Player Quotes - Arizona

What are the players thinking following their 44-14 loss to Arizona in Tuscon? Read on to find out...

RB Jesse Callier

On the result: "Lots of miscommunication, and definitely we didn't have the sense of urgency coming out to the game—we got to get that up next week."

On the game plan, with them having a good D-line: "Just try to help out the O-line as much as possible. We made a couple plays up just for the D-line."

On the Wildcat: "Ya it was exciting, but we didn't come out with the win—

On Locker being limited: "I think we had to change it [game plan] a lot. Based on Jake—he gets out and runs and stuff. He couldn't really do that, because I guess he was injured, but the game plan changed a lot."

On struggling with the kick return: "They guys just block good. I saw an opening to the right so I had to get off of one tackle, and just took it up the sideline."

What did Sark say in the locker room: "We just have to come out with a sense of urgency next game and we just have to go back to work on Monday."

On seeing a lot of true freshmen playing: "I mean it's exciting to see my class out there, but I want to come out with the win—that would be more exciting."

On the loss win, loss win, how do you get it turned around for Stanford?: "I mean, like Coach Sark said, we got to—next snap, next game. We just got to get re focused this week and play Stanford hard."

On the idea of figuring out your role on the team: "The coach has got me out there, doing whatever. And I'm trying to execute it, as hard as possible. So, its fun. "

A year ago would you think you would be in this position?: "Not at all, not at all. SO it's a great opportunity."

What has been the biggest transition for you?: "Definitely the speed of the game. I mean I don't let the crowd get to me, so not that. I mean, just—speed of game."

What is the hardest part of going on the road and getting that sense of urgency?: "I mean we're in a hostile environment, like Coach Sark said. So we just got to get the guys going early and have that energy level to the highest point and that's what it is based on."

Jake Locker

How are you feeling?: "I'm good, a little sore. But not bad."

Is it your ribs that are bothering you?: "I'm just—my whole body, is just a little sore." Was it more frustrating being hurt or having the brakes put on you a little bit by the coach? "It is more frustrating losing—to be honest. We had our opportunities we just didn't take advantage of them."

On the tidal wave of AZ scoring: "I look at it from a point of view of we left a lot of points out there. I feel like we could've scored right with them. Kept our defense off the field for longer periods of time, let them rest a little bit. It's a fast paced offense, and when you are going three and out, it makes it hard. It makes it hard on those guys to have to consistently go back out and get stops. We weren't able to help them out."

What were they doing defensively after that first drive in the 2nd quarter?: "They were doing the same thing. We for some reason just weren't executing the way we did on that first drive. We were crisp, we were taking care of our assignments, and we weren't able to continue that into the 2nd quarter."

How limited were you?: "I felt normal. I don't know what it looked like, but I felt like I had all the speed I normally have, I felt good."

Would you agree with Sark when he says he's willing to chalk up your night to health issues: "Nobody played a great game, the stats will tell you that. But, no—I'm not going to blame anything on health issues."

On the attitude in the locker room: "It's not bad, I'm not worried about it. I thought we would come out with a little bit more energy and play a lot better football game today—so that's disappointing. But I think moving forward, put this one behind us like we always do, and go out and we have to have a good week of practice again and get ready for another tough game."

Do you still feel like there is time for this team to rally?: "Ya, ya, we still got 5 games left. We still got a lot of season left."

How frustrating is it not to be able to put back-to-back wins together?: "I thought we came out alright. We just weren't able to keep it up. It's tough—but you know, you can't do anything about it now. The only thing we can do is to get ready for next week."

On the 'Wildcat': "Ya, it was something that we repped in practice a lot this week. I thought we were able to get some positive yards on it today in the game. Something I don't know going forward how much we'll put it in or how much it will be part of the offense but I thought Jesse did a good job really understanding what were doing and doing a good job procedurally with all of it and when you get the ball in his hands he's a special football player and he is going to make plays happen for us."

On the changes in the O-line: "I don't think so I think those guys really played a great game last week and we are really cohesive I thought and again I don't think you can point to one group and say ‘hey you know its on them' its on me its on everybody on that side of the ball we just didn't execute the way we needed to we didn't mentally play the game we needed to against a good football team."

Why do you think that is: "A number of reasons, but I thought we had a pretty good week of practice, I thought nothing really changed, there wasn't really anything alarming throughout the week of practice. It was pretty similar to the week before the Oregon State game. For one reason or another we just didn't come out and perform the same."

On you coming out of the game: "I would've liked to be out there with the guys. If anything, just being out there and competing with them. It's always hard to watch from the sidelines. But I understand the Coach's decision."

What wasn't working: "Just execution. Like I said, I think mentally we didn't execute the way we had last week."

On the confidence level to win: "Ya, I did. Like I said, I thought the practice was upbeat, I thought it was good physical practices. I felt we were well prepared coming into the game, and we just didn't play that way."

On you not practicing this week, was that a factor?: "No, I mean, I felt good. I was seeing the field really well. I didn't get confused by anything they were showing us. We just missed a few throws, but it's something we'll be able to cleaned up and take care of going forward."

What was the message after the game?: "Put this behind us and start working." Top Stories