Player Quotes - USC

Washington's amazing 32-31 win over USC on Erik Folk's last second field goal got everyone excited, not the least of which were the players who hadn't beaten a team on the road since 2007 and a ranked team on the road since 2003...

RB Jesse Callier

On coming back home: "It feels great. Playing in front of my family. It feels like a huge adrenaline rush again, like back in Husky Stadium."

On the offensive line: "Big credit to our big offensive line. They kept fighting, kept pushing, gave us a great push. That's why we were able to create the big plays."

On locker room: "Man, it's intense, it's fun."

On Chris Polk: "He's a great runner, no doubt. No doubt about that. If you give him the ball, he's going to do something with the rock."

On Jake going down: "I was scared for a little, but I knew he was going to get back up. He's a strong kid."

Chris Polk

On having USC's number: "We just come out here and play. It's a good rivalry. Being that I'm from there, it's a good win, so we just come out here to compete."

On coming home: "Yeah, it feels special. But it's not the Rose Bowl, it's not our last game, it's just another football game. We just got a win."

On knowing that he was going to run when Jake came back: "I really don't feel nothing about it because it's what we do. I mean I'm going to do whatever to do to win and if they want to call my number or they don't. Just like I was more involved in the pass game this game. I'm going to do whatever it takes to win. I'm not an individual guy, it's a team effort, it's a team sport."

On feeling like it was over after the 28 yard run: "You don't think ahead because that's how teams get beat. You think things are guaranteed then bad things happen. So you just gotta live in the moment."

On what point in the game he felt like the offense could do whatever they wanted: "We knew as an offense that they couldn't stop us. Only time they stopped us was when we had turnovers or do things ourselves. Like me not picking up the right guy to block causing a sack, the touchback when Jake had that long run. And plus they were making big plays off of momentum, so if we just execute and do what we need to do and they can't stop us."

On the difference in effort between this game and Nebraska: "Yeah because we actually played with energy. The defense got stops and we gave them energy. Last week there really was no energy and we really were just out there doing our own thing, we weren't doing what we were coached to do."

On the locker room atmosphere: "It feels great. Everybody wants to win. It's going to be a great plane ride home. But after today we're going to have to forget about it and move on because we're going to have to face another good opponent at home."

TE Chris Izbicki

On how he's feeling: "Feeling real nice, feeling real good."

On the Touchdown play with Keith: "Keith comes out and I'm thinking we're going to run the ball. Then I heard the play and I'm like okay here we go. Everyone bit on the run and I was wide open and I was like give me the ball give me the ball give me the ball. They're kinda taking their time and you know he turned his head up, saw me, threw the ball in the perfect spot and I caught a touchdown."

On being sore tomorrow: "Every part of my body will be sore tomorrow, but it's not a big deal, we got the 'W'."

On a feeling of déjà vu: "I'm sitting on the sidelines, you know and the feeling in your tummy that you get. It did feel a lot similar, but it felt really good."

On doubts that they were going to pull the win off: "As soon as we got the ball back with a couple of minutes left I knew, the way this team fought this whole game, that we could come back. I knew that we could make that drive to win the game."

On when they noticed that USC couldn't stop them: "I think we had that mentality the whole week. The coaches kept telling us you guys can do it, you guys can do it. And we came out with that mentality and it showed. We played our tails off and we ran the ball, we played physical and we got the win."

On the feeling in the locker room: "I don't remember the last time, since I've been here, we won a road game. On top of that, we come in here and beat a really good USC team, on the road. The feeling in the locker room's amazing, we got to celebrate a little big. It's good for the fans, it's good for Husky followers to get some belief back in the direction this programs heading into."

QB Keith Price

On the TD: "We needed to score and Coach Sark called up the perfect play and IZ made a good catch."

On what was going through his head: "Just, settle down, I was a little excited coming home and playing in front of the fans. I knew I needed to settle down and just play."

