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In one of the more thrilling finishes at Husky Stadium, the Huskies outlasted the Oregon State Beavers 35-34 in double overtime when TE Joe Halahuni dropped a two-point conversion. Washington's players had a lot to say following the thrilling win and many talked about the defense and the energy level in the stadium...

DE Everrette Thompson

On the adversity they had to overcome: "Honestly, we just needed to execute throughout the game. We knew that we needed to start making plays. We have been in the right positions, but we haven't been able to make plays and today I thought we did."

On why they got some turnovers: "Our defensive ends did a great job containing the quarterback. Talia (Crichton) did a great job getting pressure and (Alameda) Ta'amu also played great tonight."

On what was said in the huddle before the two-point try by Oregon State: "We had to continue to do things right and make a play. We knew that is what we needed to do to win."

S Nate Williams

On the adversity they faced: "I feel like we had to get a lot of turnovers, which we did, and I thought that the offense needed to come in and hold onto the ball and they did. The defense played really well late into the game. The offense kept pushing too and when it came down to it we just kept fighting. That is really what did it for us. We kept fighting the whole game and never quit. That is what the coaches want us to do and it worked out for us."

On biggest difference for the defense tonight: "It was all about the pressure. Our D-line did a great job getting pressure on the quarterback tonight and when you're able to get pressure the quarterback has to run around and ends up tossing it up there. Nate (Fellner) had a great catch and our coaches say that once you get one, they just keep coming."

On what Nick Holt said before the two-point try: "Coach Holt just told us that we really needed to man up and get a stop. If they convert the play then the game is over and they win, but if we get the stop then we get the win. Coach just said to man up and get a stop and win the game. Everyone did their job and it worked out for us."

LB Cort Dennison

Thoughts on the game: "Obviously, we had pretty high momentum at the beginning of the game and things got kind of out of hand for a bit and they tied it up and it was just a war after that. I couldn't be happier with our guys. We had a belief, we talked about belief all week and we set so many goals in the summer and we believed. The word belief can carry you so far. We stuck to our game plan. When times got hard, players stepped up and played hard. That's all that matters, we won the game."

On giving up 28 unanswered points: "Obviously that's tough, but it's not over till it's over. It takes four quarters and it took two extra overtimes in this game. We really don't care about the outcome of the first three quarters, it's all about how you finish and we finished strong."

On the team's identity: "We're the Washington Huskies. The thing with our team is if we believe in each other and realize all the potential we have, we're a really good football team. When everyone steps up, does their job, the sky's the limit for our team. I'm really proud of what our guys did today. We competed, we played hard, and we got the winning result in the end."

On Jaquizz Rodgers: "Jaquizz is a top three player that I've ever played against. Him, Golden Tate, and Toby Gerhart. The kid's amazing, he's hard to find, but when he has the ball in his hands, his lower body's so strong and his vision's amazing. He'll find a little hole you think he'll never be able to get through. You can't stop a guy like that; you can only hope to contain him. He had a great game. Jaquizz is an amazing football player and I have only the utmost respect for him."

On Jaquizz's effort: "He wants to get in the end zone. He's a competitor, and that's what competitors do. They don't settle for anything less than the best and getting in the end zone's the best. Hat's off to Jaquizz, he's a great player."

On the two-point conversion play: "We had two calls come in, we had a field goal block call, and the second call was a base call. In that call I have the middle part of the field. They spread everyone out wide, so my first instinct is, they're on the two yard line, and they might run a draw because Katz's been scrambling the whole game. I kind of got up there and I realized he wasn't going to take off. I saw number 87 run a little go-route and I just did anything I could to make him not catch it. I tried my best and it worked. That play wasn't all about me though. I give the credit to my teammates, total team effort."

On getting his hand on the ball: "I thought I did, I have to see the replay. All that matters is we won, so I don't really care if I got my hand on the ball, we won."

On reading Katz on the play: "I saw him looking that way and I saw 87 coming down the middle of the field and I just had to be a playmaker. I saw that he was open and I just made a play on it."

On the Defense's performance: "I think everybody did their jobs. We had a belief that we were going to win the game and I happened. Everybody competed for four hard quarters. Times were tough, we got down 28-21 and things got a little rough, but we stuck to our game plan, we stuck with each other and came out with a great victory. I couldn't be more proud of my guys, they competed."

