An update on Maataua Brown

One of the most elusive commitments in Washington's 2011 recruiting class is Paramount (Ca.) OL/DL Maataua Brown. was able to catch up with his coach, Matt Howard, over the weekend and he updated us on several subjects including where his top prospect is as far as qualifying is concerned as well as which schools have come by and shown Brown interest...

"Everything is going really well, 'Ma' is playing tight end and defensive end for us right now and he's just been devastating on both sides of the ball," Howard said Sunday evening. "He's just had a great season so far and he's working really hard at getting qualified."

Speaking of the elephant in the room -- how close Brown is to qualifying -- Howard said it will be touch-and-go for quite a while.

"He's just waiting on that SAT score right now and that will tell us a lot," Howard said. "It isn't that he isn't working hard or that he's not smart, it's just a hard thing for him and he's so quiet it's really hard to tell with him.

"He's right on the edge of qualifying, but I don't know if we will know for a while on whether he will make it or not."

Howard said schools have been on campus nearly every day since they could come and visit and two other Pac 10 schools have shown the most interest.

"USC is here practically every week asking about him," Howard said. "Oregon State is another school that likes him a lot and I'd say pretty much every school that has been by and we're talking about pretty much the entire Pac 10 like Cal, Washington State, Oregon, Arizona State, schools like that, they all want to offer him, but they know he's got work to do right now.

"Washington came by, coach Johnny Nansen was here, and we talked about a lot of stuff and they are just checking up on him and making sure he's doing what he needs to do.

"I don't think we set up his official visit date yet, but we're working on that. More than anything though, we have to make sure he's getting his work done in the classroom so we don't want to interfere with that."

Brown has helped lead Paramount to a 5-2 playing well on both sides of the ball.

"He actually caught a touchdown pass the other night which was great," Howard said with a bit of a chuckle. "He's so athletic and he's so strong, he can play with offensive line or defensive line in college and be successful.

"I know Washington wants to just get him up there and see where he fits in best with their team and if he sticks and qualifies they will get a very special player."

We'll continue to keep track of Brown's progress and update news as we find it out so keep checking back with regarding this recruit's status.

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