing in the pocket: "Definitely and you can see it in the film. Like I said earlier it's something that we work on it practice and you can see it when I'm able to complete passes and get the ball where I want to it was pretty fluid. I wasn't hopping around as much and the one's I had trouble on I was kind of changing my eye level a lot and really bouncing around back there. It was something we were really focusing on in practice last week and throughout the course of the season.

Is there a situation in the game where your hopping is more likely to happen: "No, just for one reason or another it just happened more often than another last Saturday."

Are you aware that you're bouncing when you're doing it? "No, definitely not. It was something I was able to realize more when I came in and watched the film the next day."

On how critical he is of himself: "I want to be perfect. on every snap I want to do everything to the best of my ability and put our team in the best situation to have success. I think that after a game like that you have to look at yourself and how you can improve and the mistakes that you made and the places you can work on to help you get to the level you think you can play at."

Do you get mad at yourself? "I think you address what the issue was. I believe in everything that mistakes are going to happen. you're never going to be perfect but you try and learn from them (or) you'll never get them fixed or learn from them, take whatever it is that might be your struggles whatever it may be and face it head on, learn from it, move on and try to become a better player."

On the players' psyche coming back better than the coaches after the loss - "I think, as a whole, everybody on the football team understood that we didn't play our best game. We did a lot of things that are uncharacteristic of us, and we did it against a really good football team, and it looked bad. I don't think anyone in our locker room believed that's who we are or the kind of football team we are. I thought that everybody felt eager and excited to get back out on the field and have an opportunity to prove to people that that's not the brand of football we play."

On the bye week helping or hurting - "I think it helped to get some guys back and really, really healthy going into this week and starting off Pac-10 play. I think mentally as well, to give us another week of work to fix some of those problems we had and to really focus on them and put them behind us."

On getting James Johnson back - "James is a very dynamic player for us; he made a lot of big plays for us last year. He's gotten a lot stronger, a lot more physical. He's a guy you can throw the ball downfield to…just another guy to be able to get in that rotation, allowing those guys to be 100 percent and fresh when they are in there. It just makes that strong group even that much stronger."

On what he did on Saturday - "I was up in Ferndale, I went home and hung out with my family and watched some pee-wee football. The game was at 11, so I watched the little guys play and then I went home and watched some college football."

On USC being the most talented team in the league - "That's probably true of them the last decade. They are a very talented football team, they have a lot of really good athletes, a lot of really good football players at every position. They are a very confident football team, a team, much like last week, you can't go out and make mistakes and expect to be in the ball game. So it's going to be really important for us to make sure that we really know what we're doing and we're confident in the game plan and the calls that are being made and able to play really fast. When we're able to do that, that gives you opportunities to be in games against football teams like this."

On what stands out about the Trojans' defense - "Up front they are really good. They rotate bodies through there, but they don't seem to lose anything when they go to their second-string guys. They are big, they run well and they make plays in the backfield. And that's a point of emphasis this week, as it is many weeks, is to control the line of scrimmage and making sure we neutralize those guys up front."

On the Lynden-Ferndale rivalry - "It's a big week in town, the buzz is already there. I went to the high school game Friday night and they were already talking about it, excited about it. I'm sure it will be a big one. I remember my senior year, we got out of school at 2:30-3, and there was already a line - probably 5-600 people at our ticket gate, waiting for it to open - so they made sure they had ticket to get into the game."

On his class load this quarter - "I'll have a full…14 credits. I need 14 to graduate, so I'll be enrolled with 14 credits this fall."