On expecting runs: "I was just expecting to control the game. I wasn't sure what was going to happen."

On being surprised: "Oh yeah. Coach Sark said, hey we're going to throw you a touchdown pass and I said all right I'm all for it,"

On having time to get nervous: "Aww naw I don't think so. It happened so quick, you know, but it was fun."

LB Mason Foster

On Erik Folk hitting the game-winner: "Folk is clutch, you know he makes all those, he makes the 54, he makes all of the long ones but you know, just something about me, I just couldn't watch it, you know what I mean? You never know what's going to happen, but you know I have faith in all of my team mates and deep down inside I knew he's going to make it and Nate Williams came up to me right before the kick and said ‘man you know he's going to make this, he makes all of these you know what I mean, Folky's clutch.' You know so, it was one of those things, I just couldn't watch it, you know."

On the team not worrying about what happened vs. Nebraska: "Never, never, since day one I always said, 'Jake doesn't care about that type of stuff, he believes in himself, we believe in him, I feel like he's the best quarterback in the nation still, regardless. He proved it today, that he can come back, no matter what people are saying about him and no matter what odds are against him, he's going to lead us to win like this and he kept us in the game a lot, when defense was breaking down, Jake stepped up and made big plays, and we fed off him, you know what I mean, and that's what we like."

On worrying about the run defense: "No, not at all, you know what I mean, they're a great team, they came out with great O-line, great running backs, so they're going to make their plays, we're going to keep getting better but at the same time, a win's a win, we'll do what we have to do to win, and that's all that really counts."

On Allen Bradford and Marc Tyler: "They're really tough. Great backs, big backs, run hard you know, behind a great O-line, open up big holes for them, you know you got to give them their credit they were making their plays."

On the locker room after the win: "Crazy, noisy. It's always, you know we have a great group of energetic coaches, players, everybody, strength coaches. And to have a win like this on the road, you know against a great team like SC fuels our fire. Makes us work harder, I'm excited to go in on Sunday, watch the film, and get ready, start practice again on Monday."

On this proving the Huskies aren't as bad as they looked against Nebraska: "Ya, you know we still made a lot of mistakes, but I feel from the standpoint of effort you know, the way we play with heart and passion, and with the game we're never going to quit, I feel like that definitely showed tonight and that's the way we play.

"The biggest thing was you know they're a great team, it's Pac-10 football. We're going to make mistakes you know what I mean, and you can't have heartbreaks over big mistakes, everybody around the board made a lot of mistakes, biggest thing is that we kept playing through it, no matter what. Guys were saying lets go, don't worry about it, forget about it, we're going to make the next play, and you know that's what I feel like helped us win this game."

On flying around in the first half: "Ya, you know just trying to do whatever I can do to help the team win. I was making a lot of mistakes, but uh, a little mental mistakes here and there, but you know, I knew I could play with my effort, control my effort, whatever I did I could control my effort, and that's what I did, just to try to help my team win."

On the feeling of the game: "It was a heavy weight battle, and our coaches told us all week it was going to be a heavy weight battle. And the biggest thing was offense and defense we kept telling each other no matter what happened man; we just got to keep playing. We're going to make mistakes, we're going to miss tackles, we're going to do everything, and we're just going to keep playing. I feel like it definitely showed tonight."

On his fumble recovery: "Uh you know I had it the whole time. A bunch of guys on top of me, trying to strip it, and my guys were pulling them off, but I had it the whole time. And I felt like it was obvious, but you know the referees they can't see it You know \I was on it, we dog piled it, but uh it came out alright."

LB Cort Dennison

On the importance of getting back on the field: "It was huge! Anyway I can help our defense out, as much as I can, I want to do it. You know, we all make mistakes out there tonight, but at the end of the game, we won, and that's all that matters. We can celebrate tonight, and get ready for next week at home. So I'm really excited, really proud of our guys, we hung in there, we never gave up, we stuck together, and I'm really proud."

