Player Quotes - Arizona State

SEATTLE - Here are quotes from WR Jordan Polk, MIK Cort Dennison, WIL Mason Foster and safety Nate Williams after Washington suffered their third loss of the season, a 24-14 defeat at the hands of the Arizona State Sun Devils.

WR Jordan Polk:
"We need to come together, offense and defense."

What was ASU doing that kept you from getting into your rhythm?: "They really weren't doing anything. It was really ourselves that was just no missed assignments, mental errors; you can't have that in those types of games, those types of atmospheres. So we just got to get back to the drawing boards, and just keep our heads up and play hard.

On Aguilar out, Erik Out and Locker being under the weather…: "We just got to step up. I took the place of Devin; I just had to step up. He's going to be back next weekend we're going to have all of us out there and we're just going to battle and just get a win under our belt."

Did Jake seem different (illness)…? "You know, you just have those types of games. You have good games, you have bad games. Jake did what he was supposed to do. I commend him for just staying in there and sticking in there. Hey we just got to keep on building and get this win next week.

On their last offensive play of the game, the fade out to the corner of the end zone…: "It was just two competitors going out and competing for the ball. He just got the ball, I tried to knock it down, push him out of bounds, but it just didn't work that way, and hey that's just how the game just happens, so you know we just have to battle back and just try to get this win against Oregon State."

How surprised are you about what happen especially after the big win against USC? "Well it's a big shocker because you play USC down at the coliseum and you have a big win at the end and you come and you don't play as best as you're supposed to play. We just got to eliminate all of the errors that we had, and we'll be fine."

What was the locker room like at the end of the game?: "Just like any other loss. You know people were down, you know people wished we would've won, but you just got to keep battling back."

When did you find out you were starting and Devin was a no go?: "When the game started. He tried to give it a go, the warrior that he is, and hey I just had to step in, I had to be ready, and I just tried to play the best that I could, and make plays."

On practice on Thursday after he got hurt, was starting in the back of your mind?: "Well I just stay ready all the time. So I don't have to get ready. So I just did the best I could, make plays, and do what I have to do."

On Jake playing well today with him being sick, did he seem out of it last week?: "You know, he's a competitor, Jake's like superman. We feel like Jake can do whatever. You know he battled, and that's what we like in our teammates and our coaching staff, and he just battled and hey it just came out how it did, but we're going to come back next week."
MIK Cort Dennison:
On ASU big yards…: "I think we were all just trying to do our own thing. We were caught up in the moment I think. I give them a lot of credit they executed their yards of plays that were good plays against our defensive calls. But I think a lot of us did our own thing and sometimes got caught up and it killed us."

On the pick in the 2nd half…Key moment when offense couldn't take advantage on the turnovers: "You know I try as well as all the other defensive players to get the ball back as many times as we can for the offense. Obviously when I got the interception that was going out; you never want to have happen. AS a defense I think we all could've stepped up more. We should've more turnovers I think, we only got one and we were going for 3 or 4. They were vulnerable to turning the ball over a lot in previous games, and I take it on my shoulders and the rest of the defense that we didn't do a good enough job to get the ball back more times.

How big of a blow is it after the USC win?: "I mean obviously it's a bad feeling. As competitors you never want to lose, especially in this conference. Every game is so important. But we know there is next week, Oregon State, great team, got to bounce back, you can't keep your head down. As long as we have a good week of practice and put this one behind us we'll be alright."
WIL Mason Foster:
"I'm definitely disappointed to lose. But the Pac-10 is a wide open conference, every team is good. So each week is going to be challenging, so we just got to bounce back and keep playing hard."

On the TD right at the end of the first half: "You know you can't give up any touchdowns to a team like that. You know when they're rolling, getting the momentum going. But for the most part, we played hard, little things here and there, but you know we just got to get off the field."

Feel like you are still in it?: "Definitely, we're still in it. Every team is losing and winning, every team in the Pac-10 is tough and we're right up there with everybody else. We just got to keep playing hard and keep bouncing back. AZ state is a great team and they're going to win a lot in this conference too so we just got to keep playing."

What was ASU doing?: "I don't know. Really they were just getting open. Finding their spots here and there but we just got to keep playing through I felt if we played through and got them field when we needed to. We just go to get stops, and turnovers and things like that."

Did you stick to the plan?: "Definitely, no matter what we always stick together. This is a group effort and the word team; we're always going to be team. A loss is a loss regardless."
Safety Nate Williams:
"We have to make our plays. Easy as that. Everyone who has to execute, just has to execute earlier in the game, like we do late in the game and everything will be alright. You know we have a lot of stuff to clean up and we're going to clean those things up this week, and get ready for Oregon State."

Does it feel like a step back?: "Obviously, yeah. Whenever you lose, it hurts. A lot of the guys just hang their heads you know, but they have to realize we have a job to do next week still, and we just have to put this in the past already and just move on to our next opponent.

On the drive at the end of the first half…: "We just have to execute early in the game, like we do late in the game. I think we do really well late into the game, but I think a lot of the guys came out a little over anxious. And you know, we were just trying to do too much, and that's been a problem for us all year. So we just have to execute, and everything will be alright for us. Because the coaches call, the right calls, to put us in the right spots to make our plays. When we have the opportunity to make our plays when they come to us, we just have to capitalize on them and make them."

Talk after the Nebraska game, psyche, are you going to be able to turn the page quickly with this game?: "Coach Sark always tells us about a 24 hour rule. Whether we win or whether we lose. After 24 hours we have to move on. We're going to watch the tape on Monday and make all our corrections and everything, and then move on to our next opponent. That's really just what we have to do."

Do you have hope in the Pac-10 still? "Yeah, we know that it's wide open. We weren't the only team that lost tonight. Anything can happen. We just have to keep on fighting and keep on preparing well, Week in and week out, keep on playing like we know how to play. And everything will work out for us. We just have to execute and make our plays when they come."

Gave back a little of what you gained last week?: "Not really, because we're a team still. And we're in this together. Everyone is going to be talking about us, we took a couple steps the wrong way, or you know our whole entire year is in the drain now and everything. But we're going to keep on working we're going to keep on pushing through. We're going to make our corrections get everything corrected that needs to be corrected. We're just going to keep on fighting, week in and week out."

Is that feeling a little bit different than it would've felt last year or other seasons? Adversity…: "Yeah, I think it is. And you know that's all with our mindset. We expect to win, whether we do win, or whether we lose. We still expect to win, that next week. That Tuesday in practice, we expect to win with everything that we're doing. We're not going to lose our mindset at all; we're just going to keep on pushing."? Top Stories