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Steve Sarkisian Monday Press Conference Quotes

Opening statement: "Well, it's good to be back in game week. Thought the bye week, as we talked about before, came at a perfect time for us, not only from a mental standpoint but from a physical standpoint. We got an opportunity to be healthy. We got an opportunity to get some of our young players reps in some live settings. And I think it allowed our psyche to get healthy. This is a football team that believes in what we're doing, not only schematically but philosophically. I know they're chomping at the bit to get back out to show what they're capable of doing. There's nothing like Pac-10 play to get into this race, to get into this thing, to sit at home over the weekend and watch Pac-10 play really kick off this past weekend with some great ball games. To watch what the Pac-10 was able to accomplish not only in conference but out of conference, I think, is motivating to our football team. And as we've touched on from Pac-10 media day, there's a lot of parity in this conference. There's a lot of parity in a good way. I think the conference is continuing to get better as a group, which is what makes it challenging. Every Saturday is an exciting one to be a part of, whether it's at home at Husky Stadium or on the road. So we're excited about the opportunity to go on the road and face the USC Trojans, in my opinion the most talented football team in our conference from top to bottom. They've got great depth, extremely well-coached. But it's going to be a challenge that we're going to embrace and one that we're excited to be a part of.

On facing Lane Kiffin: "Fortunately for everybody involved, Lane and I aren't going to be blocking or tackling or running or throwing or catching Saturday. So we're all OK there. We're going to let the premier athletes do that. You know, both of us have been mentored for this opportunity to be head coaches. He's done a nice job, I think we've done a nice job. These are both jobs we thought we special ones, especially in the Pac-10. It's a unique experience, this early in our careers, to be facing each other in such a pivotal ball game in the Pac-10 race."

On Jake Locker and improving during the bye week: "I think a couple things. One, we got back to fundamentals with him, getting his footwork right. Two, we got back to some things that we really believe in. I thought from a coaching standpoint, potentially, I might've tried too hard to attack Nebraska instead of ultimately running the things that we do well and giving Jake the best opportunity to be successful, to get completions and to get his confidence going. So I think the beauty of Jake Locker is his competitive nature, of who he is, not only physically but mentally. He came back with a great week of work. He was hungry, wanted to practice right away Monday, which is typically a day off for a veteran quarterback on a bye week, but he wanted to get back out throwing the football, and I thought he did a great job of doing that. And standing up and owning up. That's why his teammates want to play for the guy (and Nebraska wants to play against him again). I think all in all, in our career, we all have days like those where they're not perfect, and they're hard and difficult, and it can be harder than it needs to be. But that's not going to define him. He's going to come back and play tremendous football for us for the rest of the year. I think he expects that, we expect that, and he just wants to get going again. What's going to be key for us as we come into this ball game is, is Jake not trying too hard to get back on track? Allowing the system to work and letting the plays come to him."

Two part question – on facing Matt Barkley and last year's game: "Well, I think Matt's playing at a really high level. He's really benefiting from a tremendous run game right now. They're running the football at an extremely high level, which is enabling him to utilize their play-action pass game to come up with big plays down the field. Having the likes of a Ronald Johnson, a Robert Woods and a Stanley Havili, those guys that are able to create big plays once they get the ball in their hands, Matt's really reaping the benefits of that stuff. So I think he's playing at a high level. It's going to be one of our keys and challenges to not let him be so comfortable in the pocket, because when he's comfortable, he's deadly, and he's accurate. As far as the second question, I think the win last year at SC, in a lot of ways, validated what we were talking about wanting to do, and we were able to put it out there and show that this isn't just talk, this is what we're doing. It validated a lot of things in our own team room and locker room but in our community, in the city of Seattle, that Husky football's on its way back. We're not there yet, but it was a step in the right direction."

On Locker's footwork: "Part of it is just the rest of the pocket. Jake, he's such a good athlete – good athletes have a tendency, they want to almost bounce in that pocket because they feel good on their toes and moving. When you're a quarterback, you want two feet on the ground. You want to continually be on the ground when you reset. We went back to a lot of that stuff of keeping his feet on the ground with his reset stuff in the pocket, especially in the (shotgun). You have a tendency – all quarterbacks do have a tendency to sometimes get a little lazy in their footwork in the gun, and that can create that hopping mechanism, and get your feet not underneath you when they can be, especially if the pressure is not there. The other key effort with getting his fundamentals and footwork right was getting our protection sound and right, so he feels good about it so he's not having to feel jumpy in the pocket, that he's believing in what we're doing with our protection. That was a big emphasis for us as well."

