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Wow. Washington is hoping to come off one of their most dreary performances in a couple of years. Arizona beat them handily in both trenches and the score reflected as much. Now come the Stanford Cardinal, a team that is a solid rushing team as well as a good defensive squad. Oh, and their quarterback is perhaps the best one in the nations. Here is how the staff sees the game playing out.

Pat Thrapp – Numbers Guru
Season Record: 2-5
Oh last week painful to watch. Arizona made our defense look horrible. This team has been on a win one week, lose the next for the entire season. With that in mind this is the week we are suppose to win if the pattern is to continue. Honestly I see our first loss streak growing to 2 in a row. Stanford is a big powerful team. I have this terrible feeling they are going to bulldoze our defense at will. I just read that this was Locker's best Wednesday practice in 3 weeks, and that WR Devin Aguilar is back from his injury and appears good to go for Saturday. So hopefully we can keep up with them in points. One can dream. Yet I am going to pick them to lose this weekend. Here is to hoping I sink lower in the staff predictions ranking.

Prediction: Stanford 35, Washington 23.
Jay Torrell – Creative Director, Sports Washington
Season record: 3-4
Is Arizona really that good? Is Locker really that injured? Is the defense really that bad? Is Stanford really a BCS quality team? This is a bad match-up for the Dawgs. If Stanford gets up early they will just lean on that injury-depleted line for the Huskies until it wears out. To have any chance of winning the game the Dawgs have got to control the ball with a balanced attack featuring Polk/Callier so that the defense has time to rest. Dawgs keep it close but alas, too much Luck for the Cardinal.

Prediction: Stanford 37, Washington 28
Scott Eklund – Recruiting Editor
Season record: 3-4
Will Washington continue their trend of "win-loss-win-loss"? It's hard to imagine that being the case as they face off against one of the most physical teams in the country with Stanford coming to town. That being said, I expect the Huskies to come out fired up and playing well this week as they've seemed to bounce back after bad losses to win games it appeared they had no hope of winning. I still see a Husky loss, but it will be closer than many people expect.

Prediction: Stanford 31, Washington 26
Chris Fetters – Editor in Chief
Season record: 3-4
The Huskies are in the middle of a serious gauntlet of opponents; that's why it was important to beat teams like BYU and ASU to give themselves a bit of a breather in the chase for a bowl game. Stanford comes calling, and like Oregon State, the Cardinal physically pounded Washington in 2009. The Huskies had an answer for the Beavers, but they had a healthy Jake Locker (for at least the first 45-50 minutes), and that was enough to pull the shocker. This time around, Locker's health is in question, and the Huskies' defense reeling after getting worked by UA. Jake may come back from the dead to give UW fans a treat - Marques Tuiasosopo did the same in 2000 - but the Huskies of a decade ago had a defense worthy of a Rose Bowl berth. While we don't know what Locker may or may not do Saturday night, it's pretty obvious what Andrew Luck and the Stanford offensive attack - including their large offensive line - should do against a bruised and battered UW defense, especially the front four.

Prediction: Stanford 35, Washington 17
Dick Baird – former UW coach and recruiting coordinator
Season record: 3-4
Jake Locker is healthy. That will be huge. The Dawgs are at home, and I expect that to be huge as well. Stanford is a team that will hit you in the mouth, and it will be interesting to see how Washington responds. I am betting they will respond well. Chris Polk needs 20 carries and I think he'll get them as Washington will score early and will be able to run the ball. Erik Folk connects on three field goals and the Dawgs keep Luck to just one touchdown pass.

Prediction: Washington 23, Stanford 21
Kim Grinolds – Business Operations and Managing Partner
Season record: 4-3
Stanford is not exactly the cure for a beat up, thin football team. Washington had better hope that they can stay healthy after meeting the most physical team in the Pac 10 on Saturday. The good news is Stanford runs the ball very well and UW will have a hard time stopping it. Good news? Well, only in that makes the clock run and shortens the game. Washington will lose, I am just hoping they come through it somewhat healthy so they are still able to win 3 games after this one and go to a bowl.

Prediction: Stanford 42, Washington 17
David Samek – The Dawgman
Season record: 4-3
Stanford is good. Very good. Washington is inconsistent. Very inconsistent both in the on-field performance and in the coaching departments. Sarkisian needs to put together a monster 4 hour performance on Saturday, and I think he has it in him. The key will be for the Huskies to NOT get behind early. If Washington can stay close or even hold a lead, they can run the ball, something they've been pretty decent at so far. Locker not being able to run has hurt the offense and made them predictable. There will be a new wrinkle or two to account for that. Jesse Callier will be the difference as he will score twice and the Huskies upset the Cardinal.

Prediction: Washington 27, Stanford 24

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