Trip Report - Kameron Jackson

Until this weekend, Long Beach (Ca.) Poly CB Kameron Jackson hadn't been to Seattle, but now that he has, he told he's solidly committed to Washington and that he won't be taking any more visits...

"It was a great time," Jackson said of his visit to Washington. "They coaches and the players showed me a good time and the highlight was the game and the crowd.

"It was so loud there and I loved the outcome of the game. It showed me I made the right choice."

Jackson brought both of his parents up on his trip and they apparently gave their seal of approval and after meeting with the Husky coaches and visiting with his host, he said Seattle is the right place for him.

"I loved the city and spending time with the players," Jackson said. "My host was Sean Parker and he and I have known each other for a while.

"He told me how different things were from high school, but how it's still football and if you come in and work hard, you have a chance to succeed.

"He had a great game last night and he got that pick so it was good all the way around."

Jackson had been contemplating a visit to Colorado, one of his other offers, but said that trip won't be happening now.

"I'm solid to Washington," Jackson said. "I've always been solidly committed to them, but you get these thoughts you should look around so that's sorta why I was looking at it.

"Washington really impressed me and I want to be part of what they have going on there."

We'll continue to keep track of Jackson as he continues through his senior season of football and update news as it happens.

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