On changes on offensive depth chart: "Only real change is Erik Kohler is going to stay at left guard for us. He did a very good job for his first start against a tremendous defensive tackle last week. I thought there were some things in pass protection, now that he sees it on film, he'll go, 'Oh geez, that's too easy, coach.' But that's part of playing in your first ballgame as a true freshman lineman. That's really the only big change on the offensive side of the ball as far as what happened last week. You're going to see some guys play more than they have. James Johnson has earned his way back to getting on the field, so you're going to see him play more. Johri Fogerson still remains to be seen if he'll be back out yet – he had a nice practice last night, but we've got to see how he bounces back from that. Ultimately I'd like to see Kevin Smith getting back in the fold to where he's been, and I'd like to see Zach Fogerson get in the fold a little bit more."

On defending good skill guys: "I think the first part is, they're different – Nebraska and USC are extremely different. Nebraska was a spread zone-read offensive football team, quarterback-run team that can tax you mentally, and in turn what happened to us, we got caught up looking at the quarterback too much instead of worrying about the conventional runs that were coming right at us. It created us to play a little bit softer than we normally do. USC is a much more traditional offense – two-back approach, inside zone and outside zone, power game, toss sweep stuff that I think we'll fit better. That doesn't mean we necessarily stop them. We're going up against a tremendous offensive line, a four-deep running back corps, a great fullback so the challenges are different for us. Ultimately, we've got to continually be prepared for the unexpected. They've got a young kid on their team, Dillon Baxter, who was a high school quarterback in San Diego. They ran a lot of the Wildcat stuff when he was down there, so we've got to be prepared for that as well because we know he has the capability of doing that."

On similarities with USC: "When you look where our defenses are coming from – you look at Pete Carroll. Pete Carroll's best friend is Monte Kiffin. A guy who was on staff with Pete Carroll for years, Nick Holt, there is a lot of common ties defensively on the way we fit things, the base defenses that are installed. When you start to game-plan and different things come, it can be different. Lane and I obviously come from the same kind of family of offense – of concepts and types of plays. But ultimately we're different. We've got different teams, and our schemes fit our personnel. We're much more shotgun-oriented, quarterback-run, zone-read stuff as well as traditional run stuff, and they're a much more traditional offensive football team. The concepts are obviously the same, but how it looks and the way it comes across, it can be different."

On working on kickoff coverage: "It's been a big point of emphasis. One, is understanding our lane integrity when we're covering kicks, and understanding the types of returns and how to fit those returns. That is coming with experience with our young guys. We've had quite a few freshmen out there doing that, and I think they've gotten better. So ultimately it's understanding what we're doing, how we're trying to fit the returns and we've got to tackle. The tackling drills have been a huge point of emphasis for us last week, and will continue to be so this week."

On Kiffin's personality: "Confident. I think Lane has a real belief in his knowledge of football, not only offensively but defensively. I think he's creative. I think you're seeing that in their two-point conversion stuff, and their formation things. So I think confident/aggressive. Lane goes for it, which is a great trait to have in this business."

On Sark and Kiffin having different personalities: "I think we're both, to be honest with you. I have firm belief in what we're doing, too. I'd like to think we're aggressive and confident. How we go about doing things, and the way we approach things are obviously going to be different. Everybody is different. I think we've got some similarities, but overall we're different guys. And I think that comes in our style of play, and who we are as people."

