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Washington suffered a tough loss to Arizona State at home last weekend under the lights and rain. Now they get the Oregon State Beavers and their outstanding running back Jacquizz Rogers, perhaps the toughest offensive threat in the league to stop. How will the Husky defense do against the bowl minded Beavers? Here is how the Staff sees things shaking out on Saturday in Husky Stadium.

Pat Thrapp – Numbers Guru
Season Record: 2-3
Well 1st off, I have no idea what will happen with this team. The question might be. Which team will show up? It seems there is just as good a chance for the DAWGs to win, as there is for them to lose. A little of that Bret Saberhagen syndrome going on with this team. If this is the case. It is good that we are on the uptick part of the curve. Problem is I still can't see them winning, and lately they have been doing the opposite of what I say. So with that. I don't really care if I am right with my prediction. I'd rather see them win – period! I am going to go with reverse logic here. Pick us to lose. Hoping they win.

Prediction: OSU 30, Washington 20
Jay Torrell – Creative Director, Sports Washington
Season record: 2-3
I can't believe that I'm already reading more Husky hoops stories on the blogs than I am football. Unless this team plays perfect, they can't win. Unless Locker plays like the good Locker, they can't win. Unless the defense comes up with points producing turnovers, they can't win. Unless Oregon State gets in its own way, they can't win. I just don't see it, but I also didn't see them beating the Trojans at the Coliseum. Gotta pick the Beavs.

Prediction: OSU 37, Washington 24
Scott Eklund – Recruiting Editor
Season record: 2-3
Another chance for the Huskies to take a step forward and another letdown. These Huskies are so enigmatic, it is really tough to figure them out. They look like world-beaters on offense vs. USC and then throw in a clunker like ASU where the defense, while not stellar, gave them every chance to win. This week, defensive coordinator Nick Holt has got to figure out a way to stop to run and get at least nominal pressure on Ryan Katz. If they can do that, I have a feeling the Huskies come out winners. The problem is, I don't see them doing that and I have a feeling Jacquizz Rodgers will go for about 150 and two scores. Hope I'm wrong.

Prediction: OSU 32, Washington 24
Chris Fetters – Editor in Chief
Season record: 2-3
With all the tinkering going on with the OL, it's hard to believe Jake Locker will have a better time of things this Saturday than he had last Saturday, even if he won't be taking oxygen or using an inhaler to catch his breath. Let's face it; somewhere along the line the UW offensive line fell into a shambles. Not sure why, considering they should have enough experience to at least trot a respectable unit out there, but it happened nonetheless. And to add insult to injury, the UW coaches have decided to use more tackles against bigger defensive lines because the tight end unit is apparently comprised of guys that are h-backs at best. They don't have a true blocking end in the bunch (at least not yet). The upside is that if they can keep Locker upright, they stand a chance. Oregon State's pass defense is just slightly better than USC's, and they are giving up as many points per game as UW is. And on top of that, they are giving up third down conversions at a rate sure to put even the stoic Mike Riley into thoughts of early retirement. But here's the difference - Oregon State is riding momentum, while UW merely catches a whiff from time to time. That won't be enough to sustain an OSU team that is hungry to keep their undefeated Pac-10 record intact. Sark is right; this will be another fourth-quarter nail-biter, but the Beavers will eventually inch away the same way the Sun Devils snuck out of Husky Stadium with a 'W'.

Prediction: OSU 33, Washington 28
Dick Baird – former UW coach and recruiting coordinator
Season record: 2-3
This program is still climbing back and it doesn't take a genius to see that they are still another good recruiting class from becoming contenders again. However, they do have Jake Locker and he has to play a standout game in order for them to win here. He is due, and he is healthy. He is also better than he has played so far this year. He will need to be on the top of his game and if he is then Huskies can pull this upset. I like the Huskies to answer here with a surprise win.

Prediction: Washington 38, OSU 35
Kim Grinolds – Business Operations and Managing Partner
Season record: 2-3
Pissed off will again be the determining factor if this team is to defeat Oregon State like they did USC. They have to play mad and hungry. Polk and Locker will have it in high gear and Jermaine Kearse will not lead the team in drops this week. He is going to step up and make the clutch catches when Jake needs him to. It'll be long night so make sure to tune into Dawgman radio afterwards. I think we will be talking about positive things.

Prediction: Washington 34, OSU 21
David Samek – The Dawgman
Season record: 2-3
Washington is very schizophrenic this year. In their two wins they looked outstanding but in their losses their holes are gaping and glaring. It is clear that the offense is going to have to score in droves this year to win games. Do I think Washington can do that this week? They weren't able to keep ASU's defensive line out of their backfield last weekend. This week I think a new wrinkle on offense might just be the trick. Washington knows they need this win or a bowl game kind of goes out the window. Look for Sark to have the boys ready for a HUGE home win on Saturday.

Prediction: Washington 23, OSU 20

Sabrina Kelly Squires – Dawgman.com Intern
Season record: 2-3
I've been very optimistic with the Dawgs all season, and that trend will continue this week. I still think they have what it takes to be a bowl team and their chances will greatly improve with a home victory against the Beavers. With the return of Devin Aguilar, hopefully the wide receiver corp. will show us what we've been expecting; a dynamic group. With Jake Locker returning to his full health, look for him to be on the run like he was at USC. If Locker runs when he gets any open look, the Huskies offense will be a more difficult task to handle. There are still concerns with the defensive side of the ball, but with a healthy offense the Dawgs will find a way to scratch out a few more points than the Beavers.

Prediction: Washington 32, OSU 29
Scott Panitz – Dawgman.com Intern
Season record: 2-3
UW should be licking its lips like a husky waiting for its dinner at the prospect of facing OSU's 88th ranked run defense, especially since Jake has been limited in practice this week due to illness and Devin Aguilar looks to miss his second straight game. It would be great to see Sark lean on the hammer Chris Polk and the explosive Jesse Callier and play a much more smash-mouth style than they tried to do against ASU a week ago. The defense showed some good signs last week and catches a break not having to deal with do-it-all receiver James Rodgers out for the season with a knee injury. While I don't trust that the team will come with its A-game, which is what they need to bring to stop Ryan Katz, Jaquizz Rodgers, and the OSU offense, they've shown a good ability to bounce back after tough losses and have demonstrated the talent to compete with anybody on a game-to-game basis. And come on, its homecoming!

Prediction: Washington 27, OSU 24

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