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The Huskies laid one of the worst eggs ever at home two weeks ago when they were nothing close to competitive with the visiting Nebraska Cornhuskers. It was embarrassing, a humiliating butt-kicking. How will the Huskies respond after a bye week? They are in Los Angeles to take on USC, which has normally been a nightmare. Here is what the staff thinks will happen on Saturday in the Coliseum.

Pat Thrapp – Numbers Guru
Season Record: 2-1
After watching the Pac-10 games last week I came away discouraged about our Huskies. I don't think we are as physical as most of the other teams. Nor near as fast. Especially getting outside. I know I should believe, but for me I just want to see improvement. Guys making tackles, wide receivers making downfield blocks, our offensive line pushing a defensive line back. I hope this team has shaken its funk. Make me eat crow UW!

Prediction: USC 35, Washington 23
Jay Torrell – Creative Director, Sports Washington
Season record: 1-2
This is the first game that USC has even remotely cared about. After sleep walking through the first 4 games the real USC will rear it's ugly head and smack the Dawgs around. Much like the Nebraska game it will remain competitive for the first half before USC pulls away. I want the real Jake Locker to show up and silence his doubters. I want the defense to bend and not break allowing the offense chances to score. I want to be as wrong about the USC game as I was about the Nebraska game (predicted a UW win.) But in the end...too much "Victory" will be played.

Prediction: USC 42, Washington 24
Scott Eklund – Recruiting Editor
Season record: 2-1
Did the bye week have a positive or negative affect on UW's psyche? It's tough to say, but I have to believe the coaches have really gotten it pounded home that this team cannot be lackluster like it has been over the past three weeks. Against Nebraska they got punched in the mouth and were unable to respond, that absolutely cannot happen again. Jake Locker rebounds this week with one of his best performances and comes close to leading Washington to a huge win, but I think in the end, USC will have just enough to beat the Dawgs.

Prediction: USC 30, Washington 27
Chris Fetters – Editor in Chief
Season record: 2-1
This is a game where USC just has to play their normal game to win handily - meaning run it John McKay style (because the ball isn't heavy), and use the play-action pass game to keep Matt Barkley comfortable all day long. Unless Aaron Corp suddenly decides to transfer back to Troy from Richmond overnight, and the Trojans cough the ball enough times so the average length of Washington's scoring drives is less than Lane Kiffin's age, the Huskies will be sent back to Seattle with their tails between their legs, taking comfort in the fact that they have two home games in a row to try and figure out where the train fell off the tracks...again.

Prediction: USC 52, Washington 24
Dick Baird – former UW coach and recruiting coordinator
Season record: 1-2
After a bye week, Sark will have the team firing on all cylinders. After that terrible showing against Nebraska the team will be chomping at the bit to erase that debacle and open a can of whoop ass on the Trojans in their house. Locker rebounds from the worst day ever and connects with Kearse for two touchdowns. The defense bends but doesn't break as often as Lane Kiffin was counting on. Polk runs for a late TD to seal the deal for the Dawgs.

Prediction: Washington 21, USC 17
Kim Grinolds – Business Operations and Managing Partner
Season record: 1-2
USC comes in seeking revenge from last year's loss at Husky Stadium. Washington comes in trying to find itself after getting rolled at home by Nebraska. Which team wants it more? Expect Jake to rebound after what may have been his worst game as a Husky against a very, very soft USC defense. The WR's will step up as well and Chris Polk will have a nice game. The question is, will UW's defense and special teams show up this week? I think they will enough to pull it out in The Hood. Erik Folk strikes again.

Prediction: Washington 38, USC 35
David Samek – The Dawgman
Season record: 2-1
Good lord, what an abortion last game vs. Nebraska. The Cornhuskers are a very good team, granted, and it didn't surprise me that the visitors won handily. What was shocking was how terrible Jake Locker was, how inept his receiving corps looked in trying to get open, and how terrible the special teams continue to look. I am not shocked at how badly the Huskies have been getting handled in the trenches, this team just isn't very good there. I have been saying that pretty much since the summer. But Locker has regressed to this point. He is pressing big time. I expect more of the same on Saturday, as USC has much more talent than the Huskies. They will also be looking for some revenge for last year's shocker. And unlike last year, Matt Barkley will be at the controls. He will obliterate the porous Husky defense.

Prediction: USC 50, Washington 17

Sabrina Kelly Squires – Dawgman.com Intern
Seaon record: 1-2
The Huskies head back on the road where as everyone knows they have not won since 2007. However, that all comes to an end this week as UW finds a way to score a few more points than the Trojans. Jake Locker will rebound nicely against a less than stellar USC defense, compared to years past. In addition the return of sophomore wide receiver James Johnson gives Locker a dependable option outside of Jermaine Kearse and Devin Aguilar. The Dawg defense was about as far from stout as it could have been two weeks ago against Nebraska, but improvement had to have been made during the bye week. Matt Barkely looked very poor at times against WSU last week throwing a couple ill-advised interceptions; so look for the Huskies to be opportunistic on the defensive side of the ball.

Prediction: Washington 36, USC 31
Scott Panitz – Dawgman.com Intern
Season record: 1-2
Geez...this one is hard for me. USC is going to be so tough on their home turf with the added incentive of redeeming last year's monumental upset. Pete Carrol may be gone but they still have a ridiculous amount of talent, and that's ultimately what decides the outcome of college football games. However, I don't think it's going to be a blowout. UW is too talented and their coaching staff does a much MUCH better job of scheming against traditional offenses and defenses like that of USC than the gimmick stuff of say an Oregon or a Nebraska. Combine that with their familiarity with USC's players and scheme and I think Sark and co. should be able to cook up something to keep it close. Jake will have a bounce-back game and James Johnson will get back in the fold, keeping it tight until the end, but the Huskies continue their inability to finish out close games on the road as USC prevails.

Prediction: USC 31, Washington 28

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