On James Johnson coming back: "Well it's good to have him back because he's got a lot of game experience. This guy caught seven balls in this game last year and he's physically strong enough to handle the bump-and-run coverage and get off bump-and-run coverage and he's got good football IQ. It's been a little frustrating because it's really, we talk a little about pain or injury and an injury is when you are out, things are torn things of nature, pain is when it's a bump or a bruise, and sometimes an ankle sprain can get confused as pain, but really his was an injury --- he couldn't right. When you are playing receiver and you are limping and running and trying to get off bump and run coverage it can be challenging. And I thought he really started to come on (to Milles) at the end of last week and last night he looked great, so you will see him more involved in the game plan."

On Lane Kiffin's comments talking about how USC has spent a lot of time preparing for UW: "I'm first, flattered that they think that much about us. I'm sure there are a couple of other teams on their schedule that they circled too from last year. To me this is the Pac-10 opener and why we play the year and what we are striving for. It's a tremendous challenge. A great venue to play in, and especially when it's a game at 5 o'clock, their fans get there, they are excited about the game, those night-type games. So it will be a tremendous environment to be part of. It's the start of Pac-10 play for us. All in all it hasn't put any special meaning on it for us other than that Pac-10 play is on and we are coming off a bye and we've got a horrible taste in our mouth from the last game and we want to get rid of it."

On going home: "I think more than anything it's just like last year when we got to go play UCLA in Los Angeles, when you've got 35-40 people coming to the game that's the one thing, luckily for me my wife handles all the ticket issues and all that stuff going on. Anytime you go home you want to perform well. You've got your high school coach is watching, your junior college coach is watching and your buddy is watching and your family is watching so you want to make sure you put your best foot forward. That's about the extent of it.''

On having been in the opponents' locker room at USC: "Yeah, I've been in there.''

On his impressions of the Pac-10 through watching games on Saturday: "I've thought this all along now is that man, there are really good coaches in this conference (at least 8-9, anyway). Guys can scheme. This is not just the Jimmys and the Joes. Guys are scheming each other and doing a really good job of it. You watch the Arizona State-Oregon game, the Cal-Arizona game, the defense that was played in that game. And then you look at the talent level and teams are talented, you know? Gosh, there is just a lot of parity. And guys played hard. I thought the Pac-10 played really hard, physical football this weekend not only against each other but look at the UCLA-Texas game, and the Oregon State-Boise game --- I thought we played a really physical brand of football this weekend and I think that's encouraging for the conference as we move forward.''

On having emotions of going to home in SoCal, maybe different than BYU: "Uh, not really. I was more, when I was back in BYU I couldn't believe that Provo hadn't changed a lick. It had been how many years and it hadn't changed. I've been going to LA quite a bit since I've left for recruiting and different things and it's a big city, I know it pretty well, so don't think I'll be that enamored seeing what's changed and what's not.''

On the reception he got in SoCal while recruiting down there this weekend: "Everyone knows the Huskies are coming this week. We got a chance to go to a lot of different high schools and see a lot of players and meet with a lot of coaches, which was great. I thought the reception was good. I think there's respect for what we are trying to get accomplished up here. But ultimately, they know we're coming and they are hungry for us.''

On how he dealt with the team's psyche last week: "I think there was reality. You have to get to the reality of it, and what's the truth in it, who we are right now. But then we have to build up. We have to get back to what we are capable of being. I'm not trying to ... here's reality and then keep our guys down there. That's defeating the purpose of becoming a better football team. It was understanding where we were after three ball games, this is where we need to get to, and it was understanding how we are going to get there -- and let's go do it. I thought our kids responded great, at times maybe even better than the coaches as we started to get going. And that's a tribute to them buying in to a culture and a belief system of what we've tried to get installed here. I've been proud of our players. They want to be 3-0, trust me, right now. And unfortunately we're not. We're a 1-2 football team. We've got Pac-10 play starting off. And we're hungry, excited and want to play well, which I think is the most important thing. These guys really want to play well. It's not about dwelling on all the mistakes we made. It's about learning from those mistakes, how are we going to fix them, how are we going to get better, so we can go out and play to the best of our abilities."