On OSU going for two: "I wanted them to go for two. That's a challenge for the defense. If you're a competitor, that's what you want. They're testing you and anything that you can do to respond to that, that's what you're supposed to do. I'm glad they went for two; it was time for us to gut it up and make sure they didn't cross that goal line. We were proud of our effort the second half and we put it upon ourselves to win this game too."

WR Jermaine Kearse

On coming back from a couple of off weeks: "I knew the type of player I was, and I just had to get back to the things that I knew I was capable of doing, and I just worked at it through this whole week and it showed."

On the emotions in overtime: "It was like a rollercoaster—we thought we had the game, then they had the defensive pass interference. So we just went back out there and did it again. It just showed the heart that our team has, and the strive to finish."

On the second touchdown in OT: "We knew that it was cover zero. They ran some cover zero in the red zone and coach Sark just called great plays and it worked out perfectly."

Were you desperate to get a win?: "I wouldn't say desperate but we knew it would be a big game. We just came out hard, we practiced hard this whole week-- everyone worked their tails off this whole week, and it just showed."

Satisfying for you to get some of the big touchdowns: "I still had two drops. I'm always just going to try to get better. I'm going to be out there again this week, catching extra balls and what not. So I'm just going to try and work hard and get better."

On Jake's demeanor: "He had that winner mentality, he brought us all in and told us, ‘we're going to win this game.' It showed the true leadership Jake has. I mean, Jake is a great guy, he led us to this victory."

How surprised were you that they went for 2 at the end?: "I actually was hoping they would go for 2. I say this because I had the most confidence in our defense. Our defense played great this game. They caused turnovers for us, they created stops for us, I knew if they went for two, our defense would step up to the challenge. "

On the atmosphere of the stadium: "I mean we have a great fan based. They stuck with us, and they had husky stadium rocking, and it definitely helped out."

On who elevates who, you or Jake?: "I think it's a little bit of both. Jake always gets me fired up. He's a great leader and he shows his emotion, and it's great."

On what clicked this game?: "Just our drive – coming off that Arizona State loss, we had a bad taste in our mouth. We just wanted to get that taste out and finish strong and play hard."

On having trouble in the 2nd quarter: "Just mental mistakes, penalties—just stuff that we did. We got to correct those, and I'm sure we will correct those when we get into film. I think we'll be good."

On OT possessions: "They were playing man all across, and Coach Sark called 2 great plays."

On the pass interference call at the end: "I didn't really see it, I wasn't really watching like that. I mean—things happen. It was a pass interference, so we went back out there and just had to prove ourselves again."

When the balls are in the air, do you know you are going to get them?: "I kind of get tunnel vision on balls in the air. I just pride myself in making those big plays. When the ball is in the air I just have one mentality, that there is only one ball, and it has to be mine—I have to make that play."

On Oregon State's defense in the 2nd half: "I felt like that just got a felt for it. There were just a lot of mental mistakes that we created for ourselves, that shot ourselves in the foot. With the penalties and the mental mistakes. But we'll get those corrected in film on Monday and possibly tomorrow, and we'll be good."

On going forward: "I believe so. It just shows we can finish tough games. We've been hard—on last year we had a lot of close games and we can't quite finish and this just shows that we can finish close games."

What was working so well in the first 20 minutes?: "We just came out with a bang. We just came out hard and on fire. We just played hard that first half. We knew our assignments—when you know your assignments, you play fast and that is exactly what happened."

On How satisfied the team is: "It feels good. I'm not trying to stay complacent, I always want to have a better day. So I'm going to work this week. Like Is aid, I had a couple of drops too I think. My competitive nature is going to make me work harder—just going to work hard, catch extra balls like I did this week after practice and move forward."

On the locker room: "It was a lot of energy down there. People were smiling, I mean who doesn't smile after you win a double OT. It was just a good feeling, everyone is hyped and everyone is happy."

QB Jake Locker

His thoughts on the game: ""It was amazing. The effort they gave, and the opportunity they gave us to go out and win that game was awesome."

On the roller-coaster of the final series: "Coach talks about forms of adversity all of the time. We thought we had the game won, they didn't see it that way, and at that point it didn't give them a touchdown, so we had the opportunity to possibly stop them—but we didn't but again I think just the defense's ability to not give up. To understand to go out and have an opportunity to block the field goal first of all—and call a timeout and then call a 2 point play and just to really bare down and make them play in that situation says a lot about those guys."

