Sark Quotes - Arizona

Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian and his staff continue to try and find consistency after a 44-14 drubbing at the hands of Arizona in Tuscon.

Opening thoughts: "General thoughts are that the worst case scenario of what could happen in the game, especially in the second quarter, was exactly what happened. They got out to a lead and forced us into a drop-back passing situation type game and in turn their (defensive) ends played the factor in the game that we were fearful that they could, of causing a lot of pressure on the quarterback and disrupting the game and then on the other side our inability to rush the passer in the first half was probably the biggest key of the ballgame, allowing a guy making his first start of the season to stand back and go 14 of 16 in the first half opened things up for their run game. All-in-all the game went south quickly and we thought we had a nice plan coming out in the second half to get things generated and going and ‘boom' they get a sack-fumble to start the second half to almost put the game away right there in the third quarter."

On being surprised by the effort of the team: "Obviously a couple of guys were banged up that we normally would have and a couple guys got banged up in the game, but I was surprised and, to me, without looking at the film, this ballgame, we had a lot of missed opportunities early on that could have changed the real complexion of the game. Where, when we finally generate a pass-rush and we miss a guy in the backfield, or we can get off the field on a third down and we get a penalty or a missed tackle where that could change the momentum of the game. I thought the drive of the game was, really for them, was when we pinned them deep and they've got a second down from the one or two yard line and they throw the go-route and get the pass interference and ultimately go down and score."

On Victor Aiyewa: "He had a really sore knee coming in. He had had a knee contusion and hadn't really practiced at all, all week so we went with Princeton (Fuimaono) and moved Mason (Foster) to SAM (strongside linebacker) and then we were just getting beat up and had to put Vic back into the ballgame and he did some nice things."

On thinking the defensive line would get more pass-rush: "We lost Cameron (Elisara) and with Hauoli (Jamora) it's a little bit different when you're playing every snap of a ballgame and we just couldn't generate the pass-rush I thought we could."

On Jake Locker's injuries limiting the offense: "It changes our offense. Going in, we thought we would be able to run the ball better than we ultimately were able to and then as the game wore on it got out of hand and you can't rely on the run when you're down by 20 or so."

On Locker's status: "It will be a week-to-week thing for him."

On if this game cripples to team: "We'll be okay. We're a resilient group. I think they're obviously very disappointed, but we don't have time to sulk on this because we have a really tough opponent coming in next week and another Pac 10 matchup that's going to be physical and it should be a great one."

On the team's mentality at halftime: "I thought our team was great. They understood the mistakes we were making and why we weren't playing as capable as we were. All-in-all in the second half our defense got a little better, but our unfortunately offensively when you get put got put in a situation like that maybe you can try a little too hard there in the third quarter where, if it's a tighter game, maybe you kick a field goal and you play a different style game, but we were put in a situation where we had to go for it and it makes the game feel not that good when you have to go for it in situations like that."

On missing on the offensive opportunities: "I thought when we had that lull there late in the first quarter and early in the second quarter and we were missing opportunities, there were plays there for us, and for whatever reason when we weren't able to take advantage of it – whether a protection broke down or if we had the protection but we don't hang onto it or we don't make the throw or we get a penalty that knocks us back – so we've got to just continue to try and clean things up so we can continue with the rhythm we've started with the past couple of weeks."

On the ‘Wildcat': "The thought was we knew we were going to be limited in using Jake running the football and we thought we could do some things with Jesse (Callier) to create some offense that way and we've been trying to get Jesse more involved and more involved so that was one of the ways we were going to try and do that."

On Arizona QB Matt Scott: "We had to remind ourselves, this guy was their starter for the first three ballgames, so we knew he was capable and a good player, but we thought if we could get the game in the way we wanted it to go where we have the lead and we put pressure on him to make those plays and we just weren't able to do that and when we had those chances on third down, we weren't able to generate it." Top Stories