On how he uses last year's win for this year's game: "Well, we use it in the way that there is a lot of familar faces. You look at that defensive line, there are eight to 10 guys out there and they are all really good players, but it's the same defensive line that they played with last year. You look at the offensive linemen, a lot of the same players. The running backs, a lot of the same players. So we try to look to the similarities in the personnel groupings. But then you can't get caught in that because Ronald Johnson didn't play against us last year, Robert Woods didn't play last year, Matt Barkley didn't play last year, all four in the starting secondary didn't play last year. So there's a lot of similarities yet there's a lot of differences, so we have to pick and choose what is similar, how it is similar, but it's not about using it as a motivational tool. It's about understanding our opponent and knowing our opponent."

On if he talks regularly with Kiffin: "Yeah, we do."

On if the two will talk this week: "Yeah, we talk. We text. It's a good friendship. It's one that keeps us healthy in the profession. The ability to talk to another head coach and bounce ideas off of. Because so much of this profession is keeping things in close and in tight and you can't share with anybody. The ability to share with Lane different thoughts, different ideas, different frustrations that maybe you don't want everyone else to see, but you can bounce it off him and he understands. So it's been a good relationship that way."

On Stanley Havili being the consummate fullback: "Well, yeah, he is. I feel like he's been there about eight years. He was first starting for us as a true freshman, at Arizona, I remember the game, and I learned a lot about the kid. True freshman. We are at Arizona. We started him. He catches a couple balls, and he's kind of hobbled in the first half. We come back out in the second half. We throw him another ball, we complete it to him, and he finally can't get up. We come to find out he had broken his ankle in the first half, went in at halftime, taped it himself because he didn't want the trainers to know so that he could keep playing, and then finally he couldn't walk anymore. That told me a lot about the kid. He's a tough kid. I had an opportunity to recruit him when he was coming out of high school and I know him extremely well, maybe better than anybody on their roster. He's talented. He's a tremendous runner. He's a tremendous catcher. He's smart. And he's willing enough to block, which makes him a complete player."

On going after a player like Havili when looking for a fullback: "Well, you'd like. I don't think Stanley Havilis are just falling off trees is the problem. He's a very unique player. We were fortunate enough to have him in camp before that, so we knew what we were getting."

On Cort Dennison's and Victor Aiyewa's injury status? "They're fine."

Any other injury news? "Johri's probably the biggest question mark of coming back. He did practice all the way through last night. We'll see how he responds today."

Is his Mom going to be at the game? "No. She's going to watch it at home."

On how facing Kiffin is different than facing Pete Carroll: "I think there's something about when you are facing your mentor, in a weird way you want to make him proud. I felt like that going into last year's game going against Pete. At the end of the game, whether we won or lost whatever happened, I was hoping that Pete would just be proud of how we played, the style we played. Going against Lane, his opinion of us doesn't concern us nearly as much as what Pete's opinion of us was. I respect Lane. I respect everything he's done. He's got a bright football mind. He's got a very good football team. But it's just a different feeling going in."

On being able to tell if sanctions have affected USC: "No. They are 4-0, you know. They are really, really talented. Four tailbacks. A bunch of linemen, a bunch of receivers, a bunch of defensive backs, a bunch of offensive linemen. You wouldn't know it. If nobody told me, I wouldn't know they were on probation. They play hard."

On ever going up against Kiffin, even in a spring game? "Not that I remember, no."

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Steve Sarkisian Monday Press Conference Notes

In his opening statement, Sark emphasized how the team still very much believes in what the coaches are doing and that they probably bounced back from the Nebraska loss better than the coaches did. They are chomping at the bit and eager to show the world they are better than what they showed against Nebraska.

He also talked about how much parody there is in the conference, and how the conference continues to get better and better.

As far as USC, Sark said they have the most talent in the Pac-10 from top to bottom, and as far as going against his friend Lane Kiffin for the first time, he said that they were both mentored to become head coaches, and it's maybe a little unique that they are already facing each other so early in their respective careers.

