Player Quotes - Start of Hoops

SEATTLE - The start of college hoops already underway, took some time Tuesday to talk to a few of the players about the beginning of the season, coming back from injury and what it's like for a true freshman to make the jump from the high school game to the next level.

Venoy Overton:

How are you feeling? "I'm feeling good, feeling better."

How'd you tweak your hamstring? "Just playing pickup, just going up for a regular lay-up, and I guess that just comes with age—getting old."

Is it worse than you thought it was? "Yeah, definitely, definitely worse than I thought it would be. I thought I would be out for a week, but it's been almost a month. Just not what I expected."

What are you doing for rehab? "I'm getting the massage—the deep tissue massage. That's about it. I'm doing a little bit—riding the bike and stuff. But I can't really do much with it, just wait."

Is it the right or left one? "The left one."

After you initially did it, how long were you off? "About three weeks off. Then I tried to do something this weekend, and then I tweaked it again, so I think that made it a little bit worse."

Have you been hurt before? "Not as serious injury as this. I ain't never had an injury where I've had to sit out because it was that worse. So this is the first big injury for me, in my whole career."

How do you deal with it? "It's something different, so it's just hopefully can help my teammates make it easy for me to deal with. Watching them battle everyday probably make it a little bit easier."

With it being your senior year, how does it feel? "Yeah, definitely. If you had it as a freshmen, you wouldn't mind as much. But your senior year, that's the worse time it could happen, because it's your last go around, so Yeah it's definitely the worse feeling in the world right now."

What are you doing at practice? "I'm just absorbing I guess. Shooting on the sides sometimes, working out with the strength coach. That's about it, I can't really do much, but get on the guys."

For being such an intense player how bad does it feel? "Definitely. I think I'm practice my coaching skills—maybe I'll be a coach one day now."

Did you run the mile? "I didn't get to run that either. I think this is a good year, because I really worked hard in the summer. I ran the track at Franklin everyday so I felt like I would've made it. But it sucks that I couldn't run it."

Coach said you were in the best shape of your life… "Yeah, definitely. I was definitely in shape, put into work for my last year—this is how it is. Life is the way it is."

What date can you start? "We're looking for probably a little bit after the first exhibition game. So right around that time. Doctor just said about maybe 3 more weeks. I'm trying to come back before that."

You can't do anything before the exhibition game? "No—I don't think I can do anything."

How much of a pain in the butt is it to be around you right now? "Big pain right now, because I'm mad right now. You know I'm a grumpy person right now, so I'm probably rubbing off bad to a lot of people right now."
C.J. Wilcox:

Any different than last year (practice)? "I think it is, coming in first year, you don't know what to expect. But this year, I was more aware of what was going to happen, so it made it a little bit easier."

What was that one thing you forgot about practice? "I mean we talked about it, but we didn't know if we were going to do it, but the full court lay ups, the full court passing things. Just how tired you actually get doing that. We only did a couple of minutes of it, but getting ready for that is going to be tough."

How'd you feel out there? "I felt good. We're looking good. I think we only messed up a couple times, where we got in trouble on the line. But other than that we stuck together, and we got better as a team."

Sore? "Definitely sore, Yeah. When we got done I was sore. Fall on the hip, get a bruised hip or something like that. The day off really helped yesterday."

If you're not going to play defense or rebound with Lorenzo, you won't play, how hard is that? "You never work on rebounding or anything like that in the offseason. It's just kind of the mentality where you just have to have—if you want to play, you have to rebound to play defense, then you have to go into practice thinking that."

How good are you at rebounding? "The last practice I led --me and Isaiah were the top rebounders. And they're really shocked I was up there, because I'm usually in the middle or in the lower side. So it's just mentality you have to have."

Did you let anybody know about it after practice? "No, I mean the coaches came up to me—but I didn't even realize I had as many rebounds as I did, but I was surprised to."

Don't know the expectations of CJ… "Yeah, yeah, it's kind of going to come from behind the scenes. Nobody is really expecting me to do much, but I think that's better in some cases. You can showcase your things without people already knowing exactly what you like to do."

Any stories from the weekend? "No, not really, they make sure we're pretty focused during the weekend. But going to dinner and all of those things are always fun, and just jokes and stuff—it was a good trip."
Terrence Ross:

Is it what you thought it was going to be? "Basically, right before I signed my letter of intent, Romar told me what I was getting into. I knew I was going to have to go through it one way or another, so I mean—I'd rather go through it at Washington then anywhere else."

Did you see a different side of Lorenzo? "Yeah, definitely. I mean, he pushes you hard. He makes you reach your potential. He definitely wants to see you be the best."

Any times you were like, whoa!? "Yeah, there were sometimes I was like, ‘this is not the same person that recruited me, this is not the same human being at all.' But I mean—it's for the best. I know he's doing it, because he wants us to be the best team we can be. So I'm all for it."

Hardest thing you did this weekend? "Play defense, like really play defense."

Did you play defense like he's going to demand you play? "Oh yeah. I definitely did that. At the end of practice, or at the last practice they said I made a big improvement."

Did you work on rebounding? "That's the main thing I'm trying to work on, I mean not try and work on, but that's one thing I'm really focusing on. I mean, I had some practices where I lead the team in rebounding, and that's the one thing I want to do. So, that's one thing he really wants us to work on, so that's one thing I'm going to keep in perspective to get better at."

How hard is that? "It's definitely hard, Aziz's is down there, Matthew is down there, we have big bodies down there. It's hard. They're making us box out too, so it is definitely a challenge to get a rebound down there."

Have you ever been involved in a practice with this many athletic guys? "No-- It's a different type of game, from high school to college, it's a different type of game completely. There were some things I used to be able to get away with just being athletic, tall, stronger than everybody. Now, you have to find new tricks, and tools to set you apart from everybody else."

Did you get a reality check? "Yeah, I definitely—I try to get my mind right before, let all of the hype go, and just come here and let these guys know I have something to prove. I'm ready to play. It was definitely a reality check, and I'm getting better day by day at it."

Funnest thing you did over the weekend… "Relax, relax."

Are you home sick at all? "No, I'm not home sick." Top Stories