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SEATTLE - Here are quotes from Tony Wroten, Tony Wroten, Sr., Shirley Walker Wroten and Hikeem Stewart following Wroten's decision to verbally commit to Washington over offers from Louisville, Connecticut, Villanova, Seattle University and a host of others. Wroten made his decision during a press conference at Garfield High School.

Tony Wroten:

On the decision - "It was really tough. I'm really close to (Peyton) Siva and coach (Rick) Pitino is a great coach, but at the end of the day I did what was best for me. And what was the best for me was the University of Washington.

On talking to Romar - "I didn't tell him nothing. I kind of shocked him too."

On the impact of Hikeem Stewart going to UW - "Hikeem is one of my close friends, so him going there had a big impact."

On wearing purple - "I've worn purple my whole life so I'm used to it by now. So staying here is nothing."

On the impact guys like Conroy, Robinson and Crawford had on him - "They had a big impact. When I would talk to them, they had nothing but good things to say about the University of Washington."

On the 206 - "At times I could see myself leaving home, but home is where my heart is. And that's where I want to be. That's why I chose U-Dub."

On what he'll say to his future UW teammates - "We're coming to win. Everybody - IT, Abdul, everybody. We're coming to win."
Tony Wroten, Sr.:

On the decision - "I'm feeling great. It's my alma mater. It's a good deal. We love the coaching staff, love the excitement around the program. It's all positive for us."

On putting his son in the hands of a coach like Lorenzo Romar - "Absolutely. You couldn't put him in better hands. Everybody around the country respects coach Romar. He's a great father figure and he does well by his players. I couldn't be happier."

On already envisioning going to Hec Ed and watching his son play for UW - "You know, I have. And that's an exciting vision. I can't wait."

On when Tony told him he was going to UW - "You guys aren't going to believe this, but he said he knew in the eighth grade he wanted to go to Washington. He just wanted everyone else to prove why he shouldn't go to Washington, and no one was able to do that."
Shirley Wroten:

On how comfortable she feels about putting Tony in coach Romar's hands - "I feel blessed, because Romar has been around the family since Tony was in the eighth grade, so we have a relationship with him. We know what to expect. We have a relationship, so it's great!"

On hearing the criticism when he became an elite player - "It's tough, but we've been through so much adversity…I just have thick skin. You have to have thick skin and let everything roll off me. At the end of the day, it's about my son."

On being at Hec Ed, envisioning Tony playing for UW - "It's going to be surreal, like awesome! It's almost like you can't really believe it. We've been looking forward to this day. Wherever he was going to go, we were going to be there one way or another. But we're glad we're staying home so we can all be there and support him."

On what tomorrow is going to be like - "We don't have to worry about the phone calls, we don't have to worry about what's coming in the mail. He knows where he wants to go, so Tony's focus now is just finishing up high school and having fun."

On him being a gym rat and the hours he keeps - "That's why it's easy for me to accept it, because he's not out messing around. He's doing something he loves to do, and hopefully one day this will be his career, so I don't have a problem with it."

On being a good student - "Yes he is. I'm staying on him. I told him, everywhere he goes, I'm his shadow. He knows I'm there when he's in the classroom."

On who is tougher - his parents, or guys like Conroy and Crawford? - "They are tough on him, but he sees me every day. I'm tougher than they are, but when they do see him I call 'em or text 'em and tell 'em to have a talk with Tone. They are right there. They are my support."

On when he told her about his decision - "He'd kind of been talking about it for a long time, but he never had a definite decision. He told his sisters it was definite, but he never really told me it was definite until a couple of days ago."
Hikeem Stewart:

On when he knew about Tony's decision - "I knew the whole summer. I told ya'll he was comin'."

On his Dad saying Tony told him in the 8th grade he wanted to go to UW - "We've been best friends since the third grade, and he told me - we're coming to UW together."

On how he feels about this decision - "Man, it's crazy. Growing up, everybody wants to go D1. Playing it with your best friend is better."

On the two on the same court at the same time - "We get to take college over together."

On his commitment and if he's been following UW's recruiting process since - "Oh yeah, I've been following it up with everybody. It gave me time to sit back and look at everything. I talked to Tone all the time - 'Man, you have to come!'"

On Andrew Andrews - "He's a nice power guard, a nice point guard. He's got a good feel for the game. I've known him since the eighth grade. He's good. We're close friends."

On Jernard Jarreau - "He's good. He's going to be a special player."

On envisioning himself playing at UW - "Every night. It's crazy. It's going to be spectacular."

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