On the topic of Jake Locker, Sark said the coaches took the bye week to get back to fundamentals with Jake, including getting his footwork right. He was bouncing in the pocket, but to be able to reset the pocket a QB has to have his feet on the ground so he can move from side to side and slide around.

Sark also said that in the Nebraska game, he was at fault for probably pressing too hard to get stuff done instead of focusing on things that they do well. He added that one bad performance is not going to define him, and they fully expect him to have a great season from here on out.

He was asked about having to go up this year against Matt Barkley, and Sark said that he's playing at a very high level, and some of that has to do with the fact that USC running the ball so well. That allows USC to open up their play-action pass stuff, which has given them big plays down the field. One of the main keys for UW's defense is to make sure they don't allow Barkley to get comfortable in the pocket.

Asked about the 2009 game, and Sark said that it just validated what they were doing as a staff, to show the players that they could back up their talk with action.

Asked about some changes to the offensive depth since the Nebraska game, Sark said that Erik Kohler will start at LG, and they are hoping to try and get James Johnson into the game more. He had a good workout Sunday. They also hope to get Johri Fogerson back too, and he also had a good Sunday workout, but he's probably the biggest physical question mark UW has going into the USC game.

Sark added that it's important to get Johnson back, who caught seven passes last year in their win over USC.

Sark also mentioned that they want to see more from Zach Fogerson and Kevin Smith.

Asked about Sark and Kiffin coming from the same cloth offensively, Sark agreed there's something to that, but UW definitely does more running the QB, whereas USC is probably a little more straightforward. He added that both have a confident, aggressive personality, but their offenses also mirror the differences in who they are.

He added that he and Lane talk regularly and text and they have a 'good friendship'. Said it's nice to share thoughts and frustrations with a colleague and it helps him stay healthy in the profession. Sark said that going up last year against Pete Carroll, it's about making your mentor proud. This time around, Kiffin's opinion about UW doesn't concern him as much as Carroll's opinion did last year.

Sark was asked about his kickoff cover units, and Sark said they worked a lot on lane integrity, understanding what to do, how to fit the return - and most importantly, tackling.

Sark was asked about the comments made by Kiffin on how USC has circled this game as a big one considering what happened last year, and Sark said that he was 'flattered'. The coaches are looking at this game as the Pac-10 opener, and it'll be a tremendous challenge because it's on the road and at night. Other than that, the game doesn't hold any special meaning for Sark. Just like BYU, Sark is going back to a place he called home for a time, and he said any time you are at a place like that you want to perform well, because his HS and JC coaches will be watching, and his friends will be watching too. Said 35-40 friends and family will be coming to the game, and his wife is handling the ticket situation. He added that his Mom will not be going to the game.

Asked about what he saw watching football this past Saturday, and Sark talked about how good the coaching is in the conference and how guys are just scheming each other. He also noticed the talent level and how the conference played 'hard, physical football'.

Sark was asked how he could use last year's game as a gauge, and he said there are similar personnel groups they can look at, but at the same time they didn't play against players like Ronald Johnson, Robert Woods and Matt Barkley.

Sark was asked about USC fullback Stanley Havili, and he said that it feels like Stanley has been around for eight years. Said he learned a lot about him when he started at Arizona as a true frosh and got dinged up. He taped himself up because he didn't want the coaches to know how serious the injury was, and he kept playing until he couldn't get up. Later they found out he had a broken ankle. That gave Sark insight into how tough a competitor Havili is.

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UW's Weekly Football Notes

Below is a link to UW's weekly notes, prepared by their Sports Information Department. Here you can find the depth chart for the USC game, updated stats, roster and anything else you need to know about the Huskies.

UW's official weekly release - USC

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USC's Weekly Football Notes

Below is a link to USC's weekly notes, prepared by their Sports Information Department. Here you can find the depth chart for the Washington game, updated stats, roster and anything else you need to know about the Trojans.

USC's official weekly release - Washington

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