On the players' moods in the locker room after the win: "Nuts. I mean we haven't won on the road in a long time. And to come out, first Pac-10 game at the Coliseum, to win like that, even last year, it such a dream up. Take our hats off to everybody, it was a team effort, it was amazing."

On which is more important - the road win or the first Pac 10 win: "I think it's a combination of both, it proves to everyone in the locker room, we can win on the road, we haven't been able to do it in such a long time, and to be able to do it in such a hostile environment in a place like the Coliseum, its huge. And then, you know USC is a national power. They're an amazing football team for a reason. And to come out and beat them like we did, it proves we can play with anyone in the Pac-10. I think it gives all the guys on the team, including myself, an open our eyes, we're a good team. When we play well, execute our assignments, and believe in our coaches, we can do anything."

On it being a sense of déjà vu: "Ya I kept saying prayers. I said about 15 prayers in about two minutes. But um, same place. It was déjà vu from last year. I stood on the opposite side, watching the field goal and then Mason and Nate and like 4 other guys weren't even watching the field goal, they were watching the Jumbotron, exact same scenario as last year. They heard me going bananas, and then they didn't even know the field goal was made, they just started running on the field, so uh, I mean it's stuff you dream about. I'll remember it for the rest of my life."

On him getting to play this week: "Um, ya, I think when I see things, I'm too competitive, I just can't stand seeing things. When I see things on the sidelines, I think I see things a lot faster, because I can see the whole field and stuff, and when I'm in the box, I'm in that tight space. And I have a big 6'5, 6'6 linemen in front of me; it's a big difference. But you know, I'm glad I got to come back this week, I'm glad I could help my teammates any way I could, we got the win, that's all that matters."

On his prayers being answered: "A little bit, but we still had to go down the field, I think that the biggest play of the game was that 4th & 10. I'm just really proud of the guys, everybody stepped up, no matter who, D'Andre on Offense, Chris Polk had a great football game, Jake was unstoppable, amazing, and then everybody on defense, we all made mistakes on defense, but at the end of the day we won, and that's all that matters."

On where Washington goes from here: "We go ahead in conference play, we have to protect our home field, you know enjoy this night, but then we got to move on, it's just one game, and we have a whole bunch of games left, now we have to worry about our next game at home."

Can you handle 8 more games in the Pac-10 like this? "Ya, why not? We work so hard in the off-season, we do everything together we sweat, we bleed, we cry together, why can't we win together? I'm really proud of our guys, I know our guys really believe now, this is a great stepping stoned, I think we can go to good places from here."

K Erik Folk

On his mindset when USC was trying to ice him: "The whole time I knew if I hit it well, it would go through, and I had confidence in my swing, I just went out there and kicked it."

Were you thinking at all, this is 2009 all over again?: "Not at all, I was just thinking about making it. I wasn't thinking about the situation, or what happened last year. My whole mentality is to go out there and make the next kick, doesn't matter what happened in the past." On how he felt about his kick: "I could've hit it better, but I felt like I hit it pretty well. I got a lot of height on it, but I definitely could've hit it better. But it was good enough to get through."

On them being on the left hash mark: "It didn't matter at all. Every kick is exactly the same, whether it's from the right or left hash, or pat, every kick is the exact same." On his confidence level from last year to this year: "I'm feeling a lot better. My mindset has gotten a lot better from the beginning of the season last year compared to now. I'm a lot more confident in my swing, and I know if I go out there and kick it, I'll make it."

What were you thinking when you can see the drive develop? "Starting off, when we had that 4th & 11th, I was kind of worried we wouldn't get it, I was kind of praying, but I mean, I wasn't really worried, like I knew we were going to make it, I was just thinking oh what if we don't get it. But I had confidence in our offense that we would get it in our range."

How important is it, having done it last year?: "It was really important. It was really good for the confidence of our offense in the last drive. They knew they could drive down the field against these guys, they did exactly that, and we got in range." Top Stories