Rich Alexis - Midnight Matness update

While the rest of the Husky football team were gutting it out during Midnight Matness, there was a serious brigade of bruised and battered Dawgs that had to sit out conditioning. Rich Alexis was one of them. Going into his senior season, the middle child of the 'PJP 3' should be hitting his stride but off-season shoulder surgery forced him to the sideline.

But ever upbeat, Alexis knows what he needs to do to make sure he's the number one tailback when Washington plays Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio August 30th.

"I didn't want to have shoulder surgery, but I had to do it and deal with it," Rich told about his injury. "It was similar to my freshman year. It wasn't the type that is a season-ending injury. I'll be ready to go. I'm maintaining my weight. I'm not coming into camp at 230 or something. I'm getting my wind back. I'm running around the track a lot, so I'm staying in shape."

At 6-2, Alexis now tips the scales at a worthy 218 pounds. "I'm running really good right now," he said. "I'm losing a lot of weight. I want to make sure I can run in the 4.4-4.43 range. As long as I'm in that range, I'll be happy with that. I'm going to come in and work with being a big back, but I'm not going to come back 230. I want to put a little more lean and muscle on me."

Leadership responsibilities come with being a vet on the team, so Rich knows that it's important that he be with his guys in spirit, even if he can't do the things they are doing. "I'm here, supporting my teammates," he said. "It's a great feeling to come out, work hard and be here with my teammates. I'm not doing the mats, but I'm there with them.

"I'm doing a lot of running, lunges, body weight stuff. It seems easy, but I'm working out different parts of my body I've never worked out before. I'm working on every part of my body, getting back."

During the spring, Rich has two big things on his 'to-do' list. "I'm going to work on my vision and footwork," he said. "I've listened to all the critics and heard what they've said. I'm going to listen to them and work on my footwork and vision. Hopefully I'm going to come back and win my position back. I'm behind the eight-ball a little bit. They've got a lot of people in front of me, so I'm just going to come back, work hard, and let the best man win."

So who is going to prove to be the biggest obstacle in that battle? "Kenny (James)", Alexis said, matter of factly. Top Stories