On close wins and final plays "I think you learn from it. You learn from the mistakes you made and those ones you didn't. I think the biggest thing tonight—was the more offensive side—I obviously understand that side and what went on. Last year when the game got tight, we made mistakes. We had assignment errors, penalties, all of those sorts of things, and maybe it set us back and made winning those games difficult. I thought today when we got into the Overtime period—we missed our opportunities in the 2nd half no doubt—but when we got into the OT period we were really really sound. We executed really well, we did great at moving the ball in a positive direction. We made things happen. I think that's why we were able to put points on the board in OT."

On what was working so well in the first 20 minutes of the game: "We were executing. I think mentally when we watched film we messed up on a lot of assignments, myself included. We didn't execute the game plan the way we wanted to. And when we did, we had a lot of success, and when we didn't we failed."

Do you think the Beavers came out flat?: "I don't think that team ever comes out flat. They're a well-coached group and they always play hard from my experience. I just like to think that we came out playing really hard."

On what advice he was giving his teammates: "I didn't say a whole lot, to be honest. I think everybody understood the situation, opportunity we had. It really kind of locked in, and they took care of their assignments and what they needed to do each snap."

LB Cort Dennison

On the importance of this game: "This was a must-win. You never want to go two weeks in a row losing, especially in Pac Ten ball because every week counts."

On being called back on the field after the penalty: "It was tough, but coaches tell us that sometimes there's adversity. It's just adversity and we overcame it. Certain things happen, sometimes in bad moments, but our team continued to fight and we won."

On this win catapulting the team: "Anybody can win in a blowout game, but winning a tight game like that, that shows how good of a team you really are."

On his touchdown catch: "We ran it all week in practice, we executed it well. I had an oval route. I had to run the back line. Jake and I caught eye contact, and he hit me. I'm option two. I guess the first option wasn't there and I continued my route and made a play."

On OSU going for two: "I had a lot of faith in our D. They were playing hard the whole game. I just knew we were going to make a great play and come out victorious."

On Jermaine's big game: "We just continue to play. We're going out there having fun making plays and he showed up big today. A lot of people have been talking about how he's been dropping the ball and that's how you come back the next week."

On the team recovering from a let-down: "We knew we had to keep fighting. No one lost confidence in our ability to be a great team, so we just came out, worked hard throughout the week and executed today."

On the energy level compared to ASU: "Oh yes I noticed a difference. The sidelines were on fire, everyone was going, and it was a good feeling. I really can't tell you why, but it works. When the sideline's electrified, it gives momentum to the team and we just make plays and it feels good."

On figuring out close games: "We spent the whole offseason working on finishing. I think we're doing a great job of finishing. We get put in these situations in practice; our coaches do a great job getting us prepared for these situations so we just go out there and execute them when the game comes."

LB Mason Foster

On the final defensive call: "We were just playing like an over defense, and over zone, dropping, you know, most of our guys. The middle is kind of our weak spot and Cort made a great play—that's his area to make a great play, and he made it."

On tracking down QB Ryan Katz: "Just out there playing—just trying to make a play for my team, I knew we had to get off the field then and you know I was in coverage and I didn't know if he was past the line yet, but you know I made the play, and tried to get him off the field."

On Jacquizz: "He's a great back—extremely fast, breaks a lot of tackles but you know I felt for the most part, we swarmed on him. Getting him down—he was breaking a lot of tackles but we met our plays when we had to."

On Desmond's penalty: "Just telling guys keep playing—that's what it comes down to. You just got to keep playing, I felt like we dug deep, we knew we could stop them we had them in long situations all day, it came down to the last play—and we made the play."

On being surprised that Oregon State went for two: "No…I felt like they were going to take a chance. They knew we were stopping them, so they had to score then and keep it going while they had it going and we stopped them."

On the energy level: "It's super-hyped. I feel like Every game is hyped, but on defense we got into a zone. Our offense was rolling and so we knew it was going to be on us regardless, so I felt like we stepped up and made a lot of plays."

On the environment "Playing at home at night, against a great opponent – that's what you live for – going into over time like that, it's something you never forget – big time memories in games like these." Top Stories