No time to Paus this spring

Casey Paus knows this spring is going to be a crucial one in his development as a legitimate Division-1 quarterback, but it's not going to be an easy haul. On one side, there's the incumbent, the greatest single-season passer in Pac-10 history. On the other side is arguably the best athlete on the team. And to top it off, he'll be working with a new position coach.

Coming out of Lincoln Way High School in New Lenox, Illinois, Paus was considered one of the best of the best. This spring he gets a chance to show that hype was well-founded.

Casey agrees. "Definitely. I'm looking forward to the spring," he said. "It's going to be a big time. I'm expecting a lot from myself and I'm assuming the coaches are expecting a lot from me as well. I'm really looking forward to it."

It appears Casey is going to get every opportunity to solidify his spot as Cody Pickett's backup in April. He's already been doing his part this winter to step up. "I've been watching film a lot more and talking to the coaches a lot more this winter than before," he said. "I've been up in their offices everyday, bugging them, asking questions. I've also been out there, throwing every day if possible, working on timing with the receivers.

"It's become a lot more comfortable here. The more you're around the guys the more you rely on everybody. I feel a lot more comfortable now with every aspect of the game."

The 6-4 Paus is tipping the scales at a solid 210 pounds. "I've been trying to gain weight, but I really can't," he said. "I've been trying. An extra 10 pounds wouldn't really be too much, but I'm just trying to stay in shape."

Casey also talked about the switch from Steve Axman to John Pettas. When Paus was being recruiting out of Lincoln Way, one of the schools he was looking at was Arizona State, so he has some history with the new Washington quarterbacks coach.

"The funny thing is, I got to know Coach Pettas when he was at Arizona State, so I've known him for a while," Casey said. "Their coaching styles are a little different. Both are very knowledgeable. They both know what they are talking about when it comes to the game. Probably the only real difference is personality. Ax is a little more by the book. Coach Pettas likes to joke around a little bit